Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am one tired Mommy!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Best Baby Gadget Ever

I must admit that being a Mommy has been much easier the 2nd time around and here is my favorite little gadget these days. I wanted to share it with all you Mommy's out there in case you have never seen it. It is called itzzbeen and is a very inexpensive way to monitor your babies daily routine. I will be the first to tell you that breastfeeding stressed me out for the first few months with Emma and I kept a journal of when she ate, how long, slept and woke up. This little gadget has made life so much easier for me and my little man.

You got it ~ this little beauty has 4 different timers that keep track of the last diaper change, feeding, sleep and we use the * button to let us know how long Gavin has been awake. It also has a clock on it, a little flash light and a button for you to indicate and remember which side you nursed on last. Works out great when the HOTY gets home or I have to run somewhere, all the information is right at his fingertips.

So, all you Mommy's out there, Mommy's to be or someone looking for a great shower can not beat this little luxury. One thing is for sure, you will always know how long itzbeen.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

We might be entering...

the TERRIBLE twos a little early. This "itty bitty" has been very BOLD the last couple of days and pushing the limits with her Mommy & Daddy. I never thought it would be so hard to teach my child to do the right thing, but it is hard. Of course, we correct her every move and try to do it in a positive manner ~ but it is still hard.

She is just so darn cute and funny that many times we have to turn our heads and laugh so she will not see us, but quickly turn around to correct her behavior. It makes it really hard because she is so smart and is fully aware of the things she is doing wrong and will look at us to see if we are paying attention to what she is doing. I truly feel like she is just testing us and her test are pretty tough at times.

Last week I purchased a timer from Target to place in her room to set when she had to go to time out. The timer is just a little cheap kitchen timer that has a bell that rings when the timer goes off. I thought this would be a great way for her to know when she could get out of time out and leave her room. Well, since the day we brought the timer home she has been saying, "I want to go to time out to use my timer"...hmmm, perhaps that was not the best idea (especially since she has been going there a couple times a day here lately).

Need I tell you that I will be heading to Barnes & Nobles soon to purchase the book, Parenting the Strong Willed Child.

Here she is this morning after trying to rip her hair down.

Swinging away at Papa Ronnie's and Grandma Margaret's house.

She really admired all Grandma's flowers and attempted to pull up an entire plant when she got caught by her Daddy. Her Grandma told her she could pick one and assisted her in her efforts.

All of you know what a dog~dog lover she is and today she decided to crawl in Toby's kennel at her grandparent's house. I am thinking we might purchase one of these to keep her in, so we can survive the terrible twos (this is a JOKE...don't report us to the authorities).
Honestly, I think we will just pray our way through the terrible twos.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Our Big Boy

Girls are awesome and oh so cute, but let me just tell you that I am loving this little boy. He is some kind of sweetness and so lovey. I can not wait to take him for his 2 month check up to see how much this big ole boy weighs, any guesses?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

For the first time...

...since 3rd grade, I live in the same town with one of my Grandparents and I could not be more excited. My Maternal Grandfather's health has been declining in the past year and so my family was recently forced to make some decisions about his living arrangements.

My Grandparents (the only ones I have - my Dad's parents died before I was born), retired and moved to the country when I was in 3rd grade. I was not happy to say the least and I still remember their departure like it was yesterday. So all this time they have lived about 4 hours away. As a matter of fact when I decided where to go to college, I chose one that was 45 minutes away from their home so I could spend more time with them. That worked out perfect until it was time for me to graduate and move away again.

My sweet Grandmother, the sweetest and kindest person I have ever known in my life passed away 8 years ago and we begged for my Papa to come back home. He refused and continued to live in the town they had retired to many years ago.

Need I tell you that all the little widow women came out of the wood work when my Nanny passed away, because a single handsome man was in town. It made me sick and my family loved to tease me about my Papa having or finding a girlfriend. I would cry and cry about it, because I felt like I needed to remain loyal to my Nanny.

Well, guess what we got to do today after picking the "Itty Bitty" up from MDO? We got to go and see my Papa who just moved to an assisted living facility in our town on Monday.

I was so proud to walk in with my 2 sweet babies and ask the receptionist to direct us to Papa's room. It felt so good and I truly never thought I would see the day when he moved back here.

