Sunday, March 31, 2013


Happy Resurrection Sunday from our family to yours!   We spent an amazing day at church, teaching Sunday school and enjoying the afternoon with family.    
Both of my kids have melted my heart this Easter with their knowledge of Jesus.  They have retold the story of his resurrection over and over, every detail.  
After Sunday school this morning I heard Emma asking her Daddy, "Dad was it appropriate that we watched a movie about Jesus being crucified in class?  I mean he was bleeding.  Was that appropriate for me to watch?"  We tenderly explained to her that it was okay because it was the story of Jesus.  Her precious heart was so concerned, but after she got our approval she seemed fine.  We pretty much stick to Disney around here.
Gavin did not do so well in worship this morning.  After praise and worship he was D.O.N.E!  When the preacher got up to start speaking he decided to shout out, "Blah, blah, blah, bl"!  The last blah was cut off because I was quick and got my hand up to his mouth before the last "ah" could escape.  I felt my entire body get hot, looked around and people were laughing.  My coworker who was an entire section over and about 6 rows back decided to come acknowledge that he heard Gavin's outburst.   Well, everyone thought it was funny EXCEPT me and his Daddy. 

Thankful for so many things this year, but especially BLESSED by his love.  So thankful that our household has chose to serve the Lord and have a personal relationship with Jesus.  Grateful for an amazing church home that values youth.   I hope that each of you have introduced your children to Christ, there is no greater gift we can give our children and it is never too late.
"Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old,
he will not depart from it."
(Proverbs 22:6)

Happy Easter 2013 ~ The Frazier Four

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gavin's MDO Easter Party

I love attending the celebrations at Gavin's MDO program.  Each one starts out with chapel, praise/worship and then it's party time.

The church is getting a new sanctuary, so there are fences with nets all around them on the playground.  The boys have figured out a way to make finger holes in the nets to watch the bulldozers and tractors work. Before the egg hunt we went outside and let the kids play in the leaves and watch the construction.  This just screams fall to me.

Someone spotted the Easter Bunny and he was super excited. After he spotted him he walked up to him and started looking at the back of the costume to figure out how the person got it on, this boy! 

Big hugs for the Easter Bunny then it was outside to hunt the eggs.  The kids were so cute running and counting eggs, they were each allowed to find 12.

I was unable to get many pictures because I was helping with the party and chasing this little man around picking up eggs as they fell out of his basket.

Operation Easter Egg hunt at PreK 3 was complete and he was ready to open every single egg up and look inside.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Break 2013

We made it home injury free and Spring Break 2013 was a success.   Our plane landed about 3 hours ago, our bags are unpacked and the kiddos are tucked in bed.  Everyone of us loved our time in Steamboat Colorado and it was difficult to leave behind this morning.  That little ski town of 10,000 will make you rethink the way you are living life in the big city, for sure.

So much fun, many new experiences and lots of memories made.  We spent our week skiing, snow tubing, riding the gondola, snowmobiling, visiting the ice castle, eating great food, watching the parade/fireworks, watching it snow, enjoying extended family, staying up late, seeing hot air balloons, exploring the creeks, having snowball fights and simply taking in an amazing place we had never been before.

There is no place like home, we are glad to be back here BUT we will long for the day when we make our way back to Steamboat, no doubt!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Praise God ~ We are Off!

Spring Break 2013 is going to happen for The Frazier Four after all.  A horrible virus hit Casa de Frazier early Saturday morning and all of us got it.  When I say it was ugly, I mean ugly.  As of last night at 10:00 PM, we are all fever free.   Yesterday around noon I started calling to see what was refundable and lets just say we would have lost a ton of money had we not been able to go (never been a fan of trip insurance, but this has taught us a lesson).
These kiddos are excited and so are we.  Even in the midst of all the sickness, they both just kept asking if we would still be able to go on vacation.   We are still a little weak, but hopeful when we get some food in our system we will feel much better.  Thank God that Emma and Gavin are such troopers and wonderful little travelers.
We are excited to set out on a new adventure and experience things we have never experienced before as a family.  We will be back in 7 days, yep we are missing two days of school and I feel a little guilty.  Praying we have a safe trip, make memories that last a lifetime, Emma's asthma will be under control and that we all come back healthy/injury free.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Batman Returns

Gavin Thomas had a great day and was all jacked up on S.U.G.A.R, afterall every little boy should eat what he wants on his FOURTH birthday, right?
Gavin chose the Batman theme and what he wanted at his party, these batman blowers were a must on one of our many visits to the party store.

