Saturday, February 16, 2013

8 and Under CHAMPS Meet

We spent 9 hours sniffing chlorine today and our girl did not disappoint in the H2O!  She was a rock star in the pool today and improved her time in every event by 7-13 seconds (huge in the swim  world).  There were 370 swimmers at this meet and it was organized chaos, to say the least.  Emma held her own as a five year old and was able to keep up with the eight year olds she was swimming against. 
We are so PROUD of this girl and the improvements she has made over the past 10 months in the pool.  She truly loves swimming, her coaches and the friendships she has made along the way.  I absolutely love the look on her face as she gets ready for the 25 backstroke. Today's results:
25 Backstroke ~ Improved 7:05 seconds
25 Freestyle ~ Improved 13:21 seconds
50 Backstroke ~ 11:06 seconds

Emma Caroline, you are an amazing little girl and we are so proud of every single thing about you.  We love cheering you on and supporting you in the pool and life.  It has been an amazing journey to watch you jump in the pool as a 4 year old and never bring your heart back with you, you have fallen in love with swim and we have fallen deeper in love watching you.   Thank you for letting us be your biggest fans, keep kicking girl.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day 2013

Our week has been filled with Valentine parties at school, dance, church, MDO and swim.  We had a great time making class valentines, teacher gifts and Emma even sent treasures through the mail to her preschool friends.
Of course I had to get a picture of my little valentines before school this morning.  I am so blessed to be their Mommy and even more grateful for their amazing Daddy who is the best example of what God intended a Father to be.  These two fill my heart with so much joy every single day, they are my heart, my everything!
I asked them to kiss this morning and they thought it was funny.  Emma had already applied 3 layers of various lip gloss and was very concerned about it rubbing off (ha ha).  Gavin was ready and it is quite obvious that he loves his big sister so much.  
I love these kids, they make me smile and are simply wonderful. Both are so strong willed, they fight hard and love hard too. I love that they are only 20 months apart and each others favorite playmate and very best friend! They do not like to be apart from one another, cry if they are separated, wake the other if one gets up first and play make believe like they are in the movies.   I love watching them interact, solve problems, pretend and protect one another.  Watching their relationship has been one of my favorite parts of this life.  I pray they continue to love each other forever the way they do today.
Happy Valentine's Day
The Frazier Four