Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Outfit of the Day!

Emma gets super excited when she gets to pick out her own clothes and wear exactly what she wants for the day.  We try to reserve these days for Friday, but yesterday when I got home from work this is what my sweet girl was wearing.

We went to an amazing 2nd birthday party for our twin cousins on Saturday and Emma got this little get up, plus lots of other goodies.  Needless to say, she has not taken it off since she left the party and she loves it.   I am sure she will try to put these wings, tutu, and hat on Friday morning when she is choosing what her attire will be that day.

We had errands to run yesterday evening when I got home and yep, this is what she wore and I let her (pajamas and all).   We did get quite a few stares and that was okay because I have decided that these days are going my way to fast and I don't want to miss out on any of them.

Monday, March 21, 2011

2 Year Check Up

Today was our little man's TWO year old check up and I was not looking forward to him getting shots.  Guess what?  Today was his lucky little day because he did not have to get one shot and does not require anymore until he turns 4 years old.  

He was so darn cute today and decided it would be a good idea to wear his BIG sister's PINK watch from McDonalds and to bring her Dr. Seuss book to the appointment with him.  She did not seem to mind since she thought he was getting shots too.  As a matter of fact she cried out of disappointment when we got home and he did not have any band aids.

Gavin had a great 2 year old check up and our Dr. was quite surprised to see what a big boy he had become. The following are his currents stats:

2 foot 10 inches tall (44%)
33 lbs 6 oz. ( 94%)
Head 20.24 " (97%)

He was advanced in his motors skills and his ability to communicate.   When the Dr. walked in, he pointed to a picture on the wall and said, "That's my cousin".  Needless to say, the Dr. was shocked and asked what he said.  He looked at her and repeated himself again.  She just looked at me and laughed asking, "How do you produce these kids who speak so well at such a young age, oh never mind he is Emma's little brother."  Gavin proceeded to talk her ear off after that about mosquito hawks, feeding the very big cows who said moo, the witch he had just seen on Dora, his cousin's picture on the wall (no it was not his cousin) and the big dragonfly hanging from the ceiling.  

She got her stethoscope to listen to his heartbeat and he started hollering, "No Dr. my heart, my heart".  He was quite entertaining today and ended up opening the door and saying, "Bye Dr. have a good day" and attempting to walk out.  He is such a funny little guy and he was determined to get out of there today very QUICK. 

Thankful he got a great check up and even more excited he did not have to get shots.  Now we just need to start growing taller big boy!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

From the Frazier Fours Little Leprechauns

Our kiddos are enjoying the warmer weather and so are we.  Looking forward to late nights in the driveway, long bike rides, grilling on the patio, playing on our swing set, slip n slide, snow cones, the pool and all the things that summer brings with it.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vintage Airplane Party

I have finally gotten around to posting my favorite little mans SECOND birthday party and hoping to get the rest of it posted soon. 

We have decided to let our children pick their own birthday themes and this year Gavin picked an airplane party with a little bit of help from us.  Let me just tell you there is very little out there with airplanes, so I had to get creative with this one.  

We had his 2 year old pictures taken at the flight museum and that was big fun.  He wore a real flight suit for his birthday party that we ordered from a flight store with personalized patches that attach to it. Our party invitation and sticker used on the envelope can be seen at Almost Party Time.

We focused the party around airplanes and travel, making it as vintage~like as possible with old suitcases, airplanes, globes and signs.

These little airplanes were flying or placed out for decorations and I opted to fill all my glass jars with cotton and small vintage planes.

We wanted all our guest to feel like they had truly taken a flight, so lunch was served out of plastic containers with personalized stickers that said, "Thank you for flying GTF Airways". Well at least that is what all the kiddos ate out of and the adults were served on plates. The meals in the containers were sitting inside suitcases and the tree in back was decorated with a bunch of little planes.

We had signs all over the house and on the clocks that stated departure, arrival, fasten your seatbelt, pilots only, baggage claim, baggage check in, flight counter,  GTF Airways, family restroom and so much more.

The mantle held airplanes, a happy birthday banner, balloons, jars filled with clouds and metal airplanes.  These suitcase were just some that were sitting around everywhere to help get all our world travelers in the mood for the perfect flight!

Gavin's cake table was really sweet!  We served cake, cupcakes, cake balls, sugar cookies that were decorated as clouds, the number 2 and little airplanes.   It was YUMMY stuff.

