Friday, April 30, 2010


Tonight was a magical night for this little guy and we enjoyed watching him as he took off like a ROCK STAR! This is serious business, so get ready for some serious faces.

My Mom came to visit the kiddos this evening and Gavin was more than willing to impress her with his walking skills. He normally likes to pull his feet up and swing in the air like a little monkey when we stand him up to walk. Not tonight, he took off and would stop, clap for himself and then go some more.

Go big boy, you took 7 steps all by yourself multiple times this evening. We were so PROUD of you and you were so proud of yourself.

Looks like we have a walking man on our hands and we are excited to see where these little feet take him.

Our little man will be 14 months on Monday, hard to believe. We are going on vacation in about 10 weeks, so I am hoping he has this walking thing down a little more by the time we leave.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome Baby Luke

Just got home from seeing this sweet boy who made his arrival yesterday afternoon. My dear friend Cassi welcomed her 2nd child yesterday. His big sister is Brook, which is one of Emma's best buddies.

This little boy is BEAUTIFUL. I have never seen a newborn with so much hair in my entire life. He has a full head of dark hair that already has a little curl to it. Of course, I could not keep my hands off of him. I was so glad we were the only ones there and Tedra is not really into cuddling little ones, so I had him all to myself.

I had to unwrap him and look at him from head to toe. He is so sweet and so perfect, everything his sweet Mommy dreamed of and so much more.

Cassi looked beautiful and every hair on her head was perfect. I am so proud to call her my friend and she is one of the best Mommy's I know.
So, I sit here tonight typing this post with BABY FEVER. I loved holding this little guy, talking to him, kissing him and just staring at him.
Congratulations Travis, Cassi & Brook on the newest edition to your family. So excited that Gavin will have a buddy to eat dirt & play cars with now. Brook & Emma will have fun bossing both of these boys around or making them play school with them. He is so handsome and I can not wait to love on him some more. God has truly blessed your family once again!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fast Asleep

In an effort to live a healthier lifestyle we have started riding our bikes and pulling the kids in the bike trailer. Our neighborhood is perfect for riding and just enjoying yourself. On any given night you will find the streets crowded with bikers, walkers, runners, dogs, children playing and families everywhere.

The weather has been wonderful in the evenings, so it is cool and enjoyable. The kiddos really seem to enjoy riding in the trailer, even though Gavin has a fight with his helmet at the start of the ride. He just does not prefer to have anything on his head after wearing his helmet for 14 weeks (I don't blame you big boy).

When we got home from our ride this evening our little man was sound asleep.

He stayed asleep for a little while, so we got Emma's tricycle out to let her ride for a little bit. Yes, they are both in their pajamas ~ works out nice to put them to bed when we come inside for the night.

Emma is getting the hang of riding her tricycle and it might work out a little better if her shoes were on the right feet.

She could not wait to get her helmet off and put this cap on her head. The entire time we were riding she was trying to put it over her helmet, silly girl!
Looking forward to many more rides with my sweet little family and living a healthier lifestyle, so we will be around one day to see them pulling their own children.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Haircuts...Rerun!

We decided to head across town yesterday and attempt to get the kiddos haircut, once again. Our efforts were not successful the first time and Gavin just got a few long hairs clipped off, so that does not really count. We chose a children's salon this go around that was decorated with characters, bright colors, mounted TV's at every station and so much more.

My little boy got up in the chair like a champ and the lady went straight to work giving him his first real haircut. I was a nervous wreck and his Daddy was taking pictures non stop as I continued to bite my nails off.

I could not believe she took the clippers out and got after it. He sat still and continued to watch the cartoon that was playing on the TV in front of him. Whoever thought of this concept is a genius and probably rich.

I kept nudging Curtis and whispering to make sure she did not use those clippers on the top of his hair. I did not want it to all be whacked off.

Needless to say, he ended up with the cutest little haircut and he looks so much older to me now as a result of it. It is a true little boys haircut on the sides and the back and the top is still a little longer, so we comb it to the side. He looks so stinkin' cute!

Next up...the BIG sister. She seemed really excited to get her FIRST haircut and climbed up in the bright PINK chair all by herself. We were so much farther ahead than the first time when we did not even get her in the chair. Emma's hair is almost to her waist and has become quite stringy, so we were all super excited that it was about to be evened out across the back.
I began explaining to the lady, no bangs and I just want it cut straight across in the back. As I began to explain, I noticed that Emma became very nervous. We started explaining to her that it was okay and it was going to be so pretty when it was all done. Well......

Look at what happened next. She began crying and shaking and was a nervous wreck. You would have thought she was in the Dr's. office she became so upset. As much as I wanted her hair cut, it was not worth it to me. I did not want to leave there with crooked hair because she was wiggling around and crying. So, STRIKE II for us ~ we were unsuccessful once again.
I keep telling her that she has to get her hair cut before her 3rd birthday in June and she promises she will. For some reason she thinks it is going to hurt and we can not convince her otherwise.
So, we left with one handsome little man and one red faced little girl that refused to get her hair cut once again.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dreaming of Summer

We played outside for a long time tonight and I just stared at my sweet babies and dreamed of summer. I am so excited to have 6 weeks off this summer and to be able to plan lots of activities to keep these two busy.

This little guy is so brave, yes he climbs up in the slide all by himself and just laughs and laughs.

Emma loves to slide down and bump into him and he belly laughs so loud. I have to constantly remind her that she can hurt him.

Of course she says, "Mom, we are just playing I love my brother and he is a big boy". Some days I think she believes she is the Mommy.

