Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Polar Express

Our Holiday getaway would not have been complete without a ride to the North Pole with Santa Claus.  We were not expecting or prepared for it to be 38 degrees there, so we ended up keeping our clothes on opposed to wearing our PJ's.  We also had big plans to go to a town nearby for a ride in a horse drawn carriage, but the cold sent us back to the hotel early.  Looks like we will have to take a carriage ride in our hometown before Christmas. 

Daddy helped both our sweet babies on board while Mommy stayed behind to snap a few pictures.

Emma chose to ride beside Daddy and I snuggled up with my favorite little boy as the locomotive took off to a winter wonderland.

...and what to our wondering eyes should appear?  Jolly Ole St. Nicholas and my kids were in awe of him.

Santa gave all the children on the train a bell they could wear around their necks and he had 2 very special Polar Express bells in his basket for the Frazier kiddos.

At one point Emma entertained us all by singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  I was in shock when she sang into the microphone for the entire rail car to hear and enjoy.

Our conductor was full of life and such a happy guy.  He was dancing all around and singing right along with the rest of us. 

One last picture before we exited the depot for our walk back to the car, the wind was blowing and it was freezing. Emma and Gavin were so proud of their bells and have been toting them around since they got them.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Gingerbread Love

One of our favorite things to do every year is bring our Gingerbread house to life with the help of the littlest Fraziers.  This year we got to do it at Gingy's house and it was a good time shared by all.

Gingy has the sweetest little house I have ever seen.  Gavin would not go inside, but he sure enjoyed standing on the outside licking the candy hanging on the walls, seriously!

If you have seen Shrek the Halls, you know that at one point Gingy almost gets eaten by Santa Claus.  I will tell you that Gavin knows when this part is about to happen and he starts covering his eyes saying, "I don't like it Mommy, turn it off."  There was no way we were going to talk him into a picture with Gingy and matter of fact, that cookie was not coming near him.  Emma loved her and got lots of hugs from her.

This year we decided to bring along some of our own candy to help cover the house and I love the way the Peep trees turned out.  Gavin's motto was, one for the house and one for me (ha ha).  We could not get the boy to stop eating the candy and I was shocked that he did not puke before we finished.

This little house was a team effort and so much fun to do.  Emma did a great job squeezing out the icing all by herself and placing the candy exactly where she wanted it.

By the time we finished these kiddos had icing from head to toe and were sticky as could be from sampling all the goodies.

Have I told you lately how crazy in love I am with my family?  These guys keep me going day after day and love me unconditionally.

My sweet girl was so proud of this Gingerbread house and even more excited to bring it home to show off to our Holiday guest this year.

I seriously did not know if my candy loving little man's sweater would ever come clean.  Anything that could be licked, tasted or eaten, he did it.   I saw and heard pieces hit the floor and it just did not matter he was gonna eat as much as we would allow.

Out of all of the things in our house at Christmas every year, this is always a favorite.  I brought it home and put it on my red ribbon laced cake pedestal on the island for all to enjoy.  Our tradition of making a Gingerbread house is one that I know will last for years to come.  I envision us sitting around the table when our kids are in High School continuing this tradition and it makes me smile. 

Speaking of smiling, I have so many reasons to smile these days and hope I can help others smile this Holiday Season.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Shrek Feast & More

Hard to believe that we were able to go Snow Tubing where we live in November, but sure enough we did and it was fun.  

It was alot of work to drag a double tube up those stairs while encouraging a 4 year old to keep walking.  We do not have many pictures of this because every time Daddy looked through the lens, a certain little boy would take off running.

If you look really close you can see me and Emma tubing down in the 3rd lane.  The slopes were small, but certainly give us something to look forward to when we visit the Carnes cousins in Steamboat some day soon.

We enjoyed a Shrek Feast one morning for breakfast and this green chocolate fountain was only part of what was laid before us to enjoy.

Emma loved dining with Shrek and could hardly wait to become a little ogre herself, but first she had to solve a riddle in order to get her ears.

Princess Fiona was a huge hit and we brought our own little Fiona home with us.  It was so funny because with Emma's red hair braided, she really favored her and people commented on it all day.

Puss and Boots giving our sweet girl the purr-fect hug.  Please do not think we forgot about Gavin on this trip, however he stayed far away from these characters and waved from a distance.  One look at Shrek and he was D.O.N.E!  Can you blame him?  The guy is big, green, giant teeth and his hands are huge.

Yep, we brought our own little Ogres home with us for the holiday season and they have not stopped playing with their ears since they got them. 

My sweet babies showing off their Polar Express Bells Santa gave them on the train ride.  They had been watching the movie, so they were so excited that they got a bell that was identical to the one that fell of the reindeer's neck.

The two cutest little elfs I know sure do make the Holidays so much fun for us.  Amazing to me how Christmas takes on an entirely new meaning when you have children to share it with you.  I am so glad I get to enjoy this Holiday season through the eyes of a two and four year old this year.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Getaway 2011

We have just returned from our annual Holiday getaway where we went snow tubing, rode the Polar Express, dined with Shrek & Fiona, built a Gingerbread house, walked through a 7 degree exhibit, met lots of characters, snuggled up in a hotel room, did a little shopping and lots more.

