Monday, April 30, 2012

Thankful & Blessed

This morning started out like all the rest for The Frazier Four.  Washed a load of laundry, rushed to get dressed, made sure kids were dressed, fixed hair, backpacks were checked and then we said our goodbyes.  I got down on my knees like I do every morning and looked both of my children in the eyes telling them I loved them, have a great day, make good choices, kissed them, made Gavin say, "I promise Mommy" (he has to promise every morning that he will stay on green), hugged them and went on to work like normal. 

About 12:40 my cell phone rang and it was our Nanny calling and I knew something was wrong, she never calls during the day.  I excused myself from a conference I was having with a teacher and told her I needed to answer the call.  It was at that time that I felt like my heart left my body temporarily.  She proceeded to tell me that everyone was okay, but they had been involved in an accident.  I trust her and knew that everything must be okay if she was telling me that, so I asked her where they were and told her I would call Curtis and he could get to them within 5 minutes.  At this point I was calm, but had very little details.  I called Daddy and relayed the message to him and he took off to make sure our kiddos were okay.

Long story short a F350 Powerstroke towing a trailer hauling a race car (we think), pulled out in front of our Nanny and she was left with no choice but to hit him.  I am so thankful that our kids are secured with the latch safety system and for airbags.  There were 5 men in the other vehicle and none of them got out to see if our kiddos were okay.  Later on we found out it was because they had just purchased beer from the store and they were in the process of ditching it before the police arrived. 

Everyone is safe and the only marks were on Gavin and Kain's necks from their straps in their car seats.  We have so much to be thankful for tonight and it physically makes me sick to let my mind think about what could have been.  I believe that there were some guardian angels watching over our Nanny and all 3 of the kids today.

Once again, I have been reminded how quickly things can change and how truly blessed we are to have two healthy kiddos getting ready to go night-night.  We are thankful for a Nanny that we trust and know in our hearts did everything possible to keep our kids safe and calm until their Daddy arrived.  Bless her heart, I know she hated to make that call to me. 

Tonight I am one happy Mommy that loves her kids more than anything in this world and I never want to imagine my life without them.  I have thanked God over and over for the protection he provided over that vehicle today and for bringing my babies back to me safely.

I don't deserve this life, but I sure do love it!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Playdate & Party

Emma Lou paced the floor for 3 hours yesterday waiting for Hannah Claire to arrive to our house after her dance class.  Hannah and Emma have been together at MDO since they were 15 months old and they are crazy about each other.  They talk about one another non stop, dream about sleepovers and constantly talk about having a play date.  Hannah and Gracie are Emma's two favorite friends at school. 

I am already getting sad about these little girls going their separate ways for Kindergarten next year.  They are going to miss one another like crazy.

Emma was so excited to bring Hannah to Brookie's 5th birthday celebration.  Brooke and Emma have been friends since they were born and no matter how much time passes between play date, they always enjoy one anothers company.  It is hard to believe that this little girl is already FIVE!

Gavin could not get enough of the turtles in the petting zoo.  At one point he gathered up all six turtles and lined them up around the water bowl and told them to, "drink, drink turtles".  He also decided it would be a good idea for the little turtle to take a ride on the big turtles back.  Curtis was a nervous wreck that Gavin was going to kill one of the turtles before the party was over.

All the kiddos enjoyed riding on this sweet little pony several times.  I think Hannah and Gavin rode it about 5 times each.

My sweet boy loved this little turtle until it bit him and he threw it on the ground.  Check out that scorpion tattoo he managed to sport all weekend.

Such sweet girls having a blast at Brooke and Luke's Woody & Jesse farm party.  The chickens made Hannah a little nervous inside the petting zoo, especially when Emma put one on her shoulder.

Look at this handsome boy and those beautiful BLUE eyes.  Luke and Brooke shared their birthday together since they were both born in the same month.  When we left the party, Curtis said, "Luke is just like Gavin".   Cassi, I must admit that it makes my heart happy to know that you have a wild child too. 

