Sunday, August 29, 2010

This & That...

So far behind, yet trying to catch up on E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! I feel like I have accomplished so much this weekend and that is going to make The Frazier Four have a great week.

First and foremost, my sweet girl turned 38 months old on the 15th and I am going to get her monthly birthday post up tonight.

This boy, he is something else. You are looking at the TIME OUT spot in his room. I think he went there 2 times today, so he is getting better. No matter where we are in the house, we can correct his behavior and tell him to go and he takes off. Minutes later when we go check on him, he is in the right spot with his bottom lip stuck out. It hurts his feelings so bad to be there, but I do believe it is changing his behavior slowly but surely.

She loves him, he loves her BUT they sure do fuss alot. I pray daily for my kids to treat each other kindly and love one another, but some days it just does not work.
Emma's outfit is a result of her strong will and eccentric side coming out more and more everyday and I have decided to pick my battles with her, so YES she went to dinner like that (at least she left the cowboy boots behind that night).

Emma cooked lunch for us today and it was quite the treat. Take notice of her mouth stuffed full of cheese and she licked the pizza spoon a minimum of about 7 times while she was prepping it. She loves to cook and help in the kitchen, but we need to teach her a thing or two about cleanliness.

Took a little trip to the splash pad in the neighborhood today before the rain decided to put a halt to that. Gavin enjoyed playing with the rocks more than anything.

Emma liked them a little bit too. She had a good time trying to get them to skip across the water in the creek bed.

This little boy melts my heart and keeps us chasing after him non stop. So thankful he has a smile on his face 99% of the time and is so full of life.

No matter how the day ends around our house one thing is for sure, these two can not get enough of each other. These days they are found hugging each other, holding hands, exchanging kisses, playing tug of war over a toy, helping the other or talking back and forth.
Last week at preschool Emma was going to the bathroom 10 times in the afternoon in about a 45 minute period. After the third day and the teacher realizing she was not sick she caught on, when Emma was standing tip toed looking in the door of Gavin's room. Just so happens she got to see her brother every time she would go to the bathroom. That is my "witty itty bitty" that loves her baby brother to pieces.
Looking forward to the week ahead and things being a little less stressful. We should get a call this week to see what team Brook & Emma are drafted to for Soccer. These two don't really care where they end up as long as they are together, can wear all their pink to practice and on game days. I really do not care either as long as they are happy and I get to spend some time with my sweet friend Cassi.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Lil' Bread Boy

Trucks, cars, planes and trains are not the first choice for our little man...he prefers to play with bread these days. On any given day for the last couple months Gavin can be found carrying around the bread he has taken from the pantry.

He loves to go in the pantry, look around and reach up on the 2nd shelf and retrieve the bread. He will carry it around the house for hours and would take it to preschool if we would let him. I usually end up finding it in some random place after he has gone to sleep. Our sandwiches these days are a little lopsided, but we would not have it any other way.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School DAZE ~ Go Away!

Say it isn't so, my camera has not seen the light of day in 2 weeks. Life has taken us by surprise and we are doing good to keep our heads above water at this point. Seriously, my daily prayers are filled with several request a day asking my sweet Jesus to let us make it one day at a time.

I am not sure ANYONE, including educators realize the work school administrators do to get the year off to a great start and create a school that welcomes children with open arms. I am here to tell you that I am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and we are only 2 days in with 185 to go.

Next time you see one of your school administrators give them a big THANK YOU for the time they devote to your children and the time they spend away from their own families. Please do not get me wrong, I am MADLY in love with my job and have been for 15 years. I appreciate each new day that I get to serve and coach young people, hoping to make a positive impact on their lives.

More importantly I never want to lose sight of the 2 littlest people that I am impacting and my number one job of being a MOMMY! My kids are my life and everything I dreamed of when I envisioned having a family one day. I struggle with doing what is right by them and maintaining a professional career. My poor husband has to be on this roller coaster ride with me when I struggle with being a Mommy and having a career. Thank you Curtis, I love you with my whole heart and appreciate your support when I question whether I am doing what is right.

