Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yucky week at our house.

It has been a pretty rough week around the Frazier household with 2 sick  kids that have not eaten for a couple days.   Guess we have picked up the bug that everyone seems to be carrying around in their pockets.  Not fun at all, but we have gotten in some good old fashion lovin' with our little man that rarely sits still these days.

I knew that they must be feeling better when I opened the pantry a few minutes ago and found this.  Not only were they laughing hysterically,  they were double fisting them into their mouths as fast as they could.  Still not sure which one of them opened it up and decided it would be a great idea to dump them out on the pantry floor, but both of them thought it was pretty darn funny.  Oh, the ones in the bear were on the floor too and they decided to go ahead and try to salvage those.  No way kiddos, they are all going in the trash especially since our weenie dog decided to join in on the party.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ready for Fall

The Frazier Four are ready for Fall and all it brings with it this time of year.  We have been excited and ready to welcome it with open arms for awhile.

Cooler weather, less expensive electric bills, pumpkins, caramel, orange everywhere, football season in full swing, Halloween costumes, blue jeans, sweaters and so much more have me feeling giddy about what is yet to come.  Can not wait to take the kids  to the pumpkin patch and on a hayride.   Looking forward to seeing all the children dress up and hear them yell, "trick or treat".  So, come on Mr. Fall and bless us with all the special things about you.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Pretty Lil' Boy

Your Daddy told me not to post this on my blog, but I could no resist.   Gavin has fallen in love with a certain little item that belongs to his sister and he does not want to take it off.   I happen to think it is pretty cute and something I want to remember and share with my Son one day, so in the spirit of preserving memories I had to share.

Being the amazing BIG SISTER that she is, Emma begged for him to be able to wear it to MDO this morning, but we decided it was probably not a good idea.  Sweet boy, I think PINK looks pretty good on you. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blessed at the POLE this morning!

Went to bed last night with a heavy heart because I realized late last night that it was "See you at the pole" this morning and we had not made a plan for our students. Text my principal late and told him we had failed to make a plan and I was disappointed. Might have had a little to do with the fact that every administrator in my district set through a 3 hour meeting before school started with our school district attorney that addressed...praying and losing our jobs.

This morning as I arrived to school there were 5 students standing near the flag pole and I was beyond EXCITED to find the nearest parking spot, jump out and join in at the expense of being unemployed today. I quickly watched and listened as 5 voices turned into 44 voices (2 Faculty members, 2 Youth Pastors & 40 of our students) that are on fire for the Lord and willing to share their FAITH.

I was so proud of our students today and so proud of their BOLDNESS as they prayed for each other, their families, our school, our community, their friends and shared their HEARTS with one another. So thankful for a special little girl named Selena that made it a priority to organize this on behalf of our school, but most of all our HEAVENLY FATHER.

This picture was taken by one of our teachers this morning and I {heart} it so much!

My prayer is that my sweet Emma & Gavin will make it a priority to be at the POLE one day and share their love for Christ with others.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our Journey

Dreaming of ways to slow down, enjoy every moment, make a difference, live with no regrets, cherish the little things, embrace differences, remember it all, simplify our lives & love these two like there is no tomorrow!
“Too often we are so preoccupied with the destination, we forget the journey."

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Friday

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Do!

We have quickly learned not to leave these two unsupervised for very long or we have T.R.O.U.B.L.E on our hands.
Last weekend they were very quiet and we could not find Gavin. When we made our way to the front of the house we found him sitting in our foyer buckled in a car seat that we had sitting there to be installed in our Nanny's car. Emma giggled and said, "I put him in there because I wanted him in there". She frequently has to be reminded that she is not the boss.

Today this little monkey decided she needed some water before soccer practice, so what does she do? You got it, she helped herself up to the bathroom sink and went to town at the faucet. Not really a big deal, but....

Another little monkey decided to do exactly what she did, but he got frightened and began screaming, "help me, help me" and the other little monkey went on her merry way leaving him stranded and crying.

