Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Festival

Today was the Fall Festival at MDO for the "itty bitty". The HOTY and I both got to step away from work to attend the little carnival and her classroom party. Emma was so excited and proud that we were both there. She marched herself right in the doors chattering and talking the whole way, holding her Daddy's hand (of course).

So I really did fall in love with the puppy costume afterall. I was a little worried that people were going to think she was a boy, but after adding the bows it was "girly" enough for me.

Look at that big girl at the ring toss trying to get one on the spiders leg.
This is Emma's class at MDO. Yes, that is my child in the teachers lap screaming to get away, with a sucker in her hand and she had no clue what to do with it. She unwrapped it right when we got there and never stuck it in her mouth, not once. I am not even sure if she knew it was edible.
It took her a while and a little encouragement from Daddy to get her to do the bean bag toss. However, she finally made it in and got a prize for her efforts.
When we returned to her room they had the tables set up for every kid just like this with their name on the little placemat. They had painted their little hands black last week and put it on the paper to make a spider, which was so cute (that part is hidden under the plate).
Here is Emma at the table with her little MDO buddies. It was so cute to see them all sitting around that table. Emma is the youngest and smallest one in her class, but she fits in just fine. The kids range from 16 months - 24 months, but remember when she started she was only 14 months old. I must say that our little chatterbox talks more than any of them in the room.

Today was wonderful and so are all the ladies who work at the MDO program. They are so organized, patient and kind. There was so much for the kids to do from Emma's age up to Pre K and I think she really enjoyed it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I couldn't wait for Christmas

Yesterday when I came home from work there was a really BIG box on the porch. I thought it had to either be from Eden's Bouquet or it was the HOTY's Christmas present I ordered. Much to my surprise it was this & I cried as soon as I opened it. I knew when I saw it there was no way I could wait till Christmas to give this to my sweet husband. He has looked forever for the perfect thing with this scripture on it for our home, but just has never found the exact thing he wanted.

When I saw this on Angie's blog months ago, I saved it in my favorites, hoping he never saw it. I knew the minute I found out what we were having that I would order this for him. No, it is not the typical toolbox, game or piece of sports memorabilia that most men would want for is very different and so is my husband. He is probably the most loving, kind hearted, sensitive, compassionate, family oriented, sentimental man I have ever met in my life...along with my grandfather. Anyone who knows him would say these same things about who is and what he stands for in life. I was so excited for him to get home from work today, so I could give it to him. Of course when he opened it, I cried like a baby.

I can not even describe to you in words what it felt like for me to hold this in my hands and see Gavin's name on it. When I looked at it, I just kept family is complete. This is all I have ever wanted and always dreamed of and it is mine and I love EVERYTHING about it.
Needless to say, Emma & Gavin's Daddy loved it too! There is no doubt in my mind that no matter how much time passes, how old our children become, that this will always be true in our home...As for me and my house we WILL serve the Lord.

Monday, October 27, 2008

We finally got around to...

...carving our pumpkin we got at the Pumpkin Patch. Here is Daddy cleaning the guts out of it and getting it all ready for carving.

The "itty bitty" was paying close attention as the HOTY gave the big guy a mouth and a nose.

She really liked him once the candle was down inside and he was all lit up. Look at that little belly sticking out...we just finished dinner.

Look at him shining in the night. His life will be short lived since Halloween is only 4 days away.

I can't wait to see Emma in her Dog Costume. I put the bows on it this evening, so it looks "girly" now!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I hope he is still a BOY!

I sure hope we do not get any surprises when we have our next ultrasound. I have heard of this happening to people and it did not concern me until after we ordered our bedding today. We returned to the same little "hot spot" where we got Emma's bedding today and met with a designer to get Gavin's room started. After a couple of hours, looking at thousands of fabrics & tossing around ideas, we finally found something that we are very excited about. We picked out 4 beautiful fabrics and the type of bedding we liked and then looked at accessories. All of the bedding is being made, so I don't look for us to have that for about 8-10 weeks. We are totally okay with that, because we would like to keep the "itty bitty" in her baby bed until February 1st. It feels good to have colors & a theme picked out, now we can get started on crown molding and paint.