Our children have made huge adjustments in the past 2 weeks going from our own angel here on earth Mrs. Jenni, to all day preschool. Emma and Gavin are currently attending the Methodist Church Emma has gone to 12 hours a week for the past 2 years. Daddy & I are also making huge sacrifices to get these guys to and from their little school by making the 35 minute commute one way across town daily.
Gavin has been a trooper and wears a smile on his face all day long. He serves on the greeting committee and stands at the door telling everyone, "hello or hi" as they arrive every morning. This little guy might be a politician one day.

Emma, well that is another story. I seriously think she has ripped our hearts out over the past 7 days and left me and her Daddy in tears and sick over the entire ordeal. Yesterday she made it with no tears, but today she was very upset again. I pray with her every morning, we talk to her, we send notes hidden in her lunch kit but nothing seems to help. Curtis and I both agree that the past 7 days have been the most stressful and gut wrenching we have experienced as parents. I want these days to be documented because I know there will be a time we look back and laugh at this season of our life. As for now, we will continue to pray our way through each day and hold our children's hands through the changes.

People ask me all the time, why do you continue to work if it burdens you so much to be away from your sweet babies? Truth is, I love my job and feel as if I am doing what I have truly been called to do. Every single day I get to share my testimony with teenagers, listen to their stories, encourage them to make good choices, teach them healthier ways to live, encourage families to communicate, hug them, empower them to make life long decisions, love them and often times be the only person in their life who they think cares.
Though the days have been long, the nights have come way too quickly and the weekends seem to fly by, I know that we will be just fine. I know that my babies will be okay in due time and we will learn to balance all that we have going on in our hectic little life as THE FRAZIER FOUR!

Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day & Changes

My sweet babies went to their first day of preschool for the 2010-2011 school year. Emma has gone to the MDO program at this church since she was 15 months old, 3 days a week from 9-12. We have been preparing both of our kiddos to go full time this school year and today was the big day for both of them.

Emma was not happy or looking forward to this from the second her feet hit the floor and I felt so horrible about it. She cried for about an hour straight and begging me, "Mom, please call Mr. Trey and see if I can just go to the Bulldog School with you". It took everything inside of me to keep from crying. Finally got her calmed down after a little praying, singing and just talking about what the day looked like. Little man was excited from the get go and did not seem to mind at all.

After lots of prayer, we got out of the car with white dog in one arm and holding her brothers hand. She seemed happy and really calmed down until it was time for us to leave. Curtis and I got down on the gym floor and held their hands and prayed with them before we left, but that did not seem to help alleviate Emma's anxiety. She looked at me and said, "Mommy, Jesus is not making it better."

When we finally got them settled in and knew they were happy, we both walked away. The day was pretty good for the most part, but Emma got really upset at the end of the day and wanted me. This is my least favorite part of being off so long in the summer. I am not sure if it is harder on me or my kiddos when summer has to come to an end and our routine goes back to normal.

I am praying that the transition continues to go so smoothly for our little guy and that Emma will be more comfortable as the week goes by.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

38 Months of Sassy~ness!

When your Daddy saw these pictures he said, 'Wow, she is really looking grown up in these." I do not disagree at all and tease you all the time about sprinkling magic dust on you that will keep you little forever. You always tell me, "Mom, I can not stay little forever, I just need to grow". I agree, but why so fast?

The last month has been very busy for all of us with summer coming to an end and getting you and your brother ready for full day preschool for the 1st time. You got to enjoy 2 weeks with Mrs. Jenni, Tori & David before school started and you loved every second of it. You tell us everyday that Tori is your Best Friend.

I am not sure there is anyone as silly as you in the world. Everything about you reminds me so much of myself, but Grandma says I did not display my BIG PERSONALITY till I was much older. You are only 38 months old and you have been like this since you could talk. You keep us laughing constantly with your wit and zest for life.