Here is a pictue of me & Papa on my wedding day. He walked me partly down the aisle to meet my Daddy ~ he is the sweetest little thing ever.

Papa and my sweet babies. This is the first time he has seen our "Little Man" and he was so excited and kept telling everyone, "these are my great grandbabies and that is my granddaughter."

My heart melted when I got home and saw this picture of him holding Gavin.

Emma was a little nervous about Papa being in a wheel chair. He can actually walk, but he recently had hip replacement and this makes it much easier for him to get around.

I had a lady that was passing by snap a picture of all of us. I sure wish Curtis could have been there with us, but he will go back with us soon.
It was so nice to just sit and visit with him. He is very smart, funny and awful handsome for someone that will be 88 years old in October. He told me that when he left home on Monday all the "little old ladies" were just crying and crying because they were going to miss him so much. He is quite the ladies man and is always dressed to perfection. I could not help but laugh when we got there becuase there he sat in his pressed khakis and dress shirt (he had no idea we were coming). He normally wears a straw cowboy hat too.
Everyone we walked past in the hallway just smiled and told me what a joy he was to have around. He also just kept telling me, "I can not believe I am here, I am back in the same town with all my family. I am so happy to be back with my family. I can not wait to see everyone." As hard as it was for us to get him here, I think he is thrilled to call this place his new home.
The place he moved is brand new and is beautiful. I was a little hesitant about going because I thought it would make me really sad to see him there, but it is just gorgeous and so nicely decorated. It is adorned with wrought iron, armoires, nice wall hangings, coordinating upholstered furniture, fireplaces and much more.
He has already had quite a few visitors, been to a couple of his great grandchildren's baseball games, gone to Target with my Uncle (he kept calling it Targie), gone out to dinner and watched an Astro's game with my Mom. He is very social, never meets a stranger, everyone loves him and has a million stories to tell about all his life experiences.
It was such a joy to see him interact with my children today and we look forward to many more visits with him.
Did I mention that I am so excited that for the first time since 3rd grade, I live in the same town with my Papa?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

7 weeks ago...

I became the Mommy to this sweet little boy that stole my heart the second I laid eyes on him.

I just can not get enough of him, really...he is such a good baby. We have been so blessed to have good babies. Thank you Jesus!

This little guy is sleeping between 4-7 hours and only waking up 1 time at night. He is smiling, laughing out loud, trying to talk, rolls from his stomach to his back and keeps his eyes on his Mommy at all times (I love that too!) I am thinking he might be a Mommy's boy.

We had our first date today...Gavin accompanied me to the hair salon to get a haircut. My hair dresser was kind enough to come in early and let me bring Gavin in order to get my hair done and it needed it bad. Gavin made it through the wash, half the cut and then under the smock he went for the rest of the time. It worked out great and David was so sweet about it all ~ thats why I love him and make the trek across town to see him.

Let me not forget that 7 weeks ago today, I also became the Mommy to TWO! It is alot of work, but oh so worth every second of it. I know that every Mommy is crazy about their little ones, but I am so blessed. I can not say it enough....I am blessed, I am blessed, oh so blessed & to God be the glory!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

On our way to...

Disney on Ice!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


...the little girl who taught me how to be a Mommy turned 22 months old. It is so hard for me to believe that she is almost 2 and reminds me that I need to start planning a birthday party soon.

These pictures crack me up...she was so funny during this photo shoot, but kept running away from me. I just love the little look on her face in this one and of course there she is in her famous squatting position.

