Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tea Party

Tea for two? Nope, it looks like it is tea for one today. The "Itty Bitty" decided to have a little tea party the other day while she played dress up. Wonder what the HOTY is going to do one day when he walks in her room and she has Gavin on the floor dressed in one of her pettiskirts and they are having their own little tea party? I am almost certain that it is going to happen one day.

I don't know that little girls get any sweeter than this...I could just eat her up!

I love how hard she is concentrating in this one to get that tea poured into her cup.

Looks like her creamer has fallen over and now she is attempting to put tea on the plate. I love this age and I am so in love with this little girl.

Only 34 more days and I will be able to share my love with one more of God's Littlest Miracles. These days find me wondering who he will look like, what color hair he will have, how big he will be and if he will come earlier.

Speaking of Miracles...Look at Baby she is some kind of CUTE, isn't she? Great things God has done and continues to do through this little one! She looks like one happy girl and I know she has one happy Mommy right now!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Only 4 more left...

Thought I would give you guys an update on the walls...only 4 stripes left to do and then the crown molding will be ready to go up. I am very excited to see Gavin's nursery finished, but I must say it has been a looooonnnnnngggg process with these stripes. The HOTY has spent so much time working on these. Our original plan was to stripe 2 walls, but I think the 2nd wall might get painted blue at this point. It is taking so much time because the stripes have to dry for 3-4 days before you can put tape on it to do the next one. That pretty much leaves the weekends only for him to work on it. We are hoping it will be finished up this weekend.

I knew that Gavin's Daddy could do this and do a perfect job. I am so PROUD of him and he is so PROUD of himself.

This is the picture we had Emma finger paint for her LITTLE BROTHER, not sure if we will put it on the striped or the solid wall. We kind of like it on the solid wall best, it adds lots of color.
I just got this back from having Gavin's name added to it, along with a small border & cheetah print on the sides that match his bedding. I love it so much ~ it made me want to cry when I saw it, because of the sentimental value behind it. Emma is so proud of it and just keeps saying, "I paint, I paint." I think it turned out perfect. This picture was taken off one of my students cell phones at school, so it is not the best.
It won't be long now and I will be the Mommy of 2 sweet babies and I can hardly wait. Life is going to be different for us, but I am confident that we can handle it and it is only going to get better!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sibling Class

Yesterday we took the "itty bitty" to her sibling class at the hospital. We had been talking to her about this for several days, so she was excited to go see the babies.

Emma and her Daddy walking down the hallway of the hospital making her way to class to learn how to be a big sister!

Oh, I think this baby girl is going to do just fine. Nope, they did not teach them to do CPR ~ she was just giving her baby some kisses.

They gave each of them a diaper to put on their babies. It was tiny, we are in size 6 diapers at our house and it has been a while since we had seen one that small. Well, really we never did...Emma was a big girl when she was born.

Getting ready for the hospital tour.

Mommy and Emma about to go see all the little babies.

This was Emma getting her certificate that certified her to be a BIG SISTER! She also got a little shirt for her efforts in class.

The sibling class was really cute to us. Emma was probably a little young to understand everything they covered, but she paid attention to the video they showed and part of the lesson that was taught. She really enjoyed the hospital tour and seeing the babies. When she saw them she began hitting on the glass and screaming, "baby, my baby, baby." Her Daddy had to explain to her that she was going to wake the babies up, so then she started telling us, "Shh, baby sleeping."

As we were leaving and we got on the elevator to go home we asked her, "how many babies did you see" and she said, "alot." My heart tells me she is going to really love Baby Gavin.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Guess who...