A closer picture of his cake that was oh so yummy and hard to cut. This cake was about 8 inches tall so the  pieces were huge, but there was plenty go around and some left behind.

The kiddos enjoyed playing in the backyard where we had our playhouse, swing set and toys galore.  These little clouds were hanging around our fence line for added decoration.  We also had the clouds hanging on our rainbow swing set and a cute little birthday banner hanging across the porch of our playhouse.

Each child got to paint an airplane and take it home and the kids really seemed to enjoy all the paint, glue and glitter.  I promised their parents the paint was washable, so hopefully all their little clothes came clean.

After our first time flyers earned their wings they got to stop by baggage claim and load up on all kinds of goodies from candy, to a vintage airplane, blue cotton candy, handmade red & blue bath soap shaped like an airplane, cookies, granola bars, side walk chalk, stickers, rice krispie treats and lots of junk.

I always see the kids little faces light up when they walk in and see that the candy bar is back, party after party.  You think it would get old, but I truly think they would be disappointed if it was not there one day.

Another glimpse of our family room.   I need to post a picture of the Happy Birthday sign up close.  It was amazing and the lady made it out of recycled cardboard, cutting every letter out with a utility knife.  I am certain it was a ton of work for her but it was perfect for us.

We really enjoyed getting ready for this party even though searching for decorations was quite the challenge, but we made it work. For now, we have stopped for a layover and tomorrows post will be filled with pictures of decorations, Gavin eating his cake, opening gifts and all our party guest.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Emma Lou @ 45 months

Happy 45 month Birthday sweet girl!   You have been so in your element the last couple days between the Livestock show and the Hajovsky farm.

I am amazed more and more every day by the HUGE heart you have for animals and your love for them BIG or small. I truly believe this is Gods way of telling me that my Daddy will live on for a long time in you and your baby brother.  I can not help but wonder how things would be if he could see your ability to love so strongly when it comes to bugs, small animals and livestock.  Everyday you beg us to let you have a chicken, cow, horse or should I just say anything you think we might let you bring into our home.  You currently have a dog, 2 african frogs, a fish, a snail and a worm you snuck home from the rodeo.  No doubt in my mind I will go in your room one day and you will have some stray hidden in your closet Emma Lou.

We spent your 45 month Birthday on a real farm with the Hajovsky family and let me just say you were not afraid to get dirty nor come face to face with the cows in their pasture.  You and Gavin got to feed these guys and watch  them run through the pasture to us as we drove up for feed time.  There was no fence between you and them, only about 5 feet of space and you loved every minute of it.

Emma, you are an amazing little girl with the biggest heart of any child I have ever met.  You love people, you love Jesus, you  love your family, you  love your friends, you love animals and you simply ENJOY life!  I hope those things never change about you and that you are never afraid to always express your love for things big and small.  Thank you for all the smiles you bring to our faces daily and for marching to the beat of a different drum.   We love you more than you will ever know sweet girl.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sassy Pants

I had BIG PLANS to get Gavin's party posted this weekend and actually uploaded all the pictures several times and it never worked.  Finally figured out I was out of space and needed to purchase more through Google, so 24 hours after my purchase I am back to blogging.

To make sure it is up and working again before I upload that entire party, I thought I would post a pic of the sassiest (in a good way) little girl that I know. 

She has not taken these boots off since her BFF loaned them to her because they are sold out of her little size.  The girls feet are tiny, size 8 and yep she is almost FOUR!  Boots are actually too big but she does not seem to mind, she loves them.  Not sure if she loves Brookie or the boots more.

I can tell you that any time she is around, Brookie makes sure she does not have any bugs or insects in tow, and she usually does.  They may be BFF's but Brookie is not a fan of bugs or Emma's affection, she would rather love her and her critters from a distance.  Well, get ready she snuck a WORM home from the Rodeo yesterday and he is living on our kitchen counter in a dixie cup.  She cried and cried because she did not get to bring a chicken home.  The girl wants to live on a farm so bad that she can not stand it, funny thing is...I was EXACTLY like this as a child.  So, she may look like her Daddy but she is a mini me!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Celebrating Two Years in Service

We celebrated Gavin's 2nd Birthday today "Vintage Airplane" style and it was super fun.  We opted for a Sunday birthday party this year because it seemed to accommodate every one's schedule a little better. 

