Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tractor Time

Just happened to be one of Emma's favorite times at the Livestock show this year. She climbed up in these two tractors as if she had been working the fields for years.

This tractor was little compared to the others that were surrounding it.

The tires on this big tractor were huge. We took this picture for our little friend Callen, who really lives on a farm. Hoping we will get to see it one day, along with that sweet little sister of yours too.
We barely got her out once she got in, but there were lots of little BOYS patiently waiting for their turn.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

We {heart} the Hill Country!

We decided to head to the Hill Country for Spring Break ten. It was a fun little getaway and one the littlest Frazier's really seemed to enjoy.

We spent 2 days at Sea World and watched all the shows and enjoyed interacting with all of the animals. The first day we forgot our camera and the second the battery went dead, so not many pictures taken. We bought season passes, so we plan to travel back again this summer and maybe we will have better luck with the camera.

The kiddos laid on their belly's for about an hour watching the dolphins and talking to them. Of course Emma begged to get in with them along with the Killer Whale. Sometimes I think the kid has a special way of communicating with all these animals.

Gavin enjoyed the shows and seeing all of the animals also. He was such a trooper and never once complained about the long days. His favorite part was sharing dipping dots with his big sister & the Sesame Street show.

Here is Daddy holding on tight, so these kids don't jump in the dolphin pool. Emma and her Daddy will actually be swimming with the dolphins this summer in July on our vacation. She has been asking to swim with the dolphins since she was about 18 months old. Her wish is about to come true in about 3 months and I can not wait to watch her do it.
This trip was good for us, because it also taught us that we are not ready to travel to Disney with the extended family during Spring Break eleven. Our kids are just too small and would be able to ride nothing. As much as we would love to go, it just would not be fair for Emma to watch her cousins get on rides she was too small to ride (remember she is a short stack). Her and her Daddy stood in line for over an hour to ride the Shamu roller coaster to be turned away at the front by the attendant who told her "you are too short". Of course she cried back, "no I am not, I am BIG Mom & Dad." I don't know who was more upset, her or her Daddy.
We stayed at the LaCantera Resort in San Antonio and it was beautiful and so kid friendly. We are huge fans of the Hill Country and this resort was nestled right in the middle of it. I could seriously live somewhere like this one day. Emma loves hotels and runs down the hall singing, "I love hotels, I love to sleep in hotels, I love hotels." Mommy & Daddy do too baby girl.
This little girl is ready for the summer and so are we. The weather was beautiful & the pools were heated except the last day we were there it got a little chilly.
We also traveled to the Natural Bridge Wild Life Ranch and spent about 2 hours driving through enjoying the animals and explaining to Emma what each of them were. This Ostrich was not very social and neither were his other long necked friends, so we drove a little faster through this section.
We enjoyed hand feeding the Zebras, well everyone but Gavin and he chose to scream and shake when they would come close to our car. We might not have an animal lover in him.
Emma kept saying, "they are just like horses with stripes on them Mom & Dad?" Yes, they are baby girl. We saw tons of animals and interacted with many of them. Emma kept asking us if we were in a Forrest.
We really enjoyed spending some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Having 2 small children has really encouraged us to enjoy alot of what Texas has to offer.
In spite of all the great things it has to offer, we booked a family vacation for July which we are thrilled about. We took Gavin over Spring Break and completed his passport, which should be arriving in the mail within the next month. I will have to share his picture on it when it arrives. He had the biggest smile on his face you could ever imagine and the lady who processed it said, "oh he would fetch top dollar if you guys tried to sell him while your gone". Of course she was kidding, but it is a pretty funny picture of him.
Needless to say, I enjoyed being off for 9 days and spending time with my family. Between the Hill Country, the Livestock show, the twins Thing 1 & Thing 2 birthday bash, Emma playing with her friends (Brook, Lizzie & Ally), shopping, bike rides with the kids in the bike trailer & dining out...SPrinG BreAK tEn was big fun for the Frazier Four!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gavin's Party Favors

Gavin's Circus/Carnival party was complete with several different party favors for our guest to take home and remember the party "under the big top".

