Thursday, September 29, 2011

Love + Love = Love

This week I had a conversation with my Principal and something he said to me stuck out in my mind and I have thought about it non stop.  We were talking about kids, parents, about life and being a Mommy. 

While we were talking he said, "Laura, people love the way they were loved as a child."  I can not get the thought out of mind.

Of course it is not the first time I have been made aware of this, studied the thought or done huge amounts of research on the topic.   After all, I am a certified school counselor, licensed professional counselor and hold a masters degree in counseling.  I know this, but I have found myself clinging to those 10 words this week.

In our house we love hard, we hug alot, we kiss a ton, we freely express intimate moments with one another and encourage our children to be open about their feelings. I love you is a word that flies around our home often & our kids know they are unconditionally loved.   Emma and Gavin are LOVERS to the point it is annoying to their friends, because they want to hug, hold hands & kiss everyone they come in contact with and their friends are not always accepting of their affection.

Perhaps I am clinging to these words because I can do better.  I know that I am a work in progress and there are days I fail miserably at loving the way God loves me.  Maybe I can love more, love one on one, love with more time, love through a story, love through my words, love through my touch,  love by example and love through my actions. 

Not sure what is stirring inside of me, but I do know that I want people to look at my babies when they are adults and think... "Laura, your kids are an amazing example of what it means to love the way they were loved as a child!"

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


With the help of our weenie dog, Emma Lou scored a frog this evening.  Any trip to the backyard where an animal/insect is captured is considered SUCCESS.  Poor little frog just did not know what he was in for when her net snapped down on top of him.  Gavin stood on the sidelines cheering her on and shouting, "come here little guy, come here."

Look at the smile on her face after she knew the frog was in the net for good.  Daddy helped keep him from jumping out and then he went inside to get some rubber gloves (ha ha).

Not sure if you can really get warts from frogs, so we had Emma glove up just in case.  That was a good idea for about 5 seconds and then our animal loving 4 year old fell in love with Mr. Frog.

So much for the glove because she quickly cuddled him the way any Mommy would cuddle her baby.  Gavin was having no part of touching it, he would get close and then take off running and screaming, "that's gross Emma, that is gross." 

Might be gross to you little man, but your sister LOVES it and you better get use to her little animal loving self because it is here to stay.  I was joking with her and said, "Oh Emma, if you are going to be a veterinary one day you better get used to touching those animals, you don't need a glove."  She quickly said, "I am not going to be a vet one day, I am going to be a MOMMY!"

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday Night Lights

Our boys dominated on the field last night and played a tough game that left us sitting at 4-0 for the season.  

Emma was super excited about the game, having dinner in the "box" and seeing the Cheerleaders.

The Frazier Four ready and waiting on the game to begin.   We were so proud to sport our Maroon and Gold to support the mighty Bulldogs to victory.

Gavin brought his football to the game and the lady at the front gate did NOT approve. The ball ended up hiding out in Momma's bag for the entire game.

Emma fell in love with Bria 2 years ago and has not stopped loving her since.   When she was getting dressed for the game she said, "Mom, my uniform is tight. Do you think Bria's is tight too?"

My little man dreaming of the day he can be on the field suited up and putting all that energy to good use.  He was so cute tonight when he was screaming, "Go Bulldogs Go, Hit em, Touchdown."

I can just see these two, years from now walking in a stadium together for their very own football game.  Though it has been tough, I am so glad they are only 20 months apart these days.  They love each other and are the best of buds, even on the days they fight non stop.

Looking forward to what the rest of this "season" holds for the Bulldogs and my family!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Pop Tart @ 3:47AM

Both of my kiddos have great sleeping habits and bedtime has never been a hassle around our house.  Last night or should we say early this morning, around 3:25AM, I heard a certain little boy stirring in his bed.  I listened for a while as he talked to himself and then he started hollering, "Momma, Momma, Momma".   I decided I better go see what was going on after I realized he was not going back to sleep until he got a response from me.

I walked in his room and he jumped up and said, "Momma, I am starving and I need a Pop Tart now." Hmmm, nothing like a STRONG WILLED child who knows exactly what they want, right?  I explained to him that it was dark outside and he needed to go back to sleep.  I even opened up the blinds to show him it was the middle of the night and attempted to cover him back up.  He jumped right back up and said, "Momma, I am starving.  Pwease Momma, I need a Pop Tart".    I told him I would got get the Pop Tart, lay it on his dresser and he could eat it as soon as he woke up.  "Nope, I need it now Momma pwease."