Of course she ROCKED her tutu at practice over her shorts tonight. Her "Coach Daddy" (that's what she calls him on the field) told her it probably was not a good idea. Surely he did not think this strong willed little girl was going to take it off or did he? I am not sure if it will be the pink, the bows or the tutu that get us kicked off the team first. I have learned there are some battles not worth fighting, especially when you are part DiStefano.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I miss this!

Seems like so long ago, I miss this. Amazing to me how quickly they grow, I miss this. Longing to hold a little baby in my arms, I miss this. Dreaming about the smell of a newborn, I miss this. Remembering those sweet little cries, I miss this. Reminiscing about nursing late at night, I miss this. Getting rid of the baby stuff in our home, I miss this. Thinking about how excited we were to meet him, I miss this.

There are so many more things I miss, but for now I will continue to thank God that we are the Frazier Four and we are so BLESSED!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pitter Patter of Little Feet

There will be a day when I will long to hear little feet running across my wood floors, a day when I wish I could get on my hands and knees and clean muddy footprints off my tile, a day when Emma no longer begs me to paint her toenails, a day when Gavin's little feet will no longer be super ticklish, a day when I wish I could spend $450.00 on a pair of custom orthotics every time her feet grow and a day when these little feet will no longer be little.
These little feet taught me how to be a Mommy. It is hard to believe when I am buying size 7.5 shoes that these were the tiny little feet I fell in love with that have changed my life forever.
And these feet belong to a little boy that melted my heart from day one and reassured me that God loved me so much that he made him a spitting image of my Daddy who now lives in heaven.
Her feet are getting bigger and she is starting to explore so many different things and I pray she will always be true to herself.
I pray she will always be willing to try new things and never quit in the middle of something.
I pray she will always love herself, her family, Jesus and LIFE!
I am feeling a bit sappy tonight and feeling like I really need time to slow down. When I look at my sweet babies these days I realize we no longer have an itty bitty in our house. Our children are becoming more independent, self sufficient and opinionated.
Gavin has been sick for about 24 hours vomiting and I can honestly say it has been a blessing. Not that he is sick, but he has let me hold and love on him, that does not happen to often anymore. He has climbed up in my lap and laid his head on my shoulder more today than he has in the last 6 months. As strange as it might sound I am grateful that he needed me today and wanted me to squeeze him tight while he nestled into my shoulder. I am also grateful for a little girl that begged me to stay inside her ballet class tonight to watch her instead of sitting outside with the other Moms.
In spite of how tired I might be, how overwhelmed I might seem, or how many hours I spend working, one thing is for sure....I NEVER want the pitter patter of the 4 sweetest little feet I know to fade.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My BOWLING babies

Both my kiddos bowled for the first time on Saturday and it was a sight to see. I will not be surprised if we get a bill in the mail this week saying we need to pay for a cracked lane or a ball that was damaged. There was very little rolling and lots of throwing go on and it was LOUD as could be.

I just knew this guy was going to break one of his little piggies before it was over.

The witty itty bitty finally figured out how to roll the ball between her legs and onto the floor without biting her tongue off. Emma really enjoyed bowling, so we might have to do this a little more often.
I have never been one for arcade/game venues, but I must admit that I had a blast watching these two in action at their cousin's 9th birthday party. After shopping for costumes at the Disney Store and spending the day at this place, I am dreaming of the day we can go to Disney as the Frazier Four!

An EMOTIONAL first Soccer game!

Our little girl had her 1st Soccer game Saturday morning and it was very interesting for the kids, Coaches, parents and grandparents. Coach Greg kept saying it was like herding cats on the field and he was so right. Curtis is assisting this season with coaching and it was some kind of funny. These little girls were HILARIOUS and so super sensitive. Brook's Uncle Randy was sweet enough to step in and help Curtis keep all the little LADYBUGS on the field.

I {heart} that Emma is wearing my number and she is pretty proud about it too. On the way to the game she kept telling her Grandma and Nana that she was wearing her Mommy's number. Not real sure she knows what it means, but it sure does put a smile on my face to hear her say it.
It was super hot Saturday morning and my little red headed babies cheeks got red fast.

Emma enjoyed herself as long as the other teams girls were not trying to take the ball away from her. Poor baby, she just did not understand.
She cried through 85% of the game, but she stayed in and continued to play in spite of how frustrated she became with the other team.

