Sunday, February 27, 2011

Almost Party Time

We have spent our weekend getting ready to celebrate Gavin's 2nd Birthday this week. My sweet boy will be turning TWO on Thursday and it is so hard to believe.  Time has gone by so fast so on Sunday we will celebrate with our family and friends.   We can not wait for everyone to arrive at GTF Airways and enjoy this journey with us.

This year we decided Gavin would enjoy an airplane party since that is what he plays with and talks about non stop.  This is the front of his invitation that our AMAZING photographer created.  We had it printed on a 5x7 linen paper and it is so cute!

This is the back of the invitation that took 2 photo sessions to create.  We actually took him to the flight museum for the first set where he got to get into the planes and the other was taken at our photographers home.

Hmmm...this just might be one of my favorite pictures of all, SILLY BOY!  Above is the sticker we used to seal all the envelopes.  Yes, wild rides are chartered daily around our house with GTF.

We have a super busy week this week and have lots to do to get ready for the "big flight" on Sunday.   I am looking forward to seeing it all come together and celebrating 2 years of life with my son this week.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Little Action Figure

This boy is as cute as they come and his little personality makes him even cuter.  He is rough, tough and ALL BOY!   Some of the little things he does are so mischievous and so funny at the same time. 

Last night he was growling at the dinner table at Emma to the point he had her scared to death, she starts crying and he laughs hysterically.  We can not take our eye off of him for a second or he is jumping off of furniture, climbing up a shelf or cabinet, riding or running a toy into the walls or sending whatever he can flying across the house.  He is WILD and you just never know what your gonna get out of him.  

The boy is crazy about Buzz Lightyear and loves to run through the house screaming, "Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue".  He will sit and play with his little action figure while pushing the buttons on his arms and flying him through the sky making his little flying noise.  He loves to wear his matching pajamas and say, "Look Mommy, Buzz Lightyear" and he spreads his little arms out like he is flying.  It is one of the cutest things he does and I could sit and listen to him do it for hours.

This little boy gave us the scare of our life last Wednesday night.  Long story short we ended up calling 911 because Gavin had a Febrile Seizure which was onset by a sudden spike in temperature.  Within seconds he was shaking, went into a blank stare, fever shot to 103.9 and his hand and arm started to draw up.  I immediately thought he was having a seizure and screamed for Curtis to call 911.   Of course Emma was freaking out and crying, "please don't call 911, I don't want them to take my brother".  Needless to say we did not take her advice and the nicest 2 paramedics showed up and were wonderful.  Within an hour we had gotten his temperature to drop and the paramedics left, after they made me sign all sorts of documents stating that we refused to transport which they recommended. 

We saw our pediatrician the next morning that confirmed Gavin indeed had a febrile seizure which was caused from a high fever related to an upper respiratory infection.  Everything is wonderful now and we have learned that this is common in 1-2% of children.   Our Dr. truly feels like it will not happen to Gavin again, but we need to watch him closely if he begins to develop a high fever.  

I was so scared when it happened but I was able to maintain my composure for Emma's sake and not wanting to upset her anymore. Gavin is recovering from an upper respiratory infection and doing well. We are so grateful that the seizure was not more serious or an indication that something else was going on inside his little body ~ to God be the Glory!

We are gearing up for this little man's 2nd Birthday and it is going to be fun. Nope, it is not a Buzz Lightyear party, we will actually be celebrating with a vintage airplane theme which I have just suddenly became super excited about and can not wait to see it all come together.

With all of that being said, I am proud to say we have our own LITTLE ACTION FIGURE living in our house and we will always love him, "to infinity and beyond".

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

4 ~ 4 ~ 4 ~ 4

FOUR months from FOUR equals FOR real!  Hard for me to even imagine that this little girl is closer to FOUR than she is to three and she is so excited about her upcoming birthday.  So today we celebrate FORTY FOUR months of life with you sweet girl and everyday just gets better and better.  

We are so super PROUD of everything about you from your big heart to the little things you say that keep us laughing constantly.  You are the best little accountability partner I have ever had in my life and I am so thankful for your BOLDNESS!

Hmmm..."sassy talk" started a couple of weeks back and you have quickly learned that Mommy & Daddy do not like it at all.  For the first time ever you said, "I don't care" and I was a little surprised.  You were very embarrassed after you said it and hid your face in your hands.  You had a couple more incidents where you were "sassy" with Mommy and Daddy finally told you if you do it again that you were having "Tilda" taken away for a couple days.   Needless to say, you have been sweet as pie ever since.

You are all girl and prissy as can be.  Your favorite things these days are Tilda, candy, going to dance class, painting, your cousins, Matilda Jane, playing board games, baking and painting peoples fingernails (you even beg Daddy to let you paint his all the time). 