Oh Emma, you are becoming such a big girl that you don't even want to be in your baby swing anymore. You love to swing in the "big girl"one and mimic us by saying,"Hold on tight, don't fall." Happens to be really cute when you say it too.
I guess you thought you were going to the Senior Prom when you struck this pose, so glad I captured it. Seriously, this is what all the girls do at Mommy's school when they are all dressed up for a formal event. I must admit that you are so STINKIN cute!
  • You have been a BIG SISTER for 6 weeks now and you talk about it daily.
  • You love to hold Gavin and give him his pacifier.
  • You primarily talk in complete sentences at this point and repeat EVERY single thing you hear. As a matter of fact your Daddy told me I was drama tonight and you thought it would be funny to say it too.
  • You love to eat and you beg us for candy everyday. Sometimes we give you 3 M&M's, but you try and grab 3 handfuls.
  • You have given up your sippie cup at naps and night time.
  • You are so independant and always say, "Emma do it, I do it, I do it!"
  • Singing and playing outside are on the top of your list these days.
  • Your favorite thing to do is go in your closet for long periods and come out dressed in the craziest stuff. It usually consist of a hat, sunglasses, a pair of shoes, 2 headbands and a jacket. Today you got all dressed up, grabbed your laptop, chapstick, bunny, purse and told me you were going to work.
  • You usually change your shoes about 18 times a day and I find little shoes all over the house.
  • Your favorite place to eat is "Chicka Fil A"...and yes that is how you say like to add an (A) on the end of Chick. You also love "mash tatoes."
  • You love animals...all kinds and you are not afraid of any of them.
  • You sit down with books and pretend to read and you are really good at it too.
  • You like money and you go straight to your piggy bank with it...a girl after my own a saver baby!
  • You love to find bugs and spiders and chase your Daddy down to get them.
  • You are extremely outgoing and talk to everyone when we go places. You usually tell them, "bye, love you."
  • You are a dancing machine and you have the cutest little moves.
  • It amazes us more and more everyday how quickly you pick up on things and remember everything, you are such a smart girl.
  • You melt our hearts every time you say "pwease" ~ makes it really hard to tell you no.
  • You are one of the most loving and affectionate kids I have ever met in my life and we love that about you.
  • You always say thank you, yes ma'am (even to your Daddy), bless you and thank you.
  • Your feet are so tiny, you still wear a size 4 shoe and you are short compared to other kids your age.
  • Everyday you make us so proud of you and we are so honored to be your parents.
I better get some rest, each day is a new day with you and we look forward to seeing what you will do next. Keep us laughing sweet girl, keep us laughing.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Speaking it into my LIFE!

Lets May of 2008 I had a conversation with my building Principal at the time, where he told me that he had accepted a new position to work in a neighboring school district and open up a brand new High School. I was DEVASTATED, to say the least.

He was not only my boss, but also my friend, my mentor, my teacher, my father figure after my Dad passed away and much more. He is the person who supported me when I met and fell in love with my husband, got engaged, got married, buried my Father, got pregnant, built a new home, got pregnant again and a bunch of little things in between. Oh and let me not forget that he is a family man that LOVES the Lord and does not mind letting you know about it, yes even inside the walls of public school. It does not get much better than that...

Just to give you a little more information, we had worked together in a previous school district and he actually recruited me to come and work at the school I have been at for 5 years. I was a middle school Counselor when he stepped out on faith and invited me to work under him as an Assistant Principal. I had actually tucked that degree away and had no plans of using it...I just loved school and kept going (ha ha)...funny how life works out, huh?

As you can imagine he was THRILLED that he had the opportunity to open this new facility and he quickly slid the plans over to me and said, "look at this place." I must say, it was amazing that a public school could be so nice. I was impressed from the start, so impressed that I quickly....grabbed a sharpie, a stack of post its and started searching for the perfect office for ME! I wrote my name on a sticky and stuck in on an office. He sort of chuckled and said, "your crazy girl"...he told me that many times during our years of working with one another. I just looked at him and said...



So here I sit almost one year later excited to call this place my new home away from home and eagerly awaiting the day to see my new office. Yes, I have accepted an Assistant Principal position that is only 2 miles from my house. God is good!

We will gain access to the building the first of July and I will officially report to work on August 1st for the 2009-2010 school year. I am still under contract and employed at my current school, but am off taking care of my sweet baby.

Look how humongous this place is...435,000 square feet of newness ~ Yummy! We will open up with about 800 kids consisting of only 9th & 10th graders. I can not wait. My case load will be between 200-250 students, I currently have 726 Seniors (by myself).

Let me share with you a few of the reasons I feel so blessed about this opportunity:

  • I will get to see my babies every morning (I never got to see Emma in the mornings because I left so early to make the 35 minute commute and she was still asleep)

  • When I have extra curricular duty (football, baseball & the list goes on) I will be close enough to run home and see my little ones

  • My contract will be 209 days opposed to 220 days which gives me 6 weeks off in summer with my babies opposed to 4

  • I will work for/with an amazing Principal & Associate Principal that I absolutely love, respect and admire.