She spent a little time at the goal because I was on that end taking pictures and encouraging the girls to kick the ball to the goal.

This was during the 4th quarter and I thought she had gotten herself together and was beginning to understand the game.

Losing the ball to the other girl just did not seem fair to her. She could not understand why they did not let her have her turn. She kept running to her Grandmothers on the sideline and saying, "they will not let me have my turn".

She got the ball back and headed back down the field, but she had several girls right on her heels as she made her way to the goal. Notice her face, she was crying the whole time they were chasing her.

As soon as they would get the ball from her she would stop in her tracks and start crying really loud and hard. It was the cutest thing, but it got old really quick. One of the little girls from the other team would stop in the middle of the play and rub Emma's back while encouraging her to stop crying and move on. It was so sweet and thoughtful.

At one point Gavin had all the crying he could take and he went out onto the field to check on Emma and see if he could help her out. She was so worried he was going to get knocked down or trampled, so she wanted to make sure one of her grandmas was coming to get him.

Got herself back together for a bit and almost made it to the goal before they caught her again.

Nothing like the love of your Daddy at the end of a game whether you win or lose. I am so proud of Emma for NEVER giving up through out the entire game. It really wasn't an option and she stuck it out like a big girl.
Daddy did a good job too as the Assistant Coach. This is his 1st experience Coaching one of his children and it was so fun to watch him. He was so sweet to each of the girls and filled them full of POSITIVE comments, praise & high fives.
I am pretty sure it is safe to say that Emma's favorite part of her 1st game was THE END and the GATORADE. She had the cutest little red mustache and kept telling my Mom, "Grandma, I am a sport and that is why I am drinking this sport drink, only sports get to drink these drinks Grandma, right?"
Looking forward to seeing Emma grow this Soccer season and learn how to work as a team. Her Daddy is going to practice with her and teach her how to be a little more aggressive and not cry on the field. Saturday is one of those times I NEVER want to forget. It was so cute and so sweet to watch them as they struggled to understand the game, play as a team and run up and down the field.
Emma, I am so PROUD of you and know that each week will get better and better for you my little Soccer Sweetie!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I am a Soccer Mom!

My baby girl had her first soccer practice last night and her first game just happens to be on Saturday. Not much time to get ready, but after practice I think we will be just fine.

Surely you did not think she would have anything other than PINK on, did you? Funny thing is they did not have a PINK soccer ball at the Soccer store so Emma asked the man, "can't you get online and order me one off facebook sir?" Hmmm....sad part is, he did it.

Running during practice & they were all so excited to do it.

New team, new friendships and lots of new memories to be made.

These girls were all so PROTECTIVE over their balls and it was hilarious. If there was a trophy Brook would have won, she did not want anyone looking at her ball. As a matter of fact she would not even let me take a picture of it.

Little brothers get stuck at Soccer Practice too, but Luke did not seem to mind. I {heart} those big blue eyes sweet boy.

Brook looks like a pro in this picture. Cassi might be trading her Tahoe in on a mini van soon from the looks of Brook's skills.

Gavin decided he was going to get in on the action. It was way more fun then sitting on the sidelines.

I feel like this little girl has grown up way too fast. She was so cute kicking this ball down the field.

Emma we are so proud of how hard you worked in practice and look forward to watching you demonstrate your skills at your first game.
I sent some of these picture to Emma's GBC (Grandma by Choice ~ Darla) and she said, "Emma Lou just embraces anything new." I hope she will always be willing to try new things and enjoy herself while she is doing it.

Such a girly girl, but I think she and Brook are both going to enjoy Soccer more than anything they have done so far.

These two got in trouble at Ballet on Tuesday night, so they were both on their best behavior last night. Emma is punished from sugar and TV time until she goes back to Ballet next Tuesday and shows me she can make better choices. It is really working with her too, yesterday she asked me if she could please just have one little skittle.

New trick that Emma taught herself during practice. She was so proud that she could hold her ball with her chin and no hands.