It is such an honor and a privilege to be your Mommy, Emma Caroline.  My favorite thing to do these days is watch you and your brother interact, play, laugh, hug, kiss, beg to wake the other up, fight, help each other, play make believe and fight some more.  You two are a mess, but truly love each other beyond explanation and what a joy it is to watch your relationship grow.

We are looking forward to your FOURTH birthday as much as you are baby girl.   I love you with all of my heart and hope you will always want to give me, "Two Kisses & a Hug"! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Greatly Loved!

Some people call it spoiled, we choose to call it "greatly loved" at our house.  We decided to set the kids table with their Valentine goodies, so it would be there when they woke up.  Nana left her stuff on Friday, so the little red bags are from her with love.  

Gavin and Emma were both super cute this morning when they saw their stuff.  Gavin stopped at the M&M's and was interested in NOTHING else.  Emma was so sweet and immediately ran to her room and told Tilda, "Look Tilda, I told you Mommy would get you something for valentines day.  Look what I got you, do you like it Tilda, it is so cute."  I do not need to tell you again, how much Emma loves Tilda Jane.

Emma told us that her and Gavin did not buy us anything but they would share their stuff with me and Daddy.  Her thoughtfulness always amazes me.  She then told us she hoped we had a great day and we were the best parents in the world.  She knows how to work us, doesn't she?

Daddy homemade the cards this year and he did a wonderful job.  My heart skips a beat every time I think about what an amazing father Curtis is to our kids, they truly have the most amazing Daddy  in the world.

We opted for these chair backs this year and they looked so stinking cute.  Hmmm, thinking we might have to get them for every holiday now. 

The kiddos enjoyed their parties at MDO today and Daddy surprised them and went today while Mommy stayed at work and attended a meeting.   We were not sure if Daddy could make it, but we could not bear the thought of our kiddos not having one of us there.  So far we have either both been there or at least one of us.  Keeping my fingers crossed it will always be like that.

This evening Daddy brought home heart shaped pizza and lasagna from a family owned neighborhood Italian restaurant that might just be one of the best.  He also brought us Sonic drinks and chocolate covered strawberries {yummy}.

Emma and Gavin are snuggled in bed and it is time for Mommy to go de~bag all the sweet treats and put them away or that is all their diets will consist of for the next week, no good!

You may call it SPOILED rotten but we will keep calling it, "GREATLY LOVED"...just sounds a little better.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day ~ 2011

We have stuffed 17 + 14 bags full of goodies for all our MDO friends, baked cupcakes, iced them and sprinkled them with red and white hearts.  We have licked the mixer beaters till our tummies hurt, eaten icing off our fingers and poked and picked at all the cupcakes.  Now it is bedtime, but before we go we want to wish all of you a very Happy Valentines Day tomorrow.

There is nothing I want  more than to be hugged and kissed by these two cuties on Valentines Day.  So hard to get pictures of them together these day, but we gave it a shot this afternoon.   It was beautiful outside today and the sun was shining, which made it extra hard to get these FOUR little feet to stand still for a second.  I think they felt like they had broke loose from captivity when they got to spend time running and playing in the yard  I think our playhouse and swing set missed them as much as they missed it.  Longing for the day we can hang out in the yard, eat popsicles, slip and slide, have bare feet and enjoy the sunshine.

Hoping your day is filled with hope & love!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Best Session Yet!

A photo session with a toddler is never easy and often very stressful for me.  I must admit it was not the case this go around and we just finished.  Yep, it is 11:01pm on Saturday night and I just walked in the door from Gavin's TWO year old photo session and it was enjoyable and so much fun. 

Our original plan was to start around 4:00 this afternoon, but Gavin decided to take a marathon nap today and did not wake up until 8:15 tonight.  He is a little mad man if he is woke up so we decided to let him get his nap out no matter how late it ended up. 

We finally made it to our photo shoot at 9:05 tonight and probably did not get started till around 9:30, but I am thinking it might be the key to success.  He was cooperative, happy, silly, engaged, playful and funny.

We are super excited about celebrating Gavin's TWO years in service VINTAGE AIRPLANE party in less than a month with our family and friends. It is so hard to believe that this little guy has been with us for almost two years.  

The entire time we were having his pictures taken tonight, I just kept thinking about how amazingly blessed I have been that God gave me a Son.  I loved watching him pick up his airplanes, pretend to fly them and hear him send them zooming through the air. The boy is a lover of all things involving airplanes and can often times spot one before the rest of us can even locate it in the sky.

One thing is for sure, he will always be our very special little PILOT and remember Son,

Flying is done largely with the imagination.

— Wolfgang Langewiesche