This little brown paper bag was filled with custom labeled cotton candy, gummy popcorn, animal crackers, cracker jacks and soap in a bag tied up with colorful ribbon. I had my photographer make a tag for each bag that said "Thank you for coming to my party ~ love Gavin Thomas"

The soap was probably my favorite. No carnival is complete without a goldfish, right? We decided to send our guest home with 3 goldfish in some soap that would leave them smelling yummy. Gavin's grandma by choice, Darla made these for him and they turned out so cute.

This little box was filled with lots of goodies too.

A circus picture frame the kiddos could make when they got home, tattoos, a sticker sheet and a clown nose.
Candy, candy and more candy. We had a candy bar set up for all the kids to fill a red/white stripe bag up with all the sweet treats they desired. This seemed to be their favorite thing to do and the adults too. They were given this plastic popcorn container to catch candy from the pinata in and to use at the candy bar.
It is always my goal for our guest to leave with a big smile on their face. I can guarantee you there were alot of happy kiddos that day and alot of parents saying, "that's enough, now come on!"

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

Rub a dub dub, both my sweet babies in the SINK! We gave Gavin a quick bath in the sink tonight and guess who started taking her clothes off begging to get in with him.

Of course I said yes, for the simple reason that there will be a day SOON when they won't fit anymore.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rodeo 2010

We took our little cowpokes to the Rodeo and they had a grand ole time. One of them did at least, the littlest Frazier does not seem to be a lover of animals like his BIG SISTER. He would scream everytime an animal was close to him. Uh oh, hopefully he will come around as he gets a little older. He loves our dog, but that is it. As for Emma, we could hardly drag her away from the animals or keep her from going under the fence to get to them.

The second we walked in she began beggin to ride the pony. Finally we battled the line, purchased a ticket and waited for her turn to ride. When her and her Daddy got to the front of the line, she chose the one she wanted to ride. We were amazed that she remembered the one she had ridden last year at 20 months old, Gem and chose to ride the same one again. I am telling you she is the witty itty bitty.

All in all it was a great day. It poured down rain on us and the weather was horrible. They HOTY and I were soaked by the time we got in, but it was so worth it when we saw the joy in Emma's eyes. The kid was in her element I tell ya.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

YUmmy, yuMMy, YuMmY!

Guess who fed himself with a SPOON for the first time tonight? Your looking at his sweet little face covered in baked sweet potato, meat loaf and steamed squash & zucchini. He loved it all and did a great job making sure every bite made it to his mouth.

Way to go Little Man, you are such a big boy. We would clap and say, "Yay Gavin" and you would just smile the sweetest little smile.

What is this Mommy going to do with 2 independent little people?
He cleaned his plate and then helped his big sister out too. Something tells me that this little guy is going to catch up with Emma soon. Way to go with the spoon Gavin, we are proud of you.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Under the Big Top Party

Gavin's First Birthday was a blast for us. We wanted our guest to step in off the street and feel like they had entered the midway of a carnival that had just rolled into town. We decorated for days getting ready for the big event and I must say it was very whimsical.

We treated our guest to hot dogs, corn dogs, nuggets, Frito pie, nachos, chips, pickles, popcorn, lemonade, peanuts, animal crackers, cupcakes, ice cream and a cake designed for the special birthday boy.

The backyard was filled with carnival games, balloons, face painting, a duck pond, a balloon artist, swing set, popcorn machine, duck shoot, tent filled with balls, a photo banner and so much more. You could hear the sound of carnival/carousel music playing that Curtis had downloaded on his IPOD.

Kids could be spotted running, laughing, swinging, playing, singing and hitting at the clown pinata hanging from our swing set. I heard several guest say, " I really feel like I am at a carnival" and I could see others thinking, "how can we get out of here?" Kids were everywhere and having a ball.

My favorite part of the day was singing Happy Birthday to our little man and watching him demolish his smash cake. He would scream every time we attempted to take it away.

It was a blessing to celebrate Gavin's 1st Birthday with a group of about 65+ family and very special friends. He was given many very nice gifts that we are so grateful for and has been playing with non stop.

We asked our guest to sign in on this framed picture that we will cherish forever. Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our favorite one year old in the entire world.

Monday, March 15, 2010

33 + 3 = 3 years old

33 months + 3 more months = a 3 year old living in our home...
Seriously, how are you about to be 3 years old sweet girl? It seems like yesterday when we brought you home wondering if we would know how to properly take care of you. You quickly gave us a crash course on how to be parents. I must say, you have been the best teacher we know and have ever had Emma Caroline. You have taught us more in your 33 months of life than anyone has ever taught us. Most of all you have taught us what it means to love greater than we ever imagined possible. Because of you we have experienced a love that is unexplainable and one that grows more and more every second of every day.

