Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Round Two, Ear Tubes

We got up with the roosters this morning and headed to the hospital for Emma  Caroline's second set of ear tubes.  Praying these last a little longer and do the trick.  Emma has continued to have reoccurring ear infections which triggers her Asthma.
Emma was a trooper this morning and so cooperative with the nurses, anesthesiologist and the the Dr.  This is our second time to use this hospital and they have the kindest staff I have ever met in a medical facility.  

This was the head anesthesiologist and he was super happy at 6:00 this morning.   He thought Emma was the cutest little thing.

When it was time for Emma to get her "loopy juice" she chose to give it to herself, Miss Independent.  It did not take long and she got super silly.

We finally got her to lay down and relax.  Of course she brought sweet little Mia with her and the Dr gave us a 2 for 1 special, Mia got tubes in her ears today too.  After surgery the ENT came out and spoke with us and shared with us that Emma's ears were filled with fluid and in one ear it had hardened pretty good (no wonder she couldn't get over these infections).
Sweet Emma in recovery, she woke up with a smile on her face and the discharge nurses wanted to keep her all day.   They could not believe how sweet she was when she woke up.  Little did they know she saved the crying for us on the way home.   She was so upset, confused, demanding, thirsty, hungry and ready to be home.   The girl must have been starving because she requested a sprite, biscuit from CFA, sausage and cheese kolache and a cherry donut minus the sprinkles (her Daddy stopped and got it all for her too).
We are home and glad to be here.  The surgery was very simple, but anytime anesthesia is involved Momma gets nervous.  Not sure I slept 30 minutes last night because I was a ball of nerves, so I am glad to have this behind us. 
We prayed with Emma this morning before her surgery and lots of you prayed along with us.  This morning left me thankful for great medical treatment, kind words/text from friends, my sweet daughter, a supportive Daddy, my faith and God's unwavering love.  

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

After being off for 9 days, we all head back to work & school tomorrow.  I always love being off with the kiddos for 9 days and look forward to the upcoming Christmas break.  Believe it or not, I did not pull my camera out much this break and as a matter of fact do not have any pictures of Thanksgiving day.  We spent the day with family and feasted on yummy food and played with our cousins all day long.  Emma actually went home with Camryn and Hunter, Gavin chose to stay behind with Mommy and Daddy.
Elfy & Chippy arrived the morning after Thanksgiving and the kiddos were thrilled to see those silly little fellas.

They arrived in a "bubble bath" and Emma had lots of questions about them this year.  She was very confused about how they carried this big ole bowl with them, where they got the marshmellows and how they decorated the table.

Over the break we visited Zoo Lights with family and the kids seemed to have a good time in spite of how grouchy they were from lack of sleep.  A trip to Yogurtland cheered them all up.

There were all kinds of lights and displays throughout the zoo and in the trees.  I loved this one and secretly wished I had it in my yard.

I was excited to finally see my 2012 Mother's Day gift installed at the Zoo.   Curtis and the kids gave me a certificate telling me about the paver they purchased for me, but that it would not be installed for a while.  It finally got installed and I love it so much, the perfect and most thoughtful gift.  Something that will be there forever that my kids can bring their families back to see one day.

We missed our annual trip to the Gaylord and it was difficult to break tradition, but the theme was the same as when we visited last year (Shrek & Madagascar). Hoping next year brings an entirely new theme, because we love Grapevine.
Thanksgiving break was busy and full of fun.  Emma had swim practice, we had a couple lunch dates, visited Mr. Fred at the old timey toy store, finished decorating for Christmas, ice cream dates, playoff games, Christmas movies, shopping at the Galleria, read lots of books, sleepover with cousins and zoo lights.
Like always, we have a ton to be THANKFUL for and are BLESSED in more ways than we deserve.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Top of the Morning

Late to bed, nonstop all day, no nap and the first to rise every single day.  The boy requires very little sleep and has more energy than the rest of the house combined.

We are normally woke up with, "I gotta go potty, top of the morning Mom, I'm not sleepy Dad or good morning Mom and Dad."  Doesn't this kid know we have not slept in five and a half years?  Sometimes he quietly sneaks in the bed with us, wiggles around, pulls his shirt up and whispers, "Please rub my back Mom."  As tired as I am in the mornings when he comes scurrying in, I love that time with him.   Long story short, I am off this week and guess who greets me bright and early this morning?  Good thing I am so madly in love with him or he would be in big trouble.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Emma's 2012 Thanksgiving Feast