Every year when the Thanksgiving Feast is over, The Frazier Four take off to the Christmas Capital of Texas to enjoy all the festivities.

This little getaway gives us a chance to refocus on our family, the upcoming holidays and how truly blessed we are in this life.

These two sweet babies could not ask for a better Daddy and I can not wait till they are able to appreciate how truly blessed they are to have this man in their life. 

Looks like they decided to be nice when they climbed up in Santa's big comfy chair while he was off feeding the reindeer. Figured they would stay off the naughty list if they gave each other a big ole hug while the Jolly Ole Fella was away.

We had a 9th floor atrium view and if this does not get someone in the mood for Christmas, I do not think anything can do the trick.  We went to sleep and woke up to lights galore.

At one point I walked out on the balcony and my children were throwing change down at the people passing by, I was in shock.  I asked Emma what they were doing and she said, "throwing money like in the fountains."  They were so innocent and had no clue that they could hurt someone or get into trouble.

It was all we could do to keep our kids out of the pond in the atrium.  Gavin would take off running to it every time we were close by, lay on his belly and talk to the fish.

I fell in love with this 12 foot rotating snowman that was down near one of the rivers that flowed through the resort.  I would have stayed and volunteered all month if they promised I could bring this cute little guy home with me for the front yard.

All in all, we had a great Thanksgiving and have so much to be thankful for all year long.   We enjoyed our "holiday-cation" and have so much more to share from our trip.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We are good!

I started getting text a couple days ago asking if we were okay, so I knew I needed to take the time to blog and let everyone know that we are wonderful, just super busy and yes this Mommy is very behind on blogging.  My goal is to get caught up over Thanksgiving Holidays by posting Emma's 4th birthday party, our trip to Disney/Bahamas, the kids monthly post and so much more.

So much has changed in the past year and my children seem to be growing bigger and wiser every day.  Makes my heart a little sad to look back on pictures and realize that Emma has become such a big girl, while Gavin is quickly losing all his baby features.  I just wish I could slow down time and add a couple extra hours to everyday that would allow me time to just sit and do NOTHING.  That never happens in our house, I am not sure I could ever just sit and do nothing but the thought of it sure sounds good. 

I feel so unorganized as we enter this Holiday season, but I know that I will pull it all together one way or another.  I am looking forward to having 9 days off over Thanksgiving and spending all 9 of them with my kiddos, enjoying life.

Praying for so many this time of year and trying to teach my children valuable lessons along the way that will last them a lifetime.

53 Months

Happy 53 months of life sweet girl, you are growing up so fast right before my eyes and it is so hard for me to believe that you will soon be 5 years old.

I love you more than you will ever know Emma Caroline!

Friday, November 4, 2011

My PINK boy

My boy loves pink candy, pink donuts and his BIG sisters pink sunglasses turned upside down. 

Gavin is just like me in the mornings.  He jumps out of bed happy as can be, in a great mood and ready to chatter it up.  He was so funny this morning when he woke up and started requesting strawberries immediately.  When he found out we were fresh out, he ask me to go to the store and buy him some. Man, I love this boy, PINK upside down sunglasses and all.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

32 months of Wildness

This little smile speaks for itself, doesn't it?   Words can not begin to describe how much energy is jam packed inside this little body that RUNS everywhere he goes and NEVER slows down from sun up till sun down.

If you think I am kidding, come on over and you will be worn out before he even gets started. As I type this  he sits next to me licking ice cream off the table pretending to be a puppy.  Or perhaps you can contact his MDO teacher who sent the following write up home recently.  I must admit that I laughed hysterically when I saw this and I continue to laugh  every time I see it.  Not sure if I laugh because he reminds me so much of myself or if I am laughing because I wonder, what's next? 

The truth is, this boy makes me BELLY LAUGH all the time.  I seriously have to hide my face in my shirt and turn my back daily because I never want him to know I am laughing at some of the things he does.  In spite of the fact that I am exhausted at the end of every single day, I would not trade one single thing about him.  I ask Curtis weekly, "can you really imagine Gavin being any other way then the way he is, seriously? He would not be Gavin if he were any different."  He often looks at me like I am crazy and replies, "No, I really can't". 

You are currently wearing a size 2T/3T in clothes, size 6 in diapers, size 8/9 in shoes, weigh 36 lbs and are 38 inches tall.  You are built exactly like my Daddy and act just like him too. You are still a wonderful sleeper, but are lacking in the nutrition department.  You would live off of slice bread, pizza, cheese and yogurt if we would let you.

Happy 32 month old Birthday Gavin Thomas.  We love you so much and appreciate the rowdy-ness you bring to our home.  You have taught us to love harder, laugh more often and that we are not always in control, for that I am thankful.  Your smile and your zest for life give me a new reason to smile every single day!  Thank you for being the Son I have always wanted, I will always love you!