Brooke is a country girl at heart.  She wears a pair of cowboy boots daily, talks with a twang and gallops around like a horse constantly.  She was so sweet at her party and was in heaven with all of her friends, her Pre K teacher and all the animals.  Isn't she beautiful?

When little man wasn't riding the horse, he was walking next to the guy walking the horse and holding his hand.  Gavin loved this little pony and no doubt my Daddy was smiling down yesterday.

This girl would live at the zoo or on a farm if given the chance.  After being at the Locascio's and the Buell's yesterday, Daddy and I are convinced that we are ready to give up our life in the city for a couple acres of land sometime soon.

No play date is complete without ice cream shared with a friend.   It was fun to watch E & H spend the entire day together, matter of fact we did not even get this cutie home till 9:00 last night.  They were not finished playing when we got to the Buell's, so we stayed around and visited for a while admiring their new home that is absolutely perfect.

Thankful for a wonderful weekend spent with great friends, two very sweet little girls, a special sister/brother birthday bash and of course The Frazier Four. 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Not Cut & Zoobilee

Yesterday was the final day of "Rookie Camp" for swim team and Emma survived and did NOT get cut from the team.  If it were up to Emma, no one would have been cut at all.  We had to have a talk this week about how you do not get to do things and sometimes you have to earn your right to be part of a team.  She is just like me because she thinks everyone deserves a chance as long as they try their best.  Not the way it works in our world sweet girl, hard work pays off!

Emma's sweet friend Lauren spent the evening with us last night and she chose to come cheer Emma on at her final day of rookie camp.  Lauren is 1 year older than Emma and has been swimming competitively for a year now.  Emma is super excited that her and Lauren will swim in the same age bracket this year, truth be known that is why she worked so hard to be able to swim in the same lane as Lauren at practice.  Speaking of practice, we start practice Tuesday  4 days a week for the next 7 weeks with meets on Saturdays.  The Frazier Four are going to be super busy, but we are excited to support Emma and the rest of these cuties in the H2O.  We continue to pray that swimming will help Emma build lung capacity and allow us to start taking her off of some of her Asthma medication.

After swim we headed out to the Zoo for a members only party and it was big fun.  The kids were super excited to get an airbrushed tattoo.  Gavin loved his so much that he took his bath all weekend with his arm hanging out of the tub. 

 Emma and Lauren had a blast looking at the new dinosaur exhibit, barking at the seals, eating cotton candy, dancing with the characters and giggling their hearts out.

This boy never ceases to amaze me.  He set out to find a stick when we arrived at the zoo and he was not happy until the found the perfect one.  He pretended he was on a wild game hunt through out the zoo and took shots at all the animals, until a zookeeper made him surrender his gun  stick.  I was surprised he was willing to give it up so easily, but he walked right to the cart on the back of her bike and dropped it in with all its other gun stick friends.

These two girls had a blast and loved spending time together.  Emma is such a social butterfly, just like me and loves her friends so much.  It is so sweet to watch her hold their hands, hug them and tell them she loves them.  They all know how she is and they just accept her sweet little spirit (I don't think she gives them a choice).  I am so thankful that Emma's friendships are special to her and I am even more thankful that Lauren's parents trust us with their sweet girl.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rookie Camp

Emma has been looking forward to swim team rookie camp for weeks.  Goggles on, swim cap on, sunscreen on, kick board in hand and super excited to wear her fins.

These 35+ kiddos were very eager to get in the water even though it was only 78 degrees outside.  Coach John had each of them line up around the edge of the pool for initial swim assessment and to figure out what level the kids were on.  It was hilarious to watch them because there were a few who jumped in, but sank immediately and had no idea how to swim.  One little girl laid down on her belly and slid in like a seal, bless her heart. 

Coach John originally asked for volunteers and I kept my eye on Emma wondering when she would decide it was time to go.  About 20 of the kids went and got sent to the appropriate groups according to skill level.  The kids with the highest skills went to Coach Sandy's group to get started.   At the end there were only about 11 kids left on the side that had not gone and it was obvious they were afraid and there sat Emma.  Coach John finally realized Emma was sitting there and he said, "Emma, come on girl".  She jumped in and swam straight to him, coming up for a breath and going right back down.?  Coach John said, "Grab your kick board and your fins and head to Coach Sandy's group."