Today was Emma's first Thanksgiving CFA feast as a Kindergartner.   I was shocked when I heard it was at 10 in the morning, but it was a joy to eat breakfast lunch with this sweet girl.  Emma's teacher started her Thanksgiving travels early, so we missed seeing her but the sweet sub made sure the kids had a great day.
Earlier in the week they had a Native American craft day, a program, Turkey Trot to benefit Diabetes and talked of all the things they were THANKFUL for this year.  
My heart was warm inside when I saw the list my 5 year old girl generated on her own, spelling every word with no assistance.  I have always said the hardest job I have ever had in my life is being a MOMMY!  When I saw this list and that Emma Caroline put God first, I knew that we must be doing something right as parents.  I pray her little heart always loves and lives for God the way she does today.
Me and my little TURKEY before the feast began.  I brought Emma Chik Fil A to lunch because I knew what was on the menu and wanted her to eat.  Emma's friends Megan and GiGi ate with us today and it was fun to see them giggle and whisper at the lunch table, silly girls.

This is Emma's Principal Mrs. Shealy that we love so much.  She came from a Title 1 school prior to opening Emma's school two years ago and she "gets it".  If you are an educator you will clearly understand what "gets it" means, she is the whole package and puts kids FIRST.  I am so thankful for her and the love she has for kids.

Mrs. Jackson has fallen in love with Emma and her wardrobe (ha ha).  She stopped me today and said that her favorite part of everyday is seeing what Emma wears to school.  I told her thank you, but I hoped that she would remember Emma for her sweet smile and her kind heart. She is not one of Emma's teachers but loves to give her hugs in the hallways. 
I can not say enough wonderful things or how THANKFUL we are with Emma's school, our school of choice.  Emma is on a transfer to attend this school opposed to our neighborhood school and we are beyond pleased with our decision (one of the perks to working in the district).  We are so impressed with every faculty member, the curriculum, the culture, the other students, her teacher, the programs and the overall positiveness of this place. 
Emma Caroline, looks like KINDERGARTEN fits you well girl and we are so proud of you.  Thank you for sharing lunch with me today, it was a joy to sit by you and your friends.  We love you so much and are beyond BLESSED to call you our daughter.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Gavin's Thanksgiving Feast

Gavin's MDO program put on quite a production for their Thanksgiving feast.  Each child was responsible for contributing to the feast and they were assigned an item by age.  Gavin's age group was responsible for the mashed potatoes.
The church gym was transformed into a dining hall and each person had a place setting that read, "Guest of Gavin" (or their sweet babies name).  After the gym was loaded with 580 people, the teachers began serving a full Thanksgiving meal and desserts.

I was amazed at how well organized and wonderful the entire feast was for all of the families to enjoy.  Gavin got busy munching on some trail mix before lunch was served.

When one of the teachers put this in front of my sweet boy he shouted, "Ooohhh yuck, I am not eating that stuff."  Geez, can you just pretend Son?   He wanted this plate out of his sight immediately, so I offered it up to one of the men across the table from us.
I was so impressed with Gavin's Thanksgiving Feast and honored that I could be a part of it.  Gavin was so PROUD that I was there with him.  Today finds me so thankful for this little boy and his love for life.  I am even more thankful that God blessed me with him as a constant reminder of my Daddy, he is a spitting image of that man. 
Gavin Thomas, you are a special little boy and the love I have for you is a love that I share with no other.  You have loved me the way only a little boy can love his Mommy and I cherish that. Thank you for an awesome lunch date Son!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Emma got her ears pierced!

Today was the day that our sweet little girl decided she wanted to get her ears pierced.  She has been talking about this since August and weighing the pros and cons, she is so our child.   Back in August she asked me to take her to the store so she could talk to the people about getting her ears pierced.  We went Claire's and she listened while the lady explained and showed her the entire process, then she said, "I will be back when I am ready."   She has talked about it several times since then, but TODAY was the DAY!


We decided early on that we would let Emma decide when she was ready for earrings.  We chose not to do it when she was a baby (our personal decision) and that we would let her do it when she asked and was ready.  We wanted it to be about her, not us and I am so glad we waited.  I learned long ago that you have to do what works for your family, so no offense to those who have done it differently than us.

Today after church we went to lunch and to run a few errands.  Emma asked me if I would see if there were two ladies working today at Claire's because she wanted to get her ears pierced, but she wanted them done at the same time.  Today was her lucky day, there were two very sweet ladies working and willing to pierce her cute little ears.

She climbed up in the chair and was super excited.  It took about 45 minutes to get things signed, sterile and ready.  Of course Daddy gave the final okay on the purple dots and they had to be corrected a couple time to get his approval. We were not allowed to take pictures during the process and all I had was my phone, so the quality of these pictures is not great.
After the ladies got situated, Emma requested that Daddy hold her hands and I stood in front watching.  She was so brave and really did not cry through the process.  After it was over with I could tell that she wanted to cry, so I said, "Did it hurt baby? It is okay to cry."  As soon as I got those words out she started crying for about 30 seconds and that was it.  Daddy hugged and kissed her and told her how beautiful she looked and after that she was a happy girl.  