We purchased the following 4 pictures today that are so cute and they are hanging by different shades of really pretty ribbon.

We also purchased this rug for his bedroom which looks great with all of the fabrics we chose.

I had to have this little nursing pillow that looked so cute with all of the other stuff we picked out.

Of course, every little boy needs a soft we got this one trimmed in ivory, the blues did not match all the way.

So, our nursery colors will be desert sand, burnt orange, heritage brick, forest moss and jamaican sea. The bedding will have stripes, giraffe print, solid, linen fabric and the bumper will be the boxed style with cording. I can not wait to see it. We were really pleased with Emma's, so I am hoping we will be as satisfied with Gavin's. Oh, we also had his initials monogrammed on the inside bumper and there will be big buttons on the outside.

We actually bought some paint today and a large canvas that we are going to let the "big sister" finger paint. Yes, I mean take all her clothes off, give her the paint and let her do it all by herself. That will make for some great pictures and blogging material. After she is finished, we will take it to a lady and have her put Gavin's name on it in very large dark brown letters for one of the walls.

We plan to use the same rocker and ottoman we used in Emma's nursery that is brown and corded in green. All that we are lacking now is a lamp, picture frames and some little decorative stuff. I ordered extra fabric to have the curtain and diaper genie cover made. Let me not forget the 5 foot giraffe I found and fell in love with today. He was a little pricey, so we are going to search for him somewhere that is a little less expensive. I think he will be so sweet at the foot of the crib with his long neck looking down at Baby Gavin.

The fun has begun...I can not wait to see the final product and share it with all of you.

Friday, October 24, 2008

No...No pictures

Yep, your looking at her. The 16 month old who refused to have her picture taken at Mother's Day out yesterday. She just was not having it, nope not at all. They took her to get her picture taken, she proceeded to tell them, "no" and cried. I am not sure if she is just being LOYAL to our photographer or she was having a bad day.

I think I might have a "strong willed child" on my hands, what do you think? Truth be known, I probably did something very similar to this as a child.

When I picked her up I said, "Emma, you didn't want to get your picture taken today?" She very politely looked at me and said, "no". Daddy knew that I was a little sad, so he took these pictures of her this evening when they got home.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can't wait to see his Toes

One week ago today we found out that the 4th Frazier would be a BOY! Needless to say, I have been dreaming and thinking about him ever since. I just can't wait to hold him in my arms and scope him out from head to toe. I often found myself unwrapping and unclothing the "itty bitty" when she was a newborn, just to look at every little piece of her body. Her hands and feet amazed me the most, they still amaze me.

This morning when I got up bright and early to get in the shower I looked on the bathroom mirror and staring at me were Emma's two little hand prints that were probably left there from her "brush teeth". She loves to tell us about 3 times a day, "brush teeth, brush teeth, brush teeth". I really think she just enjoys eating the tooth paste. I could not help but stare at those little hand prints and smile, wishing I could leave them there forever & that they would stay that little forever. I would love to get a picture, but I am sure there is no way without getting a bad reflection or glare, unless I hired the Paparazzi (Darla) to come over and get a shot of that.

There will be many things that we redo when Gavin gets here and taking this picture will be one of them. Only this time, he will have 2 bands on his toe because his Daddy gave me another one on our anniversary last year. Oh, how I long to smell him, hold him, kiss him, sing to him, pray with him and tickle his little toes.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Daddy's Old...Gavin's New

How awesome is this? My Mother-in-law spent the day with us today and she brought me the sweetest little surprise. This is going to be the outfit Gavin has his hospital pictures taken in and I can not wait.

You see, this is no normal outfit...this is the outfit Gavin's Daddy came home from the hospital in 34 1/2 years ago and I love it. The detail is not great in these pictures, but I had to share it with all of you. It is a very light blue and white tweed material that is in excellent condition. She also brought me a blanket and another sweater that he wore when he was a baby that she saved. I am so grateful to have these things and it means so much to me that my sweet little boy will be able to wear something his Daddy wore. Get your camera ready Darla, I can not wait for you to capture this memory for us. This will definitely be framed and hung in my sweet babies nursery.
I am so excited that we are having a little is all I can think about!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Punkin Patch

We made our way to the "punkin" patch today and the little one just loved it. Surprisingly enough, we both felt like she enjoyed it more than the day at the farm. We picked out a pumpkin to carve, so we will see how that goes with a 16 month old.