Yep, I gave in to the Pop Tart request.  Not sure if it was the "pwease" or "I'm starving" part that pulled at my heart strings the most.   Good part for me was I got to hold him in my lap for 15 uninterrupted minutes and look at his sweet little face while he ate it.  Worth it to me, but his Daddy thought I was nuts and perhaps that is because he lets him hold, hug and kiss him all the time.  You got it, I am second best to this kid, so I will take 3:47AM any day he decides to share it with me.

Pop Tart + 3:47AM + Sitting in my lap = One happy boy and One happy Momma!  That was the last package of Pop Tarts buddy, so you might want to stay asleep tonight.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Dear Football Season,

The Frazier Four have missed you, the bright lights, the click clacking of helmets hitting, the Band, the Cheerleaders, the school spirit and all you bring with you. 

These kiddos are super excited to have their feet back on the turf and my heart is giddy that they get to be involved in my career and exposed to so many different sporting events at such a young age.  I hope they will develop a deep love for academics and athletics.

I often wonder what these two will choose to participate in when the time comes.  Looking forward to spending Football Season with my sweet little family of four!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Emma's First Night Away

Yes, my baby left this evening with her Nana and her big cousin Camryn for her very first night away from home.  Emma is 4 years 3 months old and up until tonight she has never stayed away from home and I have no regrets about that decision at all.  I am just one of those Momma's that does not enjoy or want to be away from my babies unless it is work related.

She has been looking forward to this night for the last two weeks when Nana invited her and Camryn for a girls night. All week she has been counting down the days and talking about going to the nail spa, dinner, baking and watching movies with her Nana.

She was most excited that I told her she could have her fingernails painted a very pale pink. She is never allowed to have polish on her hands, I am just not a fan of it and want her to wait till she is older to do certain things (so toenail polish is all she has been allowed to have). I just spoke to my MIL and she said Emma proclaimed loud and clear when she walked into the nail spa, "My Mom said I can only get my nails painted a very pale pink".

Emma was packed up and hanging out by the front door when I got home from work, pacing the floor waiting for her Nana to show up.  This girl was super excited and I was excited for her, even though I miss her like crazy.

She did not hesitate to climb right in and tell us goodbye after giving us both "Two Kisses & a Hug!"  Gavin started getting a little nervous when it was time for us all to start a huggin and a kissin.

You are looking at two happy little girls that were ready to get the party started.  No telling what they will talk Nana into doing and how they will sleep since Emma toted Tilda, Piper, white dog, Violet, her blanket and a pillow along.

Poor Nana had to suffer through dinner at "Chika Fil A" and some playground time.   The kids might have been a little active in there, because my sweet child decided to inform Nana out loud, "Some of these kids parents need to teach them how to act Nana".  Bwahahahahah, she is so my child.

While we had very happy little girls, we ended up with one VERY unhappy little boy.  His heart was broken that his big sister, best friend, playmate, bath buddy, TV partner and companion was in that car driving away. 

He was sad, angry and devastated all in one and started crying the ugly cry, you know the one where you are gasping for air.   He just kept screaming, "I want my Emma, I want my Emma, I want to go get her, lets go get my Emma Momma".  We finally got him settled down with the promise of some ice cream, but it took a good while.  These two do not like to be away from each  other, even at nap time if Gavin gets up first he wants to wake Emma up immediately.  He is way more dependant on her and I don't think we realized how much until tonight when they were separated for the first time ever, besides MDO.

In my heart, I know this is a good experience for all of us.  No doubt Emma is having a blast and we have enjoyed our alone time with our little man.  Not too sure he will let Emma get out of his sight once she gets home,  he is lost with her.

Praying my little girl, Camryn and Nana all get a good nights sleep and enjoy their girl time.  I am off to snuggle with my two favorite boys and watch Shark Tale (Gavin's choice).

***Update:  Emma did great at Nana's.  She did not go to sleep till 12:30 and talked Nana's ear off while Camryn was fast asleep.  She had a blast even though her little brother was lost without her.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

51 Months

My sweet girl is 51 months old and sweet as ever!  It is probably about time I stop taking these monthly pictures, but I just can't let go.  She is as special as they come in so many ways.