You are still a lover of all things PINK! It is a battle to get you to put on anything that does not have pink in it, but you will usually settle for pink panties on the days you don't have any displayed. You would eat PINK Starburst, PINK Sprinkle donuts, PINK Crave Cupcakes, drink PINK milk and PINK yogurt all day everyday if we would let you. You asked me today if I would go buy you some PINKALICIOUS flowers to go around your playhouse. It is a good thing God only blessed us with one little girl or our accounts would be in the PINK all the time.

You are still the most loving and affectionate THREE year old I have ever had the privilege of knowing. You love all of your family so much and take 45 minutes to leave a family function because you have to hug, kiss and tell everyone you love them at least 3 times before we leave.
You think your Gavin's Mommy, you are crazy in love with Hunter & Camryn, obsessed with Chance & Brynlee and have a very SPECIAL place in your heart for Hudson. Speaking of Hudson, you told us at the last family swim day that you were going to tell Hudson's Daddy you wanted to marry him.
Everyday you tell us over and over how much you love us and thank us for the simplest little things in life. Your manners are wonderful and you seldom have to be reminded to use them.

You know how to pull our heartstrings with the wink of your eye and the smile on your face. These days I find you within feet of me and struggling if you are separated from me at all and I love it!

You are a DREAMER Emma Lou and your imagination and ability to role play often leaves us speechless. Your compassion for animals and others is like no other and you care about things that so many would find so simple and unimportant. Just today you watched a little bird struggling to fly and expressed your concern and prayed for that little bird. I can not wait to see what you do with your life and I look forward to supporting you no matter what that choice happens to be.

Emma, I can not even begin to explain to you in words the happiness you have brought into our lives and the lessons you have taught us along the way. In only 38 months you have made me a better person and taught me EVERYTHING I know about being a Mommy.
I pray you will always dream big, love life to the fullest, never lose sight of the simple things, smile even if no ones watching, love Jesus with all your heart, value family and always take 45 minutes to say goodbye even if we are ready to go, be compassionate for others, continue to love all things PINK, always want to be close to me, walk hand and hand with your brother, think your Daddy can fix the world, continue to learn, remain witty and be a child of GOD!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sweet girly~girl friendships!

Life is PINKER when you get to share your heart with a friend that will hold your hand and encourage you to try something new. I am so proud of these two and how their friendship continues to grow. Seriously, this picture gets me all teary eyed and makes me hope that Brook and Emma can go through life hand in hand. I pray that Emma will always have good friends to share her life with and friendships that make her want to be a better person.
I have been blessed my entire life with some wonderful friendships. Friendships that make me want to be the best I can possibly be, friendships that are honest, friendships that are real, friendships that hold me accountable, friendships that encourage me, friendships from childhood, friendships with kids, friendships without kids, friendships that laugh with me and at me, friendships that challenge me, friendships from my blog, friendships through pregnancy, friendships that are seasonal, friendships that pick me up, friendships that let me go off occasionally, friendships with shared secrets, friendships with single friends, friendships that mentor me, friendships that forgive and forget, friendships that help me, friendships that accept me, friendships with family ties, friendships with married couples, friendships I can always count on, friendships that listen, friendships that get me, friendships that are brand new, friendships that are different, friendships with seasoned couples, friendships that share our love for the Lord, friendships that can never be replaced and friendships that will last forever.
I look forward to watching my DAUGHTER share similar friendships through out the years with the people she encounters in life.
If ever there is tomorrow when we’re not together.. there is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart.. I’ll always be with you.
~Winnie the Pooh~

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I hope you DANCE...

I hope you still feel small when you stand by the ocean. Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens. Promise me you'll give faith a fighting chance and if you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I HOPE YOU DANCE!

