Saturday, June 30, 2012

Disney Dine & Play Lunch

We planned this character meal with Gavin in mind and thought he would enjoy eating lunch with Handy Manny and Jake.

Agent Oso also joined us for lunch and the kids enjoyed looking at his big watch.

Gavin was intrigued by Handy Manny's big pencil behind his ear and could hardly keep his  hands off of it.

He ended up loving all the characters at this meal and continued to give them hug after hug.

Jake the Neverland Pirate was probably his favorite character the entire trip and got to see him several times at lunch when he came by our table and the kids danced around the dining room with him.

Awww, look at my sweet boy holding Jake's hand and standing still long enough to let me get a picture.  Way to go Gavin.

At this point he was trying to climb the seats like Batman and fly around the room with the rest of the characters. 

We stuck around after lunch and watched the stunt show and were so glad we did when Lightening McQueen rolled out of the back of that produce truck.  There was alot of FIRE used in this show and the kids got a little nervous when things would burst into flames.

Gavin was not about to share this Icee with any of us on such a hot day, he meant serious business buddy.

Looks like Emma was not willing to share her cold drink either and I don't blame her at all.

It did not take long for Gavin to find another little splash park to get completely soaked.  We were so excited because they opened a new section of Fantasyland while we were there.  Casey's train opened and the 2nd Dumbo ride, but we can hardly wait for the entire section to be complete in 2014.

This boy had a good time in the water, but next time Mommy will remember to bring a swimsuit.  Gavin had a blast running around Casey's Train and letting the camels, elephants and monkeys splash him.

We got on the train that takes you all the around Magic Kingdom after the splish splashing fun, so we thought it would be the perfect time to try and dry his clothes out.  Does not look like he minds at all, does it?

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hollywood Studios

We got up one morning and decided to head over to Hollywood Studios a day before we originally planned. It was a great day to be there because it was not very crowded, however it was the hottest day of the entire trip (really the only day that we were uncomfy from the heat). 

Right when we got there we saw our good friend Handy Manny and he was able to put a smile on everyone's face.

Gavin got his autograph, mission accomplished and he was off to see what could entertain him next.  He was hard to keep up with on this trip folks.

A little out of order, but this was our little man waiting on the bus to pick us up for the day.   That little car in his hand is a Disney Racer that he toted around with him the entire week.  Out of everything, he wanted the replicas of all the tour buses.  Daddy was not leaving without this shirt and just happens to think it is the coolest Toy Story shirt he owns. 

Mommy and Emma waiting on the bus to come and we could already tell it was going to be a super hot day.

Gavin's favorite ride in Pixar Place was Toy Story Mania and it is SUPER popular.   It takes you through a midway and you shoot these guns at about 10 different games and earn points.  Everything about this ride is amazing and the detail that went into creating it is unbelieveable. 

Daddy and Gavin went on the Backlot Tour and me and Emma waited in line to see Mike.  This girl is not afraid of ANYTHING.  I think back to when I was FIVE and I would have never let a big eyeball green monster get close to me, check this girl out.  When she finished Mike chased her and slung his big arm in our double stroller on Gavin's side wondering where the missing little brother was, it was funny!

Daddy and Gavin finished their ride and by that time we had waited in line again to see SULLY!   Now seriously, Gavin was like "PEACE OUT" when he saw Sully (he didn't even want his autograph).  Can you blame him?

When we left from seeing Sully Gavin had his eyes on a Star Wars gun that he obviously did not get, I love this little pouty face!

By far, hands down our favorite day time parade of all 4 parks was the Pixar Parade. We were in love with this Toy Story float and all the characters that were on it and walked beside it.   We love everything about Disney, can you tell?

We were able to sit front row for the Beauty and the Beast show which made Emma's birthday trip even more special.  The show was wonderful and we were blown away by the dancers, colorful costumes and the work that went into producing the show.  Emma never took her eyes off the stage and loved every single second of it.  She is convinced that she will be dancing and working at Disney one day as a Princess and in this show.  She says when she is not super busy she will come and help me sell balloons in front of the castle.  Curtis and I have decided when we retire, we will work at Disney for fun.

Gavin loves the Incredibles and about 5 seconds of watching the movie morphs him into Dash, so we have limited him watching this.  When he saw these characters he immediatly went into wild man mode and started running around like crazy and NEVER stopped.

Aladdin was so  sweet and agreed with me that Disney purposely places the characters where it is hard to get a good shot of them with the lighting and space, which forces you to buy their pics from your photopass.  Well, Mr. Aladdin moved around for us several times so we could get a great shot of him and Emma.

Here they are, our favorite COWBOY and SPACE RANGER!   We could have stayed in this room and played with these two forever.  Yes, we all love Disney BUT our family is completly SMITTEN over Toy Story. 

Next up Lightening McQueen and his good buddy Mater.  Gavin was so excited that he could not stand still for a second, seriously.   Both of our kids said, "Kain would love this Mom".  Kain is our sweet Nanny's son that my kids are missing terribly.

A trip would not be complete without Chip & Dale, the world's two favorite chipmunks.