As I sit here and listen to my husband snore because he is exhausted and feel my feet throbbing, I am feeling blessed.  Blessed with great friends, great family, an amazing husband, a beautiful daughter and a TWO year old handsome SON!

Today was a beautiful day and one that filled our home with laughter, food, fellowship, good company and the sound of little people running amuck.  Some people call me crazy for allowing all this to go on in my home, I can honestly say I NEVER want it to end.   I can not imagine not hearing the screams, giggles and laughter of small kids in between these walls.  I love home parties, but I know the day will come when my kiddos will want to celebrate elsewhere. 

For now, I will cherish the memories that fill up our house that have truly made it a home.  A home I have always dreamed of, a home where my children feel comfortable, a home that is inviting to others and a home where Jesus comes first!

Yep, I am feeling a little sappy tonight.  More birthday stuff to come this week, I want to remember every part of it.  As for now, I am going to crawl in bed beside the best Daddy I know and thank God for a PERFECT day.   I am officially the Mom to a 2 and a 3 year old! 

Saturday, March 5, 2011


It is one thing to hear them say it and it is another to catch them writing it.  This is what I caught my "witty itty bitty" doing one day this week and she was some kind of PROUD!

My kiddos beg to get their little hands on a pen, when this one does she normally gets busy and I end up having to take it away from her which is never good.

So at 45 months old Emma Lou is writing and doing a great job at it in this "mommy" eyes.  Dirty little fingernails and all, nothing can slow her down.

Thank you sweet girl for giving me so many reasons to smile.  I am so proud to be your "mommy".  I love her. She loves me.  It works!

Friday, March 4, 2011

She loves them all...

Emma is a lover of all animals and insects, does not matter what it is nor its purpose.  She has been on the animal kick more than normal lately, begging us for a chicken, her Grandma for a cow and yesterday she told our Nanny it was okay if she gave her a kitten for her birthday.

She is convinced she is going to be able to sneak a baby chick out of the livestock show when we go and she is going to keep it in a tupperware container in her bedroom.  We keep explaining to her that we do not live on a farm and there are certain animals she is not allowed to have in our community.  She currently has two frogs, a fish, a snail, a dog and is begging for MORE!

A couple days ago she captured a mosquito hawk and her Daddy turned it loose after she went to bed.  She was devastated when she woke up and it was gone and cried for at least a half hour.   She was so upset she had her Daddy outside hunting for another one before he went to work.  Yes, she has him wrapped around her whole hand, to heck with a finger!

When I got home from work yesterday she had captured a mosquito and needless to say she took him to MDO with her this morning.  She calls them dragonflys and says she needs them to be a fairy.  We are just praying they do not carry the West Nile Virus.  There is no STOPPING her and she has her brother following her every move.  They are constantly on the look out for bugs of any kind.  Yesterday Gavin squatted down and had his face about 1 inch from an ant bed in hopes of catching some of those.  His sister quickly told him to "get back those bite Gavin" and he scurried on to the next thing.

Emma is so tender, I love that about her and so much more!  With my two kiddos, who needs an exterminator around, right?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday G-man!

Nothing like waking up to your Daddy, Mommy and big sister singing Happy Birthday to you bright and early in the morning. We were all so excited to go in and wake you up this morning.

Not sure if you were acting shy or you were stunned by the light and Mommy's flash in your face.

We let you open a couple presents this morning before MDO, what a great start to YOUR very special day little man.   You loved the book and Toy Story phone and kept talking to Buzz Lightyear all morning.

You were like a little ole man this morning reading your dinosaur book, eating your cinnamon rolls and drinking your chocolate milk.

You were so happy this morning and took your sisters bug box away while she cried and cried because her mosquito hawk had disappeared from the box over night (she convinced herself it was a dragonfly). 

Mommy stopped on the way home and got you a Toy Story balloon and a little cake to celebrate after dinner.  When I got home from work Ms. Deirdre, your Nanny had taken you guys to McDonalds for lunch and also baked you homemade cupcakes. 

We played outside for a little while before going out for your birthday dinner.   We let you choose what you wanted and you picked Chik Fil A.

Mommy loved on you as much as she could today because she was a little sad that you turned TWO years old.  The time has truly flown by and all day I reminisced about the day you joined our family and our trip to the hospital when you decided to come early.