Tonight was Emma's 1st night of Ballet and Tap and we were both super excited to see what was in store for our little Ballerina. Emma had a choice of what she wanted to participate in this year and she chose to give up gymnastics and pick up Dance and Soccer. She will actually be picking up 2 hours of gymnastics a week at her preschool from a gym that comes in on Tuesday and Friday to work with the kids.
When I got her ready for Ballet tonight and packed her little tap shoes in her bag my heart was filled with butterflies. I have always been super excited that God blessed me with a little girl, but tonight really had my heart going pitter patter and I thanked God out loud for filling my life with lots of PINK!

We visited a couple of different dance studios looking for the perfect place that would fit our schedules and our life. I knew when I walked in the one we chose and scriptures were covering the walls that we had found our dance home. I could not be happier with the way things went tonight and Emma was such a good little participator.
Getting acquainted with Mrs. Sharon, new friends and other little girls that love pink too.

All of the little girls in Emma's class were so supportive and so cute. It is going to be fun watching all of them and getting to know their Mommies.

I loved the fast paced class and how they require all of them to participate and do not accept no for an answer.

Hand in hand, Brook & Emma walked in class together for a little crown wearing & tutu sharing. I sure hope these two can stay friends forever. Brook got a little upset at the beginning of class but quickly got herself together and said, "I need to go back in there Mommy, Emma needs me." We love you Brook and we know you have had a tough week so we are very proud of you for becoming a beautiful little Ballerina tonight.

Emma, you looked so cute tonight and I loved watching you enter the world of dance. You have the sweetest little spirit and are so willing to turn strangers into friends and explore new things. Just so happens to be one of my favorite things about you. Continue to dance your little heart out like no one is watching.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mommy Moments

Last night the sweetest little boy in the world blessed me with one of my PROUDEST MOMMY MOMENTS! Our children are very routine and have been since they were itty bitty. Structure and consistency has been one of the best gifts we have ever given them and in return bedtime is a very pleasant experience for us nightly.

Last night when it was time to go to bed, Gavin told his Daddy and Sister night night, gave them kisses and took off towards his room. Both of our children have been walking themselves to their own rooms at night when it is bedtime since they were 15 months old. They feel so big when they do it and it is the cutest thing to watch them waddle to their rooms at such a young age.

Gavin walks in his room nightly, turns on his baby monitor then crawls up in my arms so we can pray together before I lower him into his crib. Last night when I picked him up to pray with him, he wrapped his arms around my neck and squeezed me really tight as he does every night. I began to say, "lets pray" and he interrupted me and started to babble and the following is the part I could understand....."Dear babble goo gaa babble Momma, Dadda, Emma babble, goo gaa, yada yada yada" and then he screamed, "Amen". I was so super excited that I took off running out of his room and told Curtis what he had done. He had taken parts of the prayer I say to him and prayed it himself in the most innocent little voice I have ever heard. Tonight when we put him to bed he did it again and his Daddy got to hear it this time.

My sweet little man said his 1st prayer at 17 months and 6 days old. I am so super proud of him and glad that we have made praying with our children an unending priority and habit in our heart and home.

I know that my children cling onto every single word that is spoken in our home and last night just reinforced to me that they are always listening. Are we perfect parents? NO. Are we praying parents? YES. I encourage you to pray with your children daily, they are listening and truth is.... PRAYER WORKS!

Gavin, thank you so much for letting me know you are always listening with those cute little ears. You have given me one of my proudest Mommy moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life. My promise to you is that I will always pray with you and for you little man.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Yucky Visitor

We had an unwanted guest this evening. Dog was a barkin and we could not figure out why, so Daddy went outside to find him squared off with this nasty little guy. Guess he was trying to get in a little play time while Emma and Gavin were inside for the night.

I must say that this is the first animal Emma has not been interested in and I don't blame her. Might have had something to do with the fact that I was beggin' our weenie dog to get away from it before he got bit and ended up with rabies. She did not even want to come out of the house and take a peek, finally got her to climb up in her Daddy's arms and get a glimpse of him.