You are so cute, sweet, loyal, kind, loving, strong willed, opinionated, charming, witty, smart, funny, happy, energetic, smiley, talkative, brave, caring, compassionate & independent.

You are a lover of many things...animals, your baby brother, MDO, Mrs. Jenny, Mom & Dad, your babies, critters, Noddy, make up, nail polish, firefighters, jewelry, Jesus, music, Beamer, your cousins, playing make believe, the Bulldog school and so much more.

You have chosen to celebrate your 3rd Birthday by having a Firefighter party. You ask us daily if you can be a Fireman when you grow up. As long as that makes you happy baby girl, you go for it!

We love you so much and look forward to spending all the days of our lives being your biggest fans. You have already made a difference to us and we can hardly wait to see the difference you make in the world.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

spring break ten...

The Frazier Four are off on a new adventure and a little R&R! Shouldn't be hard to find here!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gavin's 1st Birthday Party Decorations

I am so excited to share the Carnival/Circus Decorations with you from our Little Man's First Birthday. I will be posting the ones that include our guest, Balloon Artist and Face Painter tomorrow. There were so many pictures that I had to create two slideshows.

A bazillion thanks go out to Darla Distefano Photography for capturing the perfect pictures of our special day.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Word-filled Wednesday

My Daddy bought me my first Case Pocket Knife made of Stag on my first birthday. Just happens to be like the one he carried as a little boy and still has, my Papa Fabian carried his entire life and my 88 year old Great Grandfather, Aaron still carries. Mommy & Daddy says they will put it up till I get a little older, but they wanted me to have something very special from them on my very special day.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Glimpse of the Cake

Hope to have some more pictures posted in a couple of days. Here is a little sneak peak of the big birthday bash that has left us exhausted. Looking forward to attending the 1st birthday celebration of our twin cousins this weekend.

One of the best parts about the Circus/Carnival theme is all the bright and cheerful colors. It was big fun and the cake was so yummy, just ask my son who screamed every time we attempted to take it away.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Big Top = Big Time

We celebrated Gavin's 1st Birthday today and a great time was had by all. Kiddos are in bed, we are exhausted all the while thankful for those who stuck around to help clean up. I can hardly wait to see the pictures. Thank God for my kids Grandma by choice (Darla) or we would not have any pictures ~ this Mommy never picked up a camera.

We hired a balloon artist to entertain the kiddos and he was AMAZING. Look at this lion he made the Birthday Boy.

We had a great day and all our hard work paid off. It was super cheerful and so much fun. I heard several people say....this is like a real carnival (that made my heart smile inside). You know, it makes my heart happy when everyone leaves happy at the end of the party. We sent our guest out the door with loads of Sweet Treats (Hudson even left with a pocket full of M&M's that I snuck to him). Some folks had to make 2 trips to the car (ha ha).

Gavin enjoyed his cake and just decided it was easiest to put his face down in it and eat it up. My favorite part of the day was hearing my 88 year old grandfather chuckle and turning around to see him sitting in a chair behind me doubled over as he laughed hysterically watching his great grandson demolish his cake. If there is one thing he has taught me in life it is...cherish the little things. One of Curtis' cousins ask me, "Is that the Grandpa that taught you all the folk songs you always sing to your kids?" Yep, that's him and he just happens to be the best Papa I know.

Off to lay by my sweet HOTY that is already snoring from working so hard today. I could not ask for a better husband or better Daddy for my children.

I am blessed for so many reasons, but most of all because I have the honor of being part of The Frazier Four!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Giddy Up

Yesterday was Go Texan Day at this little Cowgirls school and she was so excited to get to school and "giddy up". The pictures are not great, but I was so thankful to get them on my cell phone during the day from Mrs. Jenny.

She might be the cutest little cowgirl I have ever laid eyes on. We will be spending some time at the Livestock show & Rodeo soon, so I am anxious to see that twinkle in her eyes when she sees all the animals. I am hear to tell you the girl belongs on a farm. She is a lover of animals and is now begging us for a baby pig.

She was so proud of these braids in her hair and talked about them all day. She slept in them all night and woke up this morning upset because one had come loose. Of course we rebraided it first thing this morning.