You decided to eat your fruit first at dinner and we let you because after all it was your BIRTHDAY!

We are normally not fans of the playground but there was no way we could tell you no on a day like today.  You and Emma had a blast playing at Chik Fil A and it wasn't very crowded, so that made it even better.

After dinner we came home and sang to you again (for about the 15th time today) and enjoyed a chocolate pie.

Gavin, this day was all about YOU from the second you woke up till the time you went to bed.  When I was putting you in bed tonight I walked you over to some newborn pictures hanging on your wall and told you the story about the day you joined our family and what a difference you have made in my life.  You listened and held onto every word I said and then you just smiled and said, "look momma, look, baby momma, look" so I told you again that baby was you and how proud I was that you were a part of my life.

I hope the smile you wore on your face and the joy that was in your heart today last a lifetime. You are an amazing little boy and your zest for life is contagious. 

You are currently wearing a size 6.5 shoe, 2T-3T clothes and a size 6 diaper.  You are a lover of junk food, chicken nuggets, mexican beans, rice, ice cream, spagetti and macaronni.  Running, jumping, hitting scratching, screaming, hiding, singing, climbing and throwing stuff only begin to describe what you are up to these days.  Your vocabulary has EXPLODED and you are a chatter box repeating anything you hear.  You can count to 12 and know most of your colors and almost all of your ABC's.  You love to say the prayer before every single meal and it is the sweetest thing ever.  You are not happy until we have all held hands, prayed and said amen.

Gavin, we love you so much and appreciate you keeping us on our toes and on the go constantly.  You are an extremely active little boy and never slow down.  Somedays you can be the sweetest little boy ever and others you are very mischeivious.   Emma is your very best friend and you are CRAZY in love with her, but you like to scare her and go after her if things do not go your way.  Your Daddy is who you prefer these days and I love watching you get so excited when he comes home everyday.  The relationship the two of you share is very special.  

Once again, Happy Birthday Son!  We love you so much and will always celebrate you and the blessing God gave us two years ago when he added airplanes, bulldozers and dinosaurs to our pink world.  I hope you truly understand how much Jesus loves you and how much you mean to all of us.  I love you sweet boy.  Happy, happy birthday to you!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Last is not always a bad place to be!

We have been waiting almost a year to complete Emma's room and some other things in our house.  One of the last things we were waiting on was a very special canvas by Sweet Kim at Small Words.    I can honestly tell you it was worth the wait!  I think I was number 68 on her list and the very last one that she committed to do when she announced her break.  We happened to get in just in time and boy were we glad we did.  Kim is simply amazing and her work is beautiful.  Emma's room is a hodge podge of things from here, there and everywhere.  This picture is old and does not include updated pillows and curtains, but those are located on Kim's blog.

I was so excited to see what Kim would create for us and I basically told her to have a great time and just do what she thought was best.  I knew in my heart she would not disappoint us and it would be great.

I {PUFFY HEART} this canvas and can not wait till it arrives this week.   Everything about it is exactly what I wanted and more.  Simple, sweet, shabby and so cute!

I actually provided Kim with fabrics from Emma's room to use for the flowers, so it would match perfectly.  I love how each one turned out, they are perfect and oh so GIRLY!   Kim is a perfectionist and that can be seen in every canvas she paints.

I also needed a canvas for my kiddos bathroom and at first Kim suggested different fonts and I said, "no way".  After seeing Emma's I quickly emailed her back and said, "do as you please".  This canvas will be perfect in our orange and turquoise penguin bathroom.

Kim also designed a canvas for us  that will be displayed on a canvas wall in our home where our family pictures (canvas style) will cover an entire wall eventually. 

Last, Kim is currently working on a canvas for a sweet friend that will be welcoming her first baby soon, Miss Kenley Grace!  We can not wait to see what she has created for this precious child that will arrive in June. I am sure she will post it soon, she is almost finished and rumor has it beads are involved!

For now, we will wait.  Wait for our package to arrive with all of our hand painted goodness inside!  Thank you Kim for your sweetness and for sharing your talent with us. We will be back soon when we decide if we want vintage airplanes or dinosaurs in Mr. Gavin's room and in the meantime we will enjoy our canvases that are on their way.

To say we are beyond thrilled with Kim's work is an understatement.  Makes my heart happy to know that these were handmade with love by her while she was chasing around 4 little ones of her own.  Kim's heart is huge