On the ride home I asked Emma why she sat there so long without going?  She started smiling and said, "Mom, I thought if I sat there and did not go that I would end up in Coach John's group and I love him."  I quickly informed her that the kids that remained with Coach John needed lots of help and might even be cut by the end of the week.  She said, "oh well I will just do my private lessons with him Mom."

Emma did a great job on her assessment  and with Coach Sandy.  Today they worked on perfecting the freestyle with fins and breathing using their kick board.  All of the kids in Emma's group were awesome and I was blown away by how far they have come in 2 days.  Emma is working so hard and loves swimming.  We have 2 more days of  rookie camp with the other 4-6 year olds and then it is practice time 4 days a week with meets on Saturdays.

I am blown away by how excited and dedicated Emma is to swim already.  She is super serious about it and really seems to enjoy her time in the water.  She is such a great student and clings to every word that Coach John and Coach Sandy say. 

Way to go Emma Lou, we are so proud of you girl. No doubt in my mind you will do a great job at time trials in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Almost FIVE

Reality is starting to set in that my baby girl is about to be five and off to Kindergarten soon.  I am trying to focus on the good and not on the fact that the little girl that made me a Mommy is about to journey into new a season.  A season that I pray is kind, gentle, innocent and filled with people that share the same values and love for life that we do.  My hope is that when she encounters the "not so good" parts she is able to be a leader and help others make good choices.  I know that is alot to ask of an "almost FIVE" year old, but I believe that Emma has the heart and wisdom to be a difference maker.  

When we picked her up from Sunday school today the teacher approached me and said, "Emma is such a sweet child, she is so affectionate, tender and loving."  I could not help but smile, thank her and agree that she truly is all of those things and so much more.

Emma girl, as your FIFTH Birthday approaches I hope you will always know how much you are loved and adored by so many.  Your little light shines so bright where ever you go, you are truly a "bucket filler" opposed to a "bucket dipper" and we will take that any day.  Happy 58 month Birthday, only 2 more months and you are going to be the big number FIVE!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

We {heart} Saturdays

Our Saturdays are pretty jam packed from now till August, but we manage to squeeze some fun stuff in between parties, games and more.

Gavin had a 9:00 Soccer game this morning and he was not too excited about it.  I do not think he has fully recovered from his Strep throat last week, but he tried.

Gavin goes in randomly through out the game and helps out when he feels up to it, but trust me when I say he is not knocking others down to take the field.  When he decides to join the game he is great at getting the ball down the field and to the goal.  Honestly, he enjoys the "high fives" from Coach more than anything.

Not real sure if he was telling us he would rather be on the football field or if he was trying to do a handstand in the middle of the field. 

After the game, we enjoyed lunch at Subway, came home and worked in the yard.  Daddy made 2 more flowerbeds in front of our fence line, looks like we are ready to mulch now.  We have spent the last couple of weekends planting, replanting, resodding and moving things around.

This afternoon was date day at our house, so Emma and Daddy got cleaned up and headed to Disney Princess on Ice for the afternoon.  This little girl was so excited to be going on a date with her Daddy.

Little Man and I had plans to go kayaking until I realized I looked at the wrong day and the kayaking was really taking place tomorrow.  We decided to set out for some ice cream and a trip to the lake.  On the way we made a little stop at Target for a few things we needed.  Gavin chose Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Cream on a cone.   After the Ice Cream he passed out on me, so I drove around while he slept and stopped by my BFF's for a driveway visit.  When he was awake he kept pointing at his shirt saying, "Are we going here Mom, what about here?"  Looks like a baseball game is in our near future.

After he woke up we went for a walk around the lake, fed the ducks, watched some middle school boys fish, fed the turtles and played with the new gun Rara brought him from Disney.  On our walk around the lake Gavin collected sticks, just like he did on the Soccer field today.  This picture just reiterates to me that this little boy is not going to be happy till I have to pull him out of the lake one day.