Whoever knew that batman had a big sister?  This girl was so excited that it was her little brother's birthday and stayed in Batman mode all weekend long.  So thankful these two have each other and are so madly in love.

I do not think he stopped smiling all day long, he loved this bounce house and having his family and friends here with him.

This picture is one of my favorites from his birthday celebration.  That face, those hands and the excitement in that little four year old body makes me so happy.  He loved this dragon from Aunt Stacey, Hunter and Camryn.

I love that all our party guest get involved in "present time".  Never can have too many helpers when your opening those gifts.  Little man got lots of Batman stuff, Octonauts, a bike, books, games and gift cards.

This balloon was amazing and so worth the money, it lasted forever too.  Everyone needs a life size Batman to celebrate their FOURTH Birthday week, don't you think? 

A party with the Frazier Four ALWAYS includes a pinata and it gets wild/dangerous around here when it is time to start swinging the bat.  Look at that little face, I could kiss it all day long and then some. 
Oh sweet boy, I am so glad I am your Mommy and I am so thankful I got to plan this party for you. You are such a special child and God has great things in store for your little life. Your day was filled with all the things YOU wanted and I enjoyed watching you turn FOUR!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Batman Decorations

As usual, we allow our kids to pick their own birthday themes and Gavin did not hesitate to pick Batman months ago.  I am not a huge character fan, but I learned long ago it is about them and not me.
No Batman party would be complete without a cape, mask and gauntlets.  
We decided to use the colors blue, black and yellow for our Batman party.  Little man's batman toys added a special little touch at no cost. 

My kid's think that a party is not a party WITHOUT a pinata, so we got this guy to hang on the rope this year.
I asked Gavin what he wanted at his party and he said, "I want a cake, cupcakes, candy and ice cream Mom."  Can we say sugar overload?

Batman cake from our very favorite bakery, it did not disappoint this year.  We love the yummy icing and raspberry filling. 

Our party favor table that was quite simple this year.  Batman sugar cookies and candy to take home, along with the bag of junk from the pinata.

Gavin saw this Batman balloon months ago and had to have it.  We bought it back in January and just took it back the day of his party to be filled with air and assembled.  It was a little pricey, but well worth the money.  He is still inflated in our foyer and he is huge.  I felt a little awkward driving home from the party store with him, he had to ride in the passenger seat upside down because it was the only way he would fit.

Gavin's cake table, my favorite part of every party is watching my kids stand up at this table surrounded by family and friends while they blow out their candles.  Sweet, precious and unforgettable memories indeed.  

The backyard Happy Birthday banner along with a little table we set up for the kiddos to have lunch.

Daddy spent a couple weekends before the party pressure washing and refinishing our swing set which is a huge task (for a perfectionist).  I love writing Happy Birthday on the chalkboard every year to my babies.

We arranged to have a 10x10 bounce house delivered but apparently it was damaged, so the company showed up with this.  Thought we might have to put it up on the roof, but we made it work and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it.

Gavin loved the big Batman banners that were on each side and the big slide.

This birthday cake is so special to me and has been put in the yard for everyone of our kid's birthdays.  I can not wait to pass it down to them one day, so they can share the tradition with their children. 

We set up our soccer goal and roller coaster for the party guest to enjoy too.  Between the jump house, swing set, playhouse and pinata, everyone had plenty to do.

One last request from my little superhero loving birthday boy was party blowers and he got them!  It sure was a fun day, more pictures to come soon.  

Friday, March 8, 2013

Gavin's Invite

Life was a little hectic this year around Gavin's birthday, so I snapped his picture and had my photographer create this invite.   We have yet to do his 4 year old pictures, but hoping to get those done in the next week or two.  

I love the little details that make parties so wonderful and I love cards.   I have saved an invite from each of  my kiddo's birthdays and put them away in their memory boxes.  Thankful to add this Holy Batman invite to the collection.

I am also proud to announce that I cut way back this year and only sent out 18 invites (if you know me, that is a big deal).   I made a promise to cut back on the "over the top" parties and I kept my promise.  In return, we are taking a Spring Break trip skiing (post Gavin's birthday celebration).  I have tried to focus more on giving our kids experiences/memories opposed to stuff.  I have also learned that I am able to enjoy my kiddos much more with fewer party guest and I like that feeling. Now if I can convince the social butterfly of this before her party in June.