Of course, she tried to pick up every pumpkin she came across today and there were lots of them.

It was a hard decision for her to pick out the exact one she wanted.

Then there was always her getting off task to STARE at the other children...yes, yes, yes, that comes very natural for her.

Enjoying a ride in the wagon with one of the "punkins" from the patch.

It has been a long hunt for the perfect "punkin" to take home with us, so Mommy & Daddy can carve it.

It was a beautiful was awesome...enjoyed a great meal with my family...did a little shopping...loved on Emma Caroline...praised God for Gavin...prayed for a friend that had a hard day...supervised a Homecoming dance tonight...picked up the house...balanced the checkbook and now I am blogging.

Still so excited that I am having a BOY, but I am off to see if I can get some rest.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Mommy & her Son

I have been told by many that there is no relationship sweeter than the one that exist between a Mommy and her Son. Need I tell you that I am so thrilled that I am a Mommy to a baby boy and a beautiful little girl. Yesterday was one of the best days ever for us and we had so many reasons to celebrate. First and foremost, little Gavin is healthy and perfect...what more could we ask for, right? Then to know that we have been blessed with a boy & girl, that is the best of both worlds ~ our family is complete. Yes, we will remain a family of 4, no less, no more and we could not be more excited. I don't think I slept much at all last night, it is all I could think about...I went to sleep thinking about it, woke up thinking about it, thought about it all day & I am still thinking about it. Life just does not get much better than this, we are having a BOY!

Last night the HOTY was out in the garage, so I walked outside and asked if he wanted to be a guest on my blog. He looked at me and began laughing hysterically and ask, "are you serious"? Of course I was serious...what better person to tell the world about our son, but his Daddy. I was not surprised when I read what he chose to I have said many times in the past, he is some kind of WONDERFUL! One of the best parts about yesterday was watching him when they focused in and announced, "it looks like we have a boy". To be honest, I think he is still in shock and a very proud Daddy to say the least.

We wasted no time after learning that our sweet baby was a boy, we had to pick up a couple little things we found for this little guy. His Daddy just loved this little sailboat shirt.

I must admit, it is a little strange that everything is not PINK! However, these little romper outfits were so cute and I love newborns in gowns, so these came home with me .

We visited a little shop called the Nest & Cot to look at some bedding and I stumbled upon this little outfit that Gavin Thomas Frazier will wear home from the hospital. This is the exact same thing Emma came home in, but it is the boy version (hers had tiny little flowers on it). Originally I wanted my children to come home in Feltman Brothers outfits like we did, however they do not make long gowns for newborns anymore, so we had to find something else. I wanted something that was heirloom quality, so I found this brand when I was searching for Emma's coming home outfit and I fell in love with it. The store where we purchased hers has since gone out of business, so I never dreamed we would find one for Gavin. We were so excited and immediately had to buy it for our little man. The set included the blanket, gown and shorts. You truly would have to see this in person to appreciate all the detail and how delicate it has little embroidered planes and trains on it. I am hoping that one day my sweet babies can bring their babies home in these.

Here is one a little closer up so you can get a better idea. It is trimmed in blue and oh so beautiful. I can not wait to hold him and see his sweet little face. Oh, I am already so in love!

Here is the "itty bitty" in the girl version of the outfit before we left the hospital. I am looking forward to having these framed one day soon.

We are so BLESSED and there is no better word to describe how I feel right now. I look forward to all the days ahead and I just can't wait for the 4th Frazier to get here and make our family complete.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Day of Firsts

Today is a day of many firsts for the Fraziers. This is the first time that I (aka The HOTY) have been asked to be a "guest" on my wife's blog. I know that you all have become accustomed to the wonderfully witty story telling of Laura Ann, however tonight she has requested that I post an entry.