Trying to get another one of Gavin standing still and this was the best we could do.  These CARS were awesome, every single detail about them.

This was the first year we had seen the night time fireworks show Fantasmic and it is a must if you are going to Disney anytime soon.  We all loved this show and the characters that participated in it.  I can not even begin to describe this show to you, but it left us with our mouths wide open like the next guy.

I love this picture of Gavin mouth to mouth with Mater.  This boy thought that Mater was hilarious and if we would have let him, he would have crawled up inside of Mater's mouth and stayed there all day. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ears, Castle & Great View

Gavin waiting in line to take the ferry over to Magic Kingdom.  We normally took the buses in, so he was excited to ride the big boat over.

The Ferry definetly takes longer than the buses or the monorail, but it is was worth it to see the different views of the property and the kids enjoyed it.  It made me dream a little more about staying at the Floridian one day.

It was a blessing to look up in the sky on the way over and be reminded that no matter what JESUS is always with us, near or far.

Our view on the ferry boat of the Castle, who does not love the castle, right?

This just might be my favorite picture of the entire trip, sure wish that road would have been empty and it was just my babies and the castle but that NEVER happens.

Look at my sweet boy in his Mickey ears.   All I wanted as my souvenier was for both my kids to get the traditional ears with their names monogrammed on them.

I did not take this picture, but I love it of Walt and Mickey in front of the castle.  This is the exact bronze statue we bought for Curtis last year when we were at Disney for his birthday.

There are somethings I will just never be able to part with and these ears are just a few of them that will go into my little keepsake collection of "forevers". 

This picture makes my heart happy, happy, happy and makes my life feel so complete.  I am so blessed that I get to be the Mommy of a girl & boy. 

Gavin was not giving up until he got this Zurg & Buzz Toy from his favorite ride.  If you have never been to Disney, they get you because every big ride you walk off of feeds right into a gift shop (they are geniuses).

Okay, some of the best money we spent was on our reservation to the Terrace Dessert Party which sits off to the side of the castle.  Here Gavin is playing with his toy and getting all fueled up on SUGAR.

There is very limited seating on the Terrace, maybe about 50 people but it was so worth it.   You actually sit, crowd free and watch the evening show at Magic Kingdom.  You are treated to all the desserts and drinks you desire, it was yummy.   Main Street at nighttime is chaos, so this was the best experience ever and so beyond worth it.

You have the most amazing, unobstructed view of the castle too.  We decided to do this because every night when Tinkerbell leaves the castle she flys right above the Terrace and you get a wonderful view of her right above you.  Unfortunately for us a few raindrops fell right at dark, so she did not fly on the evening we had reservations BUT it was still so worth it.

I was so PROUD of these pictures when I saw them.  I am just a Mommy with a good camera that is lucky to get some great shots of my kiddos occasionally and really have NO clue what I am doing most of the time (have I confused you yet)?  Point being, I love these next two pictures.

The CASTLE by far is one of The Frazier Fours very favorite parts of Disney and we can not wait until the Beauty and the Beast Castle is finished so we can love that one too!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Animal Kingdom

One of our favorite parts of Animal Kingdom is the Kilimanjaroo Safaris and Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.  I am so glad that both our kiddos are animal lovers just like us.

We always try to do these two things first thing in the morning, it is the most likely chance that all of the animals are out and roaming.   Gavin was so excited to see the Safari and he was my little travel partner on this journey.

We caught the elephants at the watering hole eating breakfast.   There were several babies this year and we got to see most of them.

These Rhinos came right up to our Jeep and Curtis could have literally put his arm out and touched them. 

Gavin wanted to stand up on the ride, so we had to keep a very close eye on him throughout the trip when he would see stuff and get excited.

Here is the vehicle we traveled through the Safari in, doesn't Disney do an amazing job of making you feel like you are truly experiencing these things?

Rafiki was a bit scary to Gavin, but again Emma loved him and was excited to give him a super big hug.

Donald greeted us at the Tusker House for lunch and the food was interesting here, to say the least since we were dining in Africa.

Daisy was cute as could be with her long eyelashes and her safari gear.

Goofy was determinded to get a picture with Gavin, but he was content with Emma for a little bit until he worked his way over to the WILD MAN.

Mickey is one of our favorite characters of all and he was ready to explore the Tusker House with us.

Now you can see why we hardly have any character pictures with Gavin in them.  He could careless honestly.  After he says Hi the first time, he is pretty much done and just does not pay attention to them (ha ha).  So thankful he is not afraid, but sure wish he would wrap his arms around them like his big sister does.

Daisy came by several times during lunch and insisted that Emma pose with her and of course she jumped right up.

We enjoyed our time at Animal Kingdom and visiting Minnie and Mickey's Camp.

Emma, Gavin and Daddy all participated in Festival of the Lion King at some point during the show.  This was the first time we saw this show and we all loved it.

One of my favorite parts of the Disney Parks is all the dancers and actors, every single one of them ALWAYS have a smile on their face and truly seem to enjoy the work they are doing.  I was actually blown away by the dancing, costumes and set of Lion King and would see it again tomorrow if I had a chance.