He honestly grosses me out with those eyes and that tail. I am praying that his brothers and sisters are not camped out in our playhouse. Needless to say, I will be up at the crack of dawn to open up the little red house outback and make sure a family of possums has not set up house out there.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Gavin vs. the Concrete

He is rough and tough, all BOY! Currently has a scratched up nose, knot on his head, bite on his finger, bruise on his knee and a stubbed toe but he is still going ninety to nothing.

After falling in the driveway he stood up by putting his little hiney in the air, feet on the ground but left his face flat on the drive way. Hmmm, might be a good idea to bring your face with you next time Gavin.

This boy is some kind of cuteness and this Mommy is madly in love with those plump lips, chubby cheeks, long eyelashes and that little button nose.

I will let you be the judge on who won this one.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy 17 month Birthday, Boy!

Some days it is easier than others for me to believe that Gavin is already 17 months old. Seems like yesterday when we were anxiously awaiting his arrival and prepping his big sister for the special day. A big day it was and one that I will never forget as long as I live.

Tonight when I asked you to say cheese, you squatted down just like Emma did as a toddler and my heart melted.

You have grown so fast and are so extremely active that there are days we struggle to keep up with you. Not much has changed about your stats and you are still wearing the same size clothes and shoes. Your vocabulary has EXPLODED and you are super funny. Often times we try to correct your behavior and we have to hide our faces or walk away because we are laughing at you.

You are super sensitive if you get in trouble and usually go and hide your face and stick your bottom lip out.

You traveled on an airplane for the first time this past month and you loved it. Anytime you see one in the sky you point and yell, "airplane, airplane".

The pantry is one of your favorite places to hang out these days and we usually find you carrying around a loaf of bread or getting your own snack.

We love you so much little boy and are thankful that you keep us on our toes at all times. I am confident that you will keep us young and active for a long time. No matter what is going on in our world, your smile always makes me feel like life is PERFECT!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Boys will be Boys

We can not take our eyes off this little man for one second or he is into something and it is usually not a good something. I was in the kitchen last week cooking and I turned around just in time to capture him in the act.
Gavin decided to pull this chair out from under the breakfast table and start his journey to the top.
He had one mission in mind and that was to pay a visit to Emma's little frogs who have established residency on our table since Easter.

He got super excited when he made it up on the chair and stopped to clap for himself. Nothing like a little self praise, Son.

The frogs were finally in sight, just a little more climbing to go and he will have his hands on them.

Seemed to be pretty hard work so he paused for a drink of water before he moved on any further.

When he made it to his final destination, he looked up and realized he had been caught and shouted, "uh oh Momma".
We do not normally have toys up on the table, but we had to take them away earlier in the day because Gavin likes to run as fast as he can and ram them into the counters, refrigerator, walls, our dog, stove and his sister.
This little boy is ALL BOY and I love it, but he wears me out every single day.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Baking with by Bestie

Emma & Brook shared many play dates this summer and enjoyed spending time together.

I got really brave one day and let these girls bake cupcakes and they did a great job. I read the instructions and got the ingredients out, they did the rest. They were both super excited to crack the eggs.
Emma jumps at any chance she gets to help in the kitchen and she loves to use the mixer. I think Brook thought it was a pretty sweet job too.

They could not keep their little fingers out of the batter and were begging to lick the beaters.

Obviously the beaters did not satisfy them, so they moved on to the spatula and Emma just used her entire hand.

Brook decided Emma deserved a little taste off of something besides her hand. So what does any best friend do?

When it came time to mix up the colored icing Brook thought she would let Emma taste all the different colors. Emma thought it was a great idea too.

Last, the cupcakes needed to be decorated and sprinkled. It went a little something like this, spread a little a little icing...spread a little alot more.
These girls did an awesome job baking cupcakes and did an even better job this summer treating each other so sweet. Brook and Emma love each other so much, but sometimes they disagree and do not like to always play nice. I was so proud of the progress they have made and the friendship they both continue to cherish.