As I am certain that most of you are aware, today was the Big day in which we were to visit the Doctor as a family to learn whether my little Emma "Lou" would be welcoming a baby brother or sister. As Emma and I waited to be called back to be with Laura Ann for the big reveal, the memories seemed all so recent of this very moment when I was waiting alone to learn of Emma. As Emma and I entered the room where Laura Ann was lying, I said a little prayer that no matter what the fourth Frazier was to be, that he or she be healthy and whole in every way. Emma "Lou" immediately began to cry, as she was afraid the doctor was hurting her Mommy (that's another story).

As we crowded in at Laura's side to see the ultrasound monitor, I held Emma tightly waiting. The technician took measurements of everything from head to toe for what seemed like an eternity. She told us that everything was as it should be, "just beautiful". Then, with a little hesitation (& crossed legs) my son, Gavin, finally revealed himself to us. I could not believe my (tear filled) eyes, we are having a baby Boy! Laura Ann and I looked at one another and were overcome with emotion as we looked at our little boy for the first time. Just then, my sweet Emma "Lou" gazed at the screen and said "Brother".

The Fraziers have undoubtedly been blessed more than we could ever ask or expect. We are eternally grateful for the abundance of God's miraculous blessings in our lives, our God truly is an Awesome God! I never could have imagined knowing love the way that I love my sweet Emma "Lou". Now knowing this love, I cannot wait to share it with my baby boy, Gavin Thomas Frazier.

Curtis (aka Daddy)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Little Brother or Little Sister

Which one will it be? Tomorrow we will know if we are adding a bouncing baby boy or another bow wearing little girl to our family and the "itty bitty" will be with us to share in our excitement. We are praying for a healthy baby that has 10 fingers, 10 toes and is perfect in every way. What more could we really ask for? Please say a little prayer for us that the 4th Frazier is completely healthy tomorrow and all of the measurements are exactly what they need to be...nothing more and nothing less. Our God is an Awesome God, so I look forward to tomorrow with peace in my heart.

Guess what? Emma Caroline turned 16 months old today and it is so hard for us to believe. When I say time has flown, I mean time has flown. This kid is already so independent and so.....AWESOME. I could go on forever, so I will just say AWESOME! I never dreamed or imagined that I could be so in love with something in my whole life, there is no greater feeling in the world then the love you feel for your children and it is an amazing blessing. In the past I have heard so many people say this and I thought to myself...that is just strange. Trust me, it is the truth and I pray daily that everyone has an opportunity to experience this love.

We have taken Emma's picture every month on her Birthday since she was born and I keep these on our baby website. One day I will have to post them all so you can see how much she has changed and how quickly time has gone by. In the meantime, I will continue to thank GOD for the best 16 months of my life and the sweetest little girl in the whole world!

So, do you think the 4th Frazier will be a lil' brother or lil' sister?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

First Homecoming

This has been an exciting week at school and Friday night is our Big Homecoming Game. The kids are very excited and overjoyed with school spirit this week. So, if you have been reading my blog I am sure you have noticed my sweet baby in her Cheerleading outfit that she wears to the weekly football games. This week is no different, I plan for her to wear it to her 1st Homecoming and have a great time enjoying the band, cheerleaders, drill team and most of all the football game.

Well, let me set the scene. I am the Assistant Principal at my school that supervises the drill team and the cheerleaders. That could be a full time job in itself and you know what I am talking about if you have ever participated in one of these events or have had a child that has been involved in one of these organizations ~ can we just say lots of DRAMA!

Let me just say, that all of these girls are so super sweet in both organizations and they like to give me a really hard time about what the "itty bitty" is going to be wearing to the Friday night Football game.

As I aforementioned Friday night is Homecoming, so one of my FAVORITE drill team girls showed up today with this cute mum for Miss Emma to wear.

She also proceeded to ask me, "uh, and what size overalls does she wear because I am going to make her some cute ones for the game, because I don't want her to wear that Stupid cheer outfit again". Needless to say, I just laughed hysterically.

It was not 5 minutes later that one of the Cheerleaders said, "Please don't let her dress like the drill team, YUCK!"

Somethings just NEVER change.

Truthfully, they are all very sweet girls with amazing personalities...for the most part. I just had to share this little mum with all of you because I thought it was the cutest and sweetest thing ever and yes, we will bring it to the game on Friday night while we cheer the Rangers on to another VICTORY!