Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

Goodbye to 2013 and hello 2014!  We greet you with open arms and hopeful hearts, beyond excited to see what God has in store for the Frazier Four this year.  
Emma and I set out to plan the perfect party for us that was filled with party hats, tiaras, noise makers and blow horns.  She was super excited about all our goodies, she even bought a party hat for her AG doll.

It was just the FOUR of us, but we had a little bit of everything and everyone was happy (so healthy).  We had chips, buffalo chicken dip, bean dip, cream cheese jalapenos, hash brown casserole, bagel bites, CFA nuggets, cheese ball, wheat thins, CFA chocolate chip cookies, Hawaiian roll ham and swiss sandwiches cooked in the oven, chocolate fudge and CFA sweet tea!  Now that is what you call a food par-tee friends, Y-U-M-M-Y! 
Gavin led us in the sweetest prayer and after we ate my sweet girl said, "Are we going to go around the table and tell what we all want to do better next year?"  Geez, I love that child and her heart!

Oh how I love this little boy in his Mario PJ's ready to have some fun.  These little noisemakers were making our smoke alarms go off, sorta crazy.

We had live entertainment too, a little karaoke and her guitar.  Oh she is quite the performer and dreams of being just like Danielle Bradbury some day.

This victory sword sparkler was so cool, we wish we would have bought more.  It sparkled for a long time, perfect for the kids to hold.  
Waiting patiently to get their sparklers lit by Daddy.  My heart is so full with these two, they are such fun kids with so much personality.
Praying that God blesses you and your family this year and always with good health, promotes your finances, provides you job security, helps you find a wonderful church home, strengthens your marriage and relationships with others, allows you to bring someone to know Christ, gives your children the best teachers ever, heals your hurt while teaching you to forgive others, surrounds you with people that make you better, comforts your heart like only HE can do, gives you opportunities to celebrate others successes, allows you to help those in need, creates more time to do what you truly love, helps you dream, takes you to new places and challenges you to step out boldly in 2014.
As for Me and My House We Will Serve the Lord.
Joshua 24:15 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Where have we been?

Geez, it has been a long time since I have posted.  I have received lots of questions, emails, calls and text from people concerned, but I am here to tell you that LIFE has just CONSUMED us.  

I am the Mommy behind this blog that has been ongoing for five and a half years.  I am the wife of an amazing man that works hard and loves us well! I am the proud Mommy of Gavin and Emma.  I am a hard working assistant principal, a Sunday school teacher, a dance/swim Mom, a boy Mommy and so much more. I love this blog, I love my family and I love OUR story, therefore I am committed to taking the time to document our ongoing journey for my kids to share with their kids someday.

I always thought as my children got older we would have more time and life would be less chaotic, NOT!  We are constantly on the go to practices, church events, doing homework, school functions, birthday parties, play dates, family functions, carpooling, doctors appointments and so much more.  We have also dedicated extra time to prepare the littlest Frazier for Kindergarten next year, oh Gavin Thomas how is that already happening?  It is all the things I love, but it has left very little time for anything else.

We have had a rough go this Fall with sickness in our home.  Emma battled a parasite for 12 weeks that truly frightened us to the core, she was one very sick little girl (after many test and 3 rounds of treatment she is good to go). Then we had the usual colds, ear infections and viruses. Thank God, we are all very healthy now and I am praying it stays  this way.

I have always managed as a working Mom to keep up with EVERYTHING and give 100%, but that has been a struggle the last 4 months.  We are in constant prayer about what God has in store for me as a working Mom and have faith that his plan will unveil in due time.

It has bothered me tremendously that I have gotten so behind on blogging and I have a running list in my cell phone of all the blog post I plan to post soon.

Thank you for loving our little family and thank you for missing us.  This Mommy is determined to play catch up, get some rest before I head back to work on January 6th, love on my family, create new memories and make big bold plans for THE FRAZIER FOUR in 2014. 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry CHRISTmas from our family to yours this Holiday Season.  We have been blessed in more ways then we deserve this year and give GOD ALL THE GLORY for his unwavering protection and love for our family over this past year and always.

Praying your Holidays have been filled with love, hope, peace, joy, family and friends.  We have spent this month reflecting and sharing with our sweet children that Jesus is the reason we celebrate this time of year.

It is such an honor to be their parents and indescribable the amount of joy and laughter they bring into our home on a daily basis.  I truly never knew a love like this existed before I became their Mommy.   

So thankful to be part of THE FRAZIER FOUR, this is the family I have always dreamed of having and more.

Christmas has been a wonderful celebration in our home spent with our loved ones. Celebrating that little baby that was sent so many years ago, so that we could have this amazing life.  Happy Birthday Jesus, we love you!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Visit to Santa 2013

We made our yearly trip to visit the jolly ole man in the red suit and the kiddos were eager to tell him what they hoped for this Christmas.
Santa came out to take Emma and Gavin back to his sleigh so they could all visit.  When he came out  Gavin said "hey buddy, are your Reindeer on the roof?"  Santa replied, "No, they are back at the North Pole."  Out of no where Gavin shouted, "I knew you were fake!"  It was at that point that I thought about running out the door of the photography studio but I couldn't leave my kids behind.  Once Gavin finally got in his lap he tugged on his beard and realized he was the real Santa. 

Both kids were reassured by Santa that they were on the NICE list, so they left with smiles on their faces and hope in their little hearts that Christmas morning would be loads of fun.