cried when it was time to leave MDO today and was not happy that it was time to go? Yep, you got it...sweet little Emma. Looks like we have come a long way, huh? I was so excited when I heard the news that she actually started crying when it was time to leave today. Remember, this is the kid that cried for months and we almost had to drop out. We actually did switch her schedule where she was only there for 3 hours/2 days a week to try and make her happy. Well, looks as if she had her way with it she would be there more often. Way to go baby girl, we are so proud of you.
I had my 33 week Drs. visit today and all is well and on schedule. The Dr. actually came in and left because he had to go and deliver a baby. He returned about 30 minutes later and woke me up from my nap I was taking and very much needed. He said everything looks great and we are still scheduled for a C Section on March 5th @ 12:00. I politely asked him if it could be any sooner. He just laughed as if I were kidding...hmmm...little does he know, I was serious as could be. I feel huge and I am so much bigger than I was when I had Emma. I am carrying this sweet boy right in the front...looks just like a ball in my stomach. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining and I am so blessed to have had such a healthy pregnancy.
This is a bit personal, but I should tell you that I ask the Dr. today..."Why am I so big?" Of course he said, "oh, you're not, everything is perfect, you are measuring perfect, your weight gain is perfect and your blood pressure is great." That is when I told him...(keep in mind we love our Dr. and have become very close to him over the years) "Well, I put my panties on in the morning and they look like Granny panties and within the hour they have rolled down, crawled up and become a thong." He was dying laughing and told me I should probably stop on the ride home and purchase some new ones. Needless to say, I did stop on the ride home and bought me some new Granny panties ~ I am back in business.

The HOTY has been hard at work on the 4th Frazier's Nursery and it is coming right along. These pictures were taken over the weekend when he began the stripes. I think this has turned out to be alot more work than he ever expected. After he started he called me in there and said, "I now understand why those quotes were so high from those painters, this is alot of work." He is doing a great job and I know it is going to be perfect for our little man once he is done.

This little guy arrived at our house a couple weeks back and the HOTY has big plans to hang him from the ceiling by some vines. Isn't he cute? Emma loves him so much and she decided to pick his nose a couple days after he got here. She kept sticking her finger in his nose saying, "ooh Monkey boogers, yuck!" Poor guy, he is probably ready to be off the floor and up where he belongs to avoid the torture of a 19 month old.

I can not wait to put Gavin in his arms and let the Paparazzi get busy...I am thinking it will make for some really cute pictures.

It will not be too much longer and that little boy will be here, well maybe I should say BIG BOY after my panty purchase today.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

19 Months Old

Our sweet baby girl turned 19 months old last Thursday and I am just getting around to posting her pictures for several reasons that I will share with you later. We celebrated the way we do every month by taking her picture and singing Happy Birthday to her. Oh, and I baked her some chocolate chip cookies which she loved (you know the real fancy break and bake kind).

It is unbelievable to us that she is already this big. I always think that I don't want her to change or get any bigger, but I must admit that every age is my favorite. She is constantly changing so much and her "giant" personality comes out more and more everyday. I have said it before and I will say it again, this kid is funny and keeps us laughing. I am not talking giggling, I am talking belly laughing ~ it is something new every day with her.

There are so many things that she has learned to do this past month and her vocabulary is out of control these days, in a good way (of course). She probably says between 300-350 words and repeats and will say anything she hears. She is speaking in complete sentences, can tell us her full name, can count to 8, spell her name out loud, identify all her animals and the sounds they make, knows her brothers name and that he is a boy, loves to dance, enjoys reading, putting puzzles together, playing with her kitchen, mothering her dolls, putting on lotion & chap stick, playing outside and playing with our dog.

Our lives have forever been blessed and changed by this "Itty Bitty". She is an awesome kid and we could not ask for more. We are so proud to be your Mommy & Daddy.
We only have 42 days left before Baby Gavin gets here and we have been devoting all of our time to Miss Emma. This is one of the reasons I have not been blogging, I am loving on my first born all I can before the 4th Frazier arrives. It is hard for me to think about sharing my time or spending less time with Emma. We have worked really hard to prepare her for Gavin's arrival and have prayed that the transition will come easy for her when he gets here. I know she will be fine and love him so much, but it still has me a little concerned. I never want her to think she is less important to us or that Gavin has taken her place. Trust me sweet girl, no one will EVER take your place. Gavin is going to be a beautiful addition to our family and we are counting the days to hold him in our arms.
As a matter of fact, Emma will be attending a sibling class at the hospital this weekend where they will help prepare her for Gavin's arrival and give her a hospital tour. We are really looking forward to this and seeing how she reacts. We have also been reading a book to her called, "I'm a Big Sister". She loves to run around the house calling herself big sister. Yes, we have the book memorized because she makes us read it about 8 times every night.
Please continue to lift those up in your prayers daily that are struggling and facing difficult times.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Heavy Heart

I really don't have many words this morning and I have not posted in a while, but I felt like I needed to get on here and ask for all of you to pray for some people who are on my heart and mind this morning. I have found myself really sad this week for people that are going through very difficult times. I am sure that most of you have already read about them, but if you have not please pray for the following:

My Mom is in the Hospital (she is going to be fine)
any others who are struggling.
Please pray for complete healing & comfort for these sweet people, their families and the medical professionals dealing with each one of them. Each of them have a very different story, but a very common bond...they love the LORD and their FAITH is unwavering even in the darkest hours.
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer,
believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.
Mark 11:24

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Too Cute!