  • My commute is 2 miles opposed to 30

  • ...the list goes on

This was a very bittersweet decision for me, but I know that God has had his hand in it from the beginning. I will truly miss my colleagues, the kids, the traditions, the parents, my friends and the community. I have had so many wonderful experiences and memories at RSS.

I am going to take a picture of the sticky note on the architectural drawings as soon as I get a chance...It has stayed on that same spot after 11 months.

Once again, I feel so blessed about this new opportunity to make a differece in the lives of young people. It is going to be so exciting to take part in opening up a brand new facility.

Please pray for me and all the other families that will be making the transition to become part of the BULLDOG team.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter EGGStravaganza

This post is filled with lots of pictures of the events leading up to Easter Sunday.

The "Itty Bitty's" class at MDO after their egg hunt. These little bitty's were so cute hunting all the eggs. They wanted to open them and eat the candy right away. Notice that my strong willed child is the only one standing...hmmm.

We waited till the last minute, but decided today to take our sweet babies to see the Easter Bunny. Honestly, I did not think we would get a picture so I took this before we left the house. Gavin was not too happy, can you blame him?

We had a few errands to run, so we stopped off at Pottery Barn Kids and look who was there ~ Peter Cotton Tail. This worked out lines, no screaming kids & no pricey picture package. Being the good blogger that I am, I had my handy dandy camera and decided to take the pictures myself. To be honest, Emma had no plans of getting near this BIG EARED FELLA ~ she admired him from afar for about 15 minutes. Well, when we sat her little brother in his lap, she hopped right on up there too. Way to go Gavin!
This is what a trip looks like for us these day...2 strollers in tow, we have not invested in a double one yet...not through researching what is out there.
One of our goals today was to let Emma build-a-rabbit....uh, WRONG. You got it, she built another dog-dog instead. We did everything in our power to persuade her to pick a different one, any one and she was not having it. So now I think we have about 96 stuffed dogs, no kidding we are running a dog shelter over here.
This evening we dyed eggs and this "little man" wanted no part of it.

Emma really enjoyed putting the eggs in the dye or should I say throwing them in there?
Waiting patiently for them to get darker before taken them out.

Look how serious she is about putting the final touches on them. Can you guess what the final touch happens to be?

If you know anything about this child, I am sure you guessed right... a bunch of dog stickers.
Every sweet baby needs an Easter basket. Emma's is filled with lots of sweet treats, a dog book, chap stick (she loves to put this on constantly), dog stickers, a stuffed bunny and the big eggs contain Easter themed Little People (we love them). Gavin's basket has a stuffed duck, some pacis and burp clothes.
We are looking forward to celebrating the real meaning of Easter tomorrow with our sweet babies and our family.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Best of both Worlds....

A little girl and a little boy...what more could a Mommy ask for? They are so different, but oh so sweet.

Emma has officially entered her dress up stage. She goes in her closet everyday and loves to put on 9 different pair of shoes, some type of hat, a jacket and some sunglasses. Here is her latest fashion trend, check out the shoes. She finally got her first pair of "Crocs" and she loves them. They are the Mary Jane ones, but she quickly realized if she put the straps up top she could wear them as clogs and she thinks she is so darn cute in them ( I must admit, they are super cute on her).

Look at this handsome "little man". I could just eat him up, he is so sweet! He has started smiling at us the last couple days, rolls from his tummy to his back and follows our voices. I am thinking he might be a Mommy's boy, he loves to just stare at me and hear my voice. Did I mention that I LOVE IT?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

5 weeks old ~ Birth Announcement

Our "Little Man" is 5 weeks old today. Where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday when we headed to the hospital to meet this little fella.

I figured what better day than today to share our beautiful birth announcement with all of you. We mailed these out at the end of last week, so I am hoping that they have arrived in every ones little hands by now.

Front ~ Is that the sweetest little face you have ever seen or what?
Inside ~ We wanted to stick with the Safari theme and our AMAZING photographer did a phenomenal job of helping us accomplish that goal.

Back ~ We could not leave the "Big Sister" out of the fun, she is in love with this sweet baby boy and can hardly keep her hands off of him. We are so proud of her and so blessed and privileged to have these 2 little miracles call us Mommy & Daddy.