She came home from MDO with a piece of gold, a brown sponge painted vest and talking about a horse and real Cowboy that came to her school.
This picture so reminds me of something I would have worn as a child that my Daddy would have bartered for at Don's Western Wear.
I love this little cowpoke to pieces, but we are still not getting a pig.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Gavin Thomas

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Dear Gavin
Happy Birthday to you

Gavin ~ A year ago today I was blessed with the amazing gift of you, my sweet little man. That day will forever be etched in my mind and my heart. I will never forget laying eyes on you and telling your Daddy over and over again, we have a baby boy. I was so excited we had finally become the Frazier Four and so honored that God had chosen me to be your Mommy.

Holding you in my arms was like holding a little piece of Heaven. Every time I look into your big eyes, I am reminded of my sweet Daddy that went to live with Jesus 3 years ago. Oh what I would give if he could have held you this side of heaven. Your eyes, your smile, your face and so many things about you remind me of the greatest man I ever knew. I am so proud of you and my heart burst at the seams each time I hear someone say you look just like my Daddy.

Happy Birthday to you Gavin. I love you today, I will love you tomorrow and I will love you forever. I look forward to watching you grow over the years and becoming a fine young man that loves the Lord. I hope you will always SMILE the way you SMILE today. Not a day goes by that you do not bring an unexplainable amount of joy to my life. Thank you so much for teaching me how to be a Mommy to a little boy.

Love Mommy

Gavin Thomas, my boy, you have brought so much joy to our lives since you came into this world & our family one year ago. I remember praying to God to bless our family with a baby boy who would carry on the Frazier name.... and what a blessing you are! I must admit, I too take a great deal of pride in seeing all of the traits that you have inherited from your Papa Fabian.

The pure love and happiness that you exude everyday brings a smile not only to my face, but to all that lay eyes on you! From the way that your eyes light up when you see your big sister, to the way that you hug my neck when I drop you off in the mornings, you are full of love! There is something very special about you, my son and I know that God has great things in store for you. I look forward to teaching you so many things, yet I know that there is much that you will teach me as well. Know this Gavin Thomas, I could not be more proud to be your father. I love you forever, boy! Happy First Birthday Gavin!!
Love Daddy

Gavin, Your favorite time is your Birthday. I love you very much on your Birthday.

Love Emma

(This is what Emma told you this morning when Daddy asked her what she wanted to tell you on your Birthday)

Your sister loves you so much and is so protective over you. She has started begging us to wake you up every time you take a nap because she does not want to be away from you. We dare not leave you anywhere that she is not or she has a melt down. She loves to play with you and make you laugh. We took her to the Toy store on the park and she picked out 2 very special presents just for you (a red airplane and little blue car that are wrapped in a velvety material). She is so excited that today is your Birthday and loves you very much.

You will be having a Circus/Carnival party on Saturday and we are expecting about 100 friends and family to help us celebrate you. We actually took you to a carnival to have your 1st Birthday pictures taken and we also gave you your own little cake that you DESTROYED. You loved it and it was so much fun to watch you eat it up. There were many times that you just put your face down in it to eat. It has been so much fun planning for your big day and watching everything come together to create the perfect day for you.

You will go to the Dr. on Monday for your 1 year check up. However, here are some of the things you are doing:

  • cruising around furniture
  • eating solid foods
  • drinking whole milk (you nursed for a year, but started on whole milk Monday)
  • hugging us tight when we ask you for a hug
  • climbing up furniture
  • wearing size 6 diapers
  • 24 month -2t clothes
  • drink out of a cup with a straw, you do not like a sippie cup
  • follow your sister everywhere
  • so attached to Mommy that you scream if I leave the room
  • finally facing forward in your car seat
  • love to watch Noddy on TV
  • like to be outside and cry when you have to go back in
  • love rides in your little blue car
  • you have a very strong will and get mad if things do not go your way

Once again, we wish you a very Happy First Birthday Gavin. We love you so much and could never imagine life without you. Thank you so much for completing our family and making us...

...the Frazier Four!

Monday, March 1, 2010

...and I Love You too!

Happy First Birthday week to the sweetest little boy I know. I love you Gavin and I am so excited to celebrate your special day with you, Little Man.

I hope that you will wear a shirt like this when you are 18 too!