We spent the afternoon Sunday with my SIL's family eating burgers and letting the kids play. Well, the truth is we all wanted to see my nieces new ride she got for Christmas. Oh, it is sooooo cute and these girls thought they were "hot to trot" in this convertible Mustang.

Emma thought this was the best thing ever, she kept laughing and dancing around in the car when they were riding down the street.

My niece Camryn is 18 months older than Emma, but they are almost the same size. I think there will be a point when Gavin and Emma look the same age too.

I think that one of these will be in our future a year or two down the road from the look on the "Itty Bitty's" face, what do you think?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sunny days & Sneak peek

You would have thought it was summertime around our house today if you would have seen the "itty bitty"...I had to dig her something cool out to wear because it was such a beautiful day. We actually just spent the day around the house, playing in the backyard and strolling through the neighborhood, so it worked out just fine (oh and it was a 12 month outfit~ I could not believe it fit). I took a couple pictures of her today and had to share, because after we played she took a nap and when she woke up her hair was hilarious. We could not stop laughing at what her hair looked like and she thought it was pretty funny too.

She loves to lean against the wall or squat to get her picture taken, I think she is posing.
Enjoying the day outside in the warm weather. Look at how cute those little pig tails are...wait till you see them after nap time.
Oh my, that is some big hair for a little bitty girl.

Thought I would give you a sneak peek at where we are at with Little Gavin's Nursery. We have 2 of the walls painted, the HOTY has been working on it today. Of course he is a major perfectionist, so it takes him a little extra time. However, I am here to tell you it is pretty picture perfect and that is exactly what our sweet boy deserves. The color ended up being a perfect match and we love that it is not your traditional baby boy blue. It sorta "popped" when we put this giraffe in front of it. I think I am liking what I see.

Now, for the other 2 will be a couple weeks. The HOTY will begin taping them off tomorrow, but he plans on striping them in the pattern you see above (that is a piece of the bedding fabric taped on the wall below). This is just our little test wall we were trying some different things out on. It is going to be a chore for him to get this done, especially with his OCD.
We attempted to hire this job out, but people either refused to do it or they wanted $850.00 to stripe 2 walls and I just could not see spending that kind of money to have 2 walls painted.
Perhaps we are crazy, but Gavin's Daddy is bound and determined that he is going to have striped walls in his nursery. So, if any of you have ever striped walls...we are open for suggestions, ideas or pointers. Keep in mind the $850.00 is not an option.
We also went and bought some bamboo today that we will make into a curtain is going to be too cute. I can not wait till it is finished, so I can take you on a tour of our JUNGLE!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Oh, we partied like Rock Stars last night at the Frazier house! Our night started at... well you can see for yourself...

Yep, that is was an early night at our house and I loved it! It consisted of $5.00 worth of sparklers, left over spaghetti and playing with the sweetest little girl in the world. To be quite honest, I would not have it any other way. That is my idea of some kind of fun, being at home with my family.

Mommy and out, we had 2 sparklers going at one time.

Daddy brought these sparklers home for the "itty bitty" to enjoy and she loved watching him light them. She kept calling them "crackers".
Daddy put a couple in the ground and lit them for our enjoyment too.
Oh, I tell y'all this guy is funny....he put 5 of them in the ground at the end and told us to watch, it was the "grand finale"...he is so clever. I mean, who needs to go to Disney when your married to the HOTY and you can see a display like this in your own back yard?
Needless to say, 2008 has been a great year for our family and we have been BLESSED beyond words and much more than we deserve. There are so many things that remind us daily of how truly fortunate we are and how God is working in our lives every second of the day. We honestly could not ask for more. This time next year, we will be the Frazier Four!
Happy New Year to you and your families.