Okay...this is the part that scares me and makes me think that BOYS ARE WILD! At 13 months old he can climb about 1/2 way up the slide standing up. Seriously, Emma did not start doing this till she was about 2 1/2. She still only slides down on her hiney. Uh, he will go down on his back or belly...he does not care. I have a feeling I am going to find him jumping off the roof of it one day.
Last night the HOTY and I were talking about what it was going to be like now that he is starting to walk and he said, "Our house is about to be DESTROYED", tell me it isn't so!

Why am I worried about her bumping into him? Seems that he has it under control and is fully capable of holding his own. Believe it or not, she is afraid of him too. You would be also if you saw him open that mouth up and come after you with those 8 little teeth. The boy loves to BITE!
I am so thankful I have been blessed with a Girl & a Boy, but I am here to tell you there are so many differences between the two! Differences that I am in love with, thank God for and laugh about everyday.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One Step at a Time

Our little man has started taking a little step here and there. Of course he can be bribed to do it if he is offered a puff or some other tasty treat.

I just can not imagine how our life is about to change once this guy starts walking. Seriously, we did not have to put anything away or move it when his big sister started walking, but I am afraid it is going to be different this go around.

He is already into everything and can get away from you in no time flat. However, if we lose sight of him we know to go straight to the dog food bowl or his sister's pink kitchen ~ he {hearts} both of them.

As soon as he builds up a little confidence, he is a going to take off on us. He will stand for a while and think about it, eventually taking a step or two.

Here he goes and of course he has that beautiful smile on his face as he does it.

Way to go buddy! We are so proud of you and look forward to seeing you walk all over the house very soon.
***Update ~ within 30 minutes of posting this Gavin fell from a standing position and his tooth went through his bottom lip. It looks bad and is super swollen. We have put a call into our Dr. and are waiting on a call back to see what we should do. In the meantime, I am sure Darla has a home remedy {mommy of 4} let me just give her a call.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bluebonnets & Smiles

We have been wanting to take the kiddos to see the bluebonnets, so today was the day. How in the world do people ever get good pictures of their kids together?

I don't think it would matter to this little guy where he was, when he sees a camera he is going to SMILE.
Emma was so surprised to see all the beautiful flowers, she kept begging to pick them. Uh, we had to give her a little history/law enforcement lesson today.

This is her idea of putting her arm around her baby brother for the picture, looks more like a choke hold to me.

Emma was not the only one who wanted to do a little pickin' today.

This sweet girl just got over being sick for a week with the Roseola virus, we are so happy she is feeling better.
This is the best we could do as far as getting a picture of both of them. Thank you sweet babies, you made this Mommy happy by looking at the camera at the same time.

I am pretty sure this is the sweetest little boy I know.

Emma Caroline, you are one of a kind girl.
This boy mowed the field down with with his little car and that big ole smile.
I am thinking if he could talk, he would tell her "just leave me alone and stop talking to me".
I must admit they both picked a couple even though we told them they would get in big trouble.
So thankful we were able to take pictures in the bluebonnets this year and even more thankful that I have 2 sweet babies and an amazing husband to share this journey with me.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birthday Parties Galore

We attended 3 Birthday Parties this weekend and we are exhausted. All 3 parties were a BLAST and Emma had a great time.

Happy Birthday Tori!

Tori celebrated her 10th Birthday at a cooking school and it was the cutest little place I have ever seen. A little girl's dream to say the least. Emma was the youngest child they had ever had visit them and the employees were amazed that she was able to keep up with the big kids and remain interested. The girls baked/decorated cupcakes, rolled out dough and made pizza along with lemonade.

Happy Birthday Brook!

Brook celebrated her 3rd Birthday cowgirl style. It was so cute and her Mommy did a great job on all the decorations. They had a carousel with 4 ponies for the kids to ride. I did not think we would ever get Emma off the pony once she got on. She kept yelling, "yee-haw, giddy up, and I am a cowgirl."

Happy Birthday Kenley!

Last, but not least we celebrated Kenley's 3rd Birthday at Build a Bear. As you can see, it did not take Emma long to fill her arms with all kinds of goodies. This party was big fun and the kids enjoyed making a bear of their choice and dressing it up.

We are so blessed to have all 3 of these girls in Emma's life and to call them friends. We love all of you so much and enjoyed celebrating your magical day with you.
Happy Birthday Tori, Brook & Kenley!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Eggs & Treats

One of my favorite parts of Easter is dying eggs as a family and it was quite a treat to have the littlest Frazier join in on the fun this year.

This little girl was very serious about coloring the eggs and so excited to get started.

I love this picture of her peaking in at the egg while waiting for it to turn PINK. This girl is obsessed with the color PINK these days. She told me this evening that she wished her teeth were PINK.

So proud of her 2 PINK eggs, too bad both of them ended up cracked by the end of the day. She ended up having a major melt down each time one of them broke.

This little guy look like he ate a Smurf by the time he was finished. He thought it was so fun to drop his egg down in the container and kept taking it out and putting it back in.

Look at those little fingers, so cute holding Mr. Egg. He just kept staring at the egg and trying to put it in his mouth.

He decided it would be big fun to bang them both together and scream.

Mr. Egg just did not realize what he had coming, did he? Gavin literally squeezed the guts out of him and enjoyed every minute of it.

A dozen colorful memories that we will always cherish. The Frazier Four, a dozen eggs, egg dying kit, boiling water and an old towel equal a good time.

The Easter Bunny decided to leave Emma & Gavin a few little surprises. Emma kept walking around saying, "Mom, I wanted to see the Easter Bunny so I could tell him Thank you for my Soccer Ball." We just kept telling her he knows that she appreciated it and she said, "Mom is the Easter Bunny a boy or a girl?"