All in all it was a busy day, but we are grateful for the one on one time we got to spend with our kiddos.  Guess what I found on my little boys face for the first time today while we were enjoying one another?  FRECKLES and I love them!   

Thursday, April 12, 2012

my ROBOT boy!

This boy is loving his ROBOT shirt these days and I love it too.  Never thought I would be a fan of character stuff, but I must admit I am eating my words because Gavin's closet is packed with all things character. 

My little man had to go back to the Dr. again yesterday with Strep and an ear infection.  Poor baby can not catch a break these days.  I realize our issues are tiny compared to the problems others deal with daily, but I just pray my little man can stay healthy and out of the ER/Dr's. office for a while.

No matter how he feels, he is still full of energy with 102.1 fever.  This is his ROBOT arms and his ROBOT pose.  Have I mentioned that I love being a BOY Momma lately?   I think everyones house should be filled with  at least one little boy.

Just so happens that I get a few little extra hugs and kisses when he is not feeling well.  Sweet boy, look at that smile.  

One last ROBOT move before we head out for the day with a tummy full of antibiotics and a heart full of love for life and an attitude to conquer the universe.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter & the BIG rock!

Easter Sunday for us consisted of church (we even got there a little early so the kids got to play for 5 minutes on the playground), lunch, egg hunt, working in the yard and candy galore.   Guess we were not as early as we thought to since me & Curtis had to sit an aisle apart.

They were ready to hunt the eggs that Nana and Daddy hid in the backyard.  I barely got them to stand here long enough to snap a picture.  I asked Emma & Gavin what Easter was about and I wanted to document both of their responses.

At 37 months old Gavin shared his story of Easter with us and then again with Nana at lunch.  "Jesus died and then they put him in a big hole.  He went in the big hole to eat breakfast and then they pushed the big rock out of the way and he came out."  He was so excited to share his story about Jesus with us and we were happy to listen.

Emma's story of Jesus at 4 years and 10 months old. "Mom, are you sure you want to hear the story it is a sad one.  They killed Jesus and they hung him on the cross and then they put thorns on his head and the thorns scratched his head up when the cross fell and he was bleeding.  Isn't that so sad? They were very bad people and they did that because Jesus was doing God's work and he wanted to be with him.  They put him on the cross with nails and then they let him bleed.  After that they buried him and put a big stone on top of him.   Jesus rose from the dead for us on Easter after 3 days and went to be with God and now Jesus and God are the same.  You must love Jesus to get to God.  Jesus loves me, Jesus loves us and I love him. I love our church  and I learn so much about Jesus in Bible Zone Adventure.  Those people know so much about Jesus there and I can not wait to learn more."

It makes my Mommy heart want to explode to hear my sweet babies talk about Jesus and how much they love him.  It thrills me that they are excited to know more and eager to go into class each week and come out telling of his love for us.  I can not imagine what my life would be like without my faith and I never want to imagine my children faith-less.  I am so glad that we have made the commitment to raise our children in the church and to make Jesus a huge part of our life.  I hope and pray that they will continue to love the Lord as they become young adults.  Again, we are so grateful that the price has already been paid for THE FRAZIER FOUR to have eternal life with HIM!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

Happy Resurrection Sunday from our family to yours this beautiful Spring morning. 

He is alive!

He has risen!

Today we are blessed and so thankful for the sacrifices that have been made for The Frazier Four and for you.  Jesus loves us and he loves you!  Happy Easter from our family to yours.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Eggs & Decor

Easter is almost here and The Frazier Four are officially ready after tonight.  Daddy boiled the eggs and got everything ready for us to sit around the table and dye the eggs.  Emma was super excited and had been begging to get the job done all day.

I am sure you know by now I am a HOLIDAY junkie and I just can't help it.  I love the holidays and of course I love the letter "F" since it represents my maiden and married name.

These three little chicks sat by the front door to welcome our guest along with this banner that was outside as you walk up our sidewalk.  The Peter Rabbit pouches hang on the back of the kids chairs at the craft table and I am quite sure they will be filled with surprises Sunday morning.