I think these two might be in their element with Soccer. They seemed to really enjoy themselves while running up and down the field kicking those pink soccer balls. It is going to be so much fun to watch them this season.
I am so glad that Emma & Brook love each other so much. After they got in trouble at Ballet, Emma woke up Wednesday morning crying and saying, "Mom, I don't want Brook to quit Ballet because she is my best friend and I love her." That was a little nicer then her telling me over the weekend that her & Brook were going to have a baby when they grow up and live in a PINK house together. I will never know where she comes up with this stuff, but it is interesting.
Our Coach was passing out uniforms randomly tonight because they were all the same size (XXS) and we ended up with #11. I saw it through the bag and quickly took it since that was my number when I played sports from elementary through high school. Brook ended up with #3 which is also great because that is how old they are this season.
If you happen to be looking for us for the next 11 weeks, we can be found on the Soccer field every Saturday morning cheering on #11 & #3. I am so proud of you girls.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Kids + Happy Mommy = Happy Home

After a week of discussions, 14 referral checks, criminal background check, driving record check, car inspection, 2 hour interview, countless emails, lots of praying and a meeting between both families... we have secured a Nanny for our children & we are beyond THRILLED!

I wanted to share the official offer with all of you and the contract we have sent to Ms. Deirdre.

My kids are so excited and so are Mommy & Daddy. We quickly realized that all day pre school was not for us and we have been praying for God to reveal his plan to us. The stars aligned perfectly and we are counting down the days. MDO is still in the plan, however my sweet babies will get to eat lunch at home and nap in their own beds and that is a BLESSING, no matter the cost.

God is so good and he gets all the glory for sending the right person our way to care for our precious children.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mr. Wednesday

We love you Mr. Wednesday, oh so much! You are like the promise in the middle of the week that the weekend is coming soon.

When these tiny little feet (yes, still in a size 7.5) hit the floor every morning she ask, "Mommy, do I have to go to school today?" Yes baby girl, today is a school day but the weekend is near. The next thing she says is, "Mommy, is it almost a holiday?" because she has realized we stay home on those. Poor thing, she just does not like to be away from us these days and she will tell us no less than 10 times a day.

We love you baby girl and we are working towards making some changes that will keep this little smile on your face everyday and keep you from wishing that everyday was a holiday. Now it is time to...throw the tears in the trash, make good choices, kiss us good-bye and pray for a great day.

Monday, September 6, 2010


We attended our cousin Peyton's 2nd Birthday party yesterday that was so much fun. Her Mommy worked really hard and the Sesame Street party was perfect. The day was filled with fun, swimming, cake, pizza, candy, ice cream, rub on tattoos and best of COUSINS.
Spending the day with Kaiden, Peyton, Hudson, Hunter, Camryn, Chance & Brynlee can make any day a perfect day.
My Nana wanted a picture of all her grandchildren together before the party got started, so my Mommy did the best she could do. It is hard to get all 4 of us to look st the same time because we would rather be staring at each other. I sure hope my Nana loves this picture and if not, we can try again.
Cousins are those childhood playmates who grow up to be forever friends.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Football, Family & Fun

We all had a great time tonight as our boys dominated on the Football field. It was exciting, it was fun, it was nail biting, it was loud, it was busy and it was a great experience to watch our kids win their first varsity game. This is our first year to have a varsity squad and we have no seniors because we have only been open for two years. Our Bulldog boys fought hard and deserved to win this game.

This was the first football game we attended as the FRAZIER FOUR, because Gavin was only 5 months old last season and we did not have a team. I can not believe I did not get a picture of all of us together or one of Little Man, but it is hard to work a camera, watch a game and keep up with two little busy bodies.

I had to steal a shot with our TOP DOG! I was hoping the kids would take it with me but Emma quickly said, "Mom tell him to keep his hands to himself."

Emma loved running out on the football field and back towards me. She had a good time, enjoyed the Cheerleaders, Band and Drill Team.

Stand around on the field long and you get put to work. Curtis assisted with the run through sign and it was good practice for him, since I am pretty confident our kiddos will be on the football field in some capacity one day.
All in all it was a great night and the Frazier children were very well behaved. Little man, I promise to get some pictures of you next time big boy.