Emma has officially been in Pre K for a month and she loves her school, her teachers, her classmates and learning.  I am amazed at all she is learning and her interest in learning more.  She is reading, writing, doing math, memorizing scriptures, comparing and contrasting, being creative and on fire about school.  She has been star student, the class leader and loves to participate in weekly show & tell that relates to the letter they are studying.

The transition back to school has been a great one and she looks forward to going to MDO everyday from 9-12.  Her Daddy still walks her all the way to class and gives her "Two Kisses & a Hug" which makes for a great day.

Her love is still very strong for her family, animals, insects, her babies, dancing, pretending, crafting, Jesus, her baby brother and riding her bike.  Four years old has brought some talking back along with it, but she is slowly realizing it is not in her best interest to always have the last word.

Happy 51 months of life Emma Lou!  We love you more than you will ever understand and can not wait to see what all God has in store for you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Little Beach Bums

We ended a very relaxing weekend by enjoying lunch with family and a trip to the beach. My husband might just think I have lost my mind since I pulled out all the Fall/Halloween decorations this weekend and got that marked of my list of things to do.  The next couple weeks are crazy busy for us with Homecoming festivities, Football Games, Dance, Gymnastics and LIFE!

Sweet Peyton and Gavin had a big time playing in the sand. Emma kept calling it mud (ha ha) and asking her Daddy, "Why did you bring us to the beach with mud Daddy?"  Silly girl, guess she is a little spoiled to those beaches in the Bahamas.

There is not a cousin that Emma does not love or hug constantly when she is around them.  It is so cute to watch her baby talk to Peyton and ask her sweetly what she needs or wants.   These two chased Marla and giggled uncontrollably the entire time.  Our favorite thing to do was watch the thousands of Clams bury themselves in the sand.

Gavin was so excited to catch his first fish!  It was a dead one that he found lying on the beach and he carried it around for about 30 minutes hollering, "I caught a fish Momma, I caught a fish".  He ran up to Marla and Dwain with it and they were just a wee bit disgusted.  It was hilarious until he and his big sister started touching its eyeballs that were poking out.

Emma had sand from head to toe by the time we left, but she enjoyed herself and had a great day right along with the rest of us.  It was big fun to spend the day with Dwain, Marla, Peyton, Myron & Elnora.  So glad we got to see them before they head back to Steamboat for a couple months. We are hoping to pay them a visit in Steamboat soon.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering & Praying

Praying for so many people and for the safety of OUR GREAT NATION as we reflect on the devastation that impacted so many, 10 years ago today.

"Thousands of lives were suddenly ended by evil, despicable acts of terror. The pictures of airplanes flying into buildings, fires burning, huge structures collapsing, have filled us with disbelief, terrible sadness and a quiet, unyielding anger.

--George W. Bush

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pure Sweetness

Gavin has become so super sweet lately and I am enjoying all the smooches and big hugs I am getting from him.  I could kiss this cute little face all day long and never have enough!

Those chubby little feet warm my heart and tell a story.  A story of a little boy that is funny, happy, energetic, outgoing, affectionate and smart.  A little boy I am blessed to call my Son, that will always have a story that matters to me.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our Caterpillars have arrived

We are working super hard these days to keep these two little ones away from the TV, by limiting their viewing time to about 30 minutes a day.  They spend most of their time creating camping scenes, playing school, chasing wild animals and creating things at the craft table.  Some of their favorite things to do these days are cut paper, paint, color, play with a hand held hole punch and tape things up.  Both of my kiddos are extremely creative and can pretend to the point it is almost believable.  I love to listen to them scream when a bear is approaching their campsite or bring monsters to life while they are walking through the forest.   

Emma has always wanted a Butterfly house and every time she sees the commercial on Sprout she begs for it.  Guess what finally arrived yesterday? When we walked to the mailbox the caterpillars were sitting at the edge and Emma squealed at the top of her lungs, then took off to share the news with Daddy. "They are here Daddy, they are here."

Gavin was napping, but he wanted to hold them as soon as he woke up.  He just kept shouting, "my butterflies, my butterflies" and then he sent them sailing across the room.   We had to explain to him that he could not throw them or they would not live.