Just a few little centerpieces and decorations that make our house a home during the holidays.  I think I have something different that hangs on this tree for every season.

I love this Happy Everything plate & this sparkly little duck that sits in the entry way.

Emma was super excited to help me decorate the fireplace mantle this year and I am pretty sure she is a ribbon, holiday, hallmark, trinket girl herself. 

Emma loves to dye Easter eggs and believe it or not no matter how many plastic eggs are hidden or what they are filled with she will ONLY search for the hard boiled eggs.  Last year she refused to pick up any of the plastic eggs and was happy to let her cousins and brother get them all.

Gavin was eager to dye eggs too and he refused any assistance this year, doing it all by himself.  He was so proud every time he would take one of the eggs out of the dye and put it back in the carton.

Emma and Gavin did a great job on their eggs and they also did a great job sharing the colors and the eggs.  We are looking forward to hiding eggs on Sunday after church and watching them run wild searching for them. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

My Poor Baby

Yesterday when Daddy picked Gavin up from MDO he came running in from the playground and appeared to have a mosquito bite above his left eye.  It appeared to be a little swollen last night when he went to sleep, but our kiddos usually have a little swelling anytime they get bitten by mosquitos.  

This morning when this little guy woke up it was not good and his eye was BIG!  He kept saying, "it just hurts a little Mom, it just hurts a little."   Luckily we already had an appointment to see the Dr. at 8:45 this morning to follow up from our ER visit last Saturday, so we had her take a look at his eye.  She was able to see the initial bite and confirmed that it was a little mosquito bite and just told us to watch it for red streaks to make sure it did not become infected.  Who would have thought a mosquito could do so much damage?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MDO Easter Party

Emma & Gavin had their Easter parties at MDO this morning and Curtis and I both got to join in on the festivities.  The kids were super excited we both got to make it and be a part of the fun.

Our goodies this year were these cute little nest filled with green coconut, robin eggs and marshmallow bunnies.  Gavin and Emma were so proud of these and could not wait to give them to their "nest friends" at school.

I just might be a ribbon junkie and have spools on top of spools hanging around everywhere.   I decided I would try and use some of it up for this little project, so I dug out all the spring colors and went to town. 

The weather hindered our usual outside egg hunt, so Emma's class hunted eggs among the choir robes and Gavin's class hunted in the gym.  The kids did not mind at all and were frantically searching for the 8 eggs they were allowed to find.

I was so sad when I pulled into the parking lot today and realized this was Emma's last Easter party at MDO.  I am struggling with the fact that she is entering public school next year and leaving these sweet girls behind.  Emma has been with these 4 girls since she was 15 months old and loves them all so much!  I know she will make more wonderful friends without any problems at all, but this Mommy struggles with change. I just wish I could keep her so innocent and pure forever! All 5 of these girls will be attending different elementary schools next year.  

I pray that this little smile will stay on Emma's face next year in K.  I hope her experience in public school will be as enjoyable and memorable as our past 4 years at MDO.  

Gavin can enjoy himself anywhere and he loves a good party, just like his Momma.  He has recently started trying to pose like Emma does by putting his hand on his hip and leaning to the side.  This boy is as silly as they come and cute as can be. 

He decided to sit down and take a break after he found his eggs, of course he wanted to open everyone of them right then and eat all the candy out of them.  He was not wanting his picture taken today either. 

These sweet girls make me smile from ear to ear.   The little girl in the pink bunny dress is Emma's best buddy Hannah Claire and Emma has talked about her and Gracie nonstop for 4 years!

Yesterday I got this text from Hannah's Mom and it is just what I needed.  Hi Laura, this is Rachael, Hannah Claire's Mom.  I wanted to tell you how much HC enjoys Emma at school.  One day last week I asked her what the best part of her day was and she said, "playing with Emma!"  She is such a sweet little girl...she is always the first to run up to HC in the mornings and give her a big hug!  It was a proud Mommy moment for me, I am so glad that Emma is such an affectionate little girl and willing to love out loud!

Today was a great day for both our kiddos and once again we left so grateful for the foundation our kids have been given at MDO.