Hoping to get party pictures posted soon.  Thank you Darla for helping me out, once again.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Celebrating Gavin

Yesterday was a very busy, yet special day for us.  Gavin officially turned FOUR years old and we wanted to do something special for him, that he would really enjoy.
We started our morning at church and it was wonderful because the service was dedicated to the children at church.  Curtis and I taught our 4 year old kiddos and took them to the chapel for part of the service, they loved it.  After church we headed home to load up the car, change clothes and get ready to celebrate the birthday boy.  We decided to wear the same clothes we wore for his party the day before, so we could be in true BATMAN spirit and hopefully get a few pictures.

We opted to stay in our neighborhood and enjoy the beautiful weather and the lake.  Gavin always loves to hang out at the lake, so Daddy dropped me and Emma off with all the stuff while they ran to Subway to grab our "picnic" lunch.
My lil' party planner in training was happy to assist me in picking out the perfect spot, setting up the blanket, cupcakes and gifts for her lil' brother.
Gavin was so excited when he got back with Daddy and saw that we would be enjoying the outdoors for the day.
Our picky little eater opted for a 6 inch piece of white bread, Doritos and a cupcake for his birthday lunch.  Yep, his Daddy paid $3.00 for an empty loaf of bread at Subway (afterall it was his birthday).
These two love every single thing about each other.  She was so excited that it was his birthday and was so happy to watch him get so many new toys.

I love the age FOUR and all the fun it brings with it.  FOUR was a great age for Emma and I look forward to watching Gavin as a FOUR year old.  When I look at this picture and his little face, I still see a baby face.  There is something that changes in the FOURTH year of life when they lose that baby face and start looking much older (not looking forward to him looking like a big boy).
Today was a big day for me too, I am now the Mommy of a FOUR and FIVE year old for the next FOUR months.  It is so hard to get a picture of these two when they are both looking these days, so I was thrilled with this one.
Look at his little face, look at that smile, love him so much!  We were singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him for about the 10th time of the day.  

Saturday we gave Gavin a new bike, but saved the rest of his presents for his real birthday.  He loved all of his stuff and studied every gift he opened so intently.  This kid is so much fun to surprise with gifts because he makes you feel like every single one is his favorite, it is awesome.

This little boy has no idea how blessed he is to have Curtis as his Daddy.  Not just saying this because he is my husband, but anyone who knows him will tell you that he is some kind of wonderful.  Gavin is completely smitten over him, 100% a Daddy's boy.

The ducks were so respectful of our picnic today, but came around as soon as we pulled out the loaf of bread we brought to feed them.
We had a very special day, celebrating a very special little boy at the lake today.  It was so much fun to enjoy lunch outdoors, play at the park, feed the ducks, go on a nature walk and watch Gavin open his gifts - just the Frazier Four. 
Happy 4th Birthday Gavin Thomas!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Gavin

Four years ago today, you blessed us in a HUGE way little man and no doubt in my mind you will make a difference in this world. 
Yesterday we celebrated your FOURTH birthday with a Batman party and you had a blast.  You ate, you ran, you screamed, you jumped, you played, you blew your candles out twice, you used a ton of sprinkles on your ice cream, you ripped open gifts, you shouted thank you ladies and gentleman for coming to my party, you hugged us, you were excited, you hit the pinata hard, you played pretend, you pulled down your pants and tee tee'd in the yard,  you ate candy, you stuck your finger in your cake and you turned FOUR!
Gavin, your love for life has taught me how to be a better Mom, friend, educator and look at life totally differently.  You have taught me that sometimes matching is not important, it is okay to get dirty, hair doesn't have to be brushed everyday, things are meant to be eaten that fall on the floor, soapy bath water is safe to drink and to just simply enjoy life.  You have more energy than anyone I have ever met in my entire life and I love that about you.  You play hard, you dream big, you fight for what you want and no doubt God is preparing us and you for amazing things in life.
I am so thankful that you have filled our home with train tracks, pirate toys, firetrucks, die cast cars, toy story figurines, wooden blocks, superheros, dinosaurs, octonauts, airplanes, police cars, dump trucks and so much more.   You, little man have made our family complete and we are so blessed to be The Frazier Four.
We love every single thing about you, appreciate your randomness, admire your demanding personality, think you are hysterical and would not CHANGE a single thing about your little life.  You are the friendliest little boy we know, never meet a stranger and shake hands with everyone you meet along the way. You're an awesome little brother and your sister is your best friend.  You two love hard and fight hard too, never wanting to be separated from the other.  We