We got all five of them nestled in a dark and cool place last night and now we wait for 7-10 days while they for cocoons.  It is going to be exciting times around our house in the next couple weeks and this is just the beginning of our projects to keep these little minds busy.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

We spent the day poolside yesterday surrounded by family and it was a BLAST for everyone!  All the littlest Carnes cousins were together yesterday and when it finally got dark, no one was ready to say goodbye (just might be the reason we got home right before midnight).

These kids could make anyone smile and have a great day.  Sweet Brynlee getting suited up for the day, Gavin enjoying some good ole tater chips, Peyton ready to show off her ISR skills and Jackson (the littlest Carnes) testing the water. 

Emma was not about to let her BIG COUSINS get one up on her, so she jumped off the bridge right along with them all day.  After a few jumps she decided to take off her life jacket and swim to the side like the rest of them.

This is just few of the cousins having fun when the party first got started.  By the end of the day there were kiddos everywhere laughing, screaming, squealing, kicking and splashing.

I am not sure who loves who more out of these four.   Emma can never get enough hugs from Hunter and Camryn and those two can't keep their lips off Gavin.  They are all so super duper in love with each other and it makes my heart smile.

Gavin had a blast playing with his BIG COUSIN Wyman Saturday and Sunday.  Hmmm...we are thinking Gavin might be his mini-me, they are both pretty wild and rambunctious. Gavin is probably the most HILARIOUS kid I have ever been around in my life and the rest of the family agrees.  This boy has more personality than we know what to do with at times.


These kiddos played and pushed one another on this raft for the most part of the day.  We had to keep a close eye on them because they could often be found floating out a little to far.  I sure wished we could have squeezed all of them around this little table and gotten their picture at lunchtime, might be the cutest group of kids I have ever seen!

Some of my favorite little melon heads chowing down, they meant serious business when it came time for watermelon.  Hudson, Emma & Gavin had watermelon juice from head to toe.

Boys will be boys, big or small.  Hunter & Kaiden insisted that I stand by the slide and watch all of their tricks.  They would put the fish float and this mat on the slide and both jump on for a wild ride.  They informed me that they go much faster when the fish are underneath the mat before they take off.  It was hilarious to watch all the crazy ways they came flying down.  Sweet Hudson wanted to slide down with Curtis, but did not want to go under the water at all. 

Anytime there is a gathering Emma and Hudson are the best of friends and can not get enough of one another.  They are so sweet and will do whatever the other one does as long as they do it together.  Hudson will be welcoming Baby Brother Maddox in 9 more weeks, so next year we will have 1 more Carnes Cousin to add to the bunch. 

You are looking at the BEST DADDY in the world and his kids love him beyond explanation.  Curtis provides the entertainment for all the kiddos on days like yesterday.  He plays with them non-stop and I am not sure who has more fun, them or him. 

My sweet nephew Hunter, which happens to be the oldest one of the bunch showed all the little ones how it is supposed to be done.  He is so wonderful in the water and really looks out for all the itty bittys and makes sure they are safe and having a good time.

Yesterday was BIG FUN for all of us and just what we needed after a roller coaster of a week with Sterling's Story being released worldwide. It was great to be together, laugh, love on one another and talk about Sterling.  We are so proud of Marla and the courage she had to share the heartbreaking story of her sweet little boy in hopes of saving someone else from the heartache we all know to well.   Although yesterday was pretty close to perfect, there will always be an energetic dark haired little boy missing that we all long to see again someday. 

"My cousins are my friends that will love me forever"
Happy Labor Day 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

G-Man is TWO and a HALF!

This little boy is getting so BIG right before my eyes and I am not sure I like it.  The baby phase seems to be fading quickly and a rough tough little boy emerges more and more everyday.  The personality on this boy is unbelievable and he often makes me laugh so hard I cry.  This just might be one of my favorite pictures of all times,  I can never get enough of that smile.

I would not change a single thing about you or your HUGE personality.  You are everything God intended for little boys to be and all of that rambunctiousness makes me love you so much more.  You have taught me that everything does not have to be perfect, dents in the walls are what makes a house a HOME, stains are okay, lots of things can be thrown, anything can become a "shooter" and your hair does not always have to be combed. 

You remind me so much of my Daddy and no doubt he is in Heaven laughing daily at all of your energy.  There are days when you smile or say something that assure me so much of him is alive in you.  God knew exactly what he was doing when he created every part of you, amazing how he knew what I needed in a Son!

I love every single thing about you Little Man.  Thank you so much for teaching me what little boys are all about.