To say she is PROUD is an understatement.  She loves her new earrings and feels so sassy with them.   She has talked about them all day long and even helped me turn and clean them tonight.  They really look so cute on her, however it made me a little sad because she looks like a big girl.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Special Day

Today was a big day, so big that Emma got up at 5 in the morning super excited.  As soon as her feet hit the floor she started asking, "Mom, how much longer till Hannah Claire's party?"  I knew this would be the case, so I did not even tell her about the party till a couple days before.  Hannah Claire is Emma's favorite friend of all times and they share a very sweet connection. 
Emma was so cute on the way to the party.  She had not seen these girls since the summer when they said good-bye and all prepared to go their separate ways to Kindergarten.   Half way to the party Emma said, "Mom, do you think they are going to remember who I am?" 
These FIVE girls attended MDO together since they were all 15-18 months old and spent 4 years with one another day after day.   Ada, Hannah Claire, Gracie, Emma Caroline and Aubrey.

Sweet Hannah Claire is a cowgirl at heart and had the cutest little horse party. We arrived to the party about 10 minutes late and the kids were all playing when we got there.  Hannah Claire was talking to her friends and she spotted Emma and took off running to her, they hugged so tight and did not want to let each other go.  It was the sweetest thing and brought tears to my eyes.  From that second on they were hand in hand for the remainder of the day.

When it was Emma's turn to ride, she chose to ride double with HC and they were in BFF heaven.  It is so sweet for me to watch Emma with all of her friends, they are such an important part of who she is and she loves them all so much.  HC and Emma have sent pictures and notes back and forth since school has started and sweet HC has Emma's hanging above her bed. 

Emma had so much fun visiting with all her friends from MDO, she especially loved spending Hannah's 6th Birthday with her.  They held hands, laughed, caught frogs, rode horses and enjoyed each others company.  Last night after we left Hannah told her Mom that the best part of her day was riding the horse with Emma.  We both agreed that no matter how far apart we are that we must make a huge effort to keep these two connected, because they truly share something special and are crazy about one another.  These two girls are excited and looking forward to their time together over Christmas break.  
Emma Caroline, I am so PROUD of the friendships you share with so many little girls and am even more PROUD of your sweet soul you so willingly share with others.  Not only did it do your heart good to spend time with old friends, it did your Mommy's heart good too.  I love you more than you will ever know!   

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fall Festival Fun

We are ticketed out!   Today was both kiddos fall carnivals at their schools so we made a day of it.  Both of these events serve as major fundraisers for their schools and we wanted to give back to the two places that give so much to our sweet babies.
Gavin was mesmerized by this chicken in the petting zoo, he kept begging the man to put it down so he could do who knows what to the little fella.

These are 2/3 ladies that are responsible for Gavin at MDO daily.  They are so super sweet, love him, but provide a very strict and challenging environment daily.  Did I mention it is exactly what he needs and he is doing wonderful?   At Gavin's previous school he was "king of moving his clip" and often times left his teacher in a tizzy.  Hmmm, the best thing we did was change his environment and it has been wonderful. 

One can not attend a carnival without eating cotton candy and making a sand candy stick, we did both and now have two kids bouncing off the walls.

Gavin loves his new school and it is obvious that he is so comfortable and well loved there.  There was one little girl in his class that ran up to him during the carnival, kissed his hand and ran off (ha ha).

As soon as we finished with one festival, we were off to another.  Emma was so excited to get to her school, see all her friends and play some games.  We are absolutely in love with Emma's school and the people who work there.  No matter the event, it is obvious that "KIDS MATTER MOST" at her school and I love that.

Gavin loved this huge obstacle course that had little ones running around in it like crazy.  We were so afraid he was going to get hurt with all the rambunctiousness, it did not seem to phase him.

One of Emma's very favorite friends from school, Megan.  Megan started dancing with Emma when they were 3 and are now Kindergarten table partners.

Both schools have a silent auction that brings in an "over the top" amount of money.  Each class creates a project that is auctioned off and this is the one from Emma's class.  It was the sweetest canvas (4ft x 3ft) I had ever seen.  It was BIG or I would have bought it (out of wall space over here).  I was so nervous when I first saw it and quickly prayed that Emma Caroline was not holding a  sign that said, "Breast Feeding Mommy".  Looks like she was redirected or dreamed of  being a teacher that day.   My favorite is the little boy at the bottom holding the sign that reads, "Disney Parade Leader", that's awesome! 
Lack of sleep, sugar, bounce houses and being over stimulated always leads to this!  Wasn't easy to drag our two social butterflies away from the fun, but we are finally home.  So thankful for the two wonderful places and the people that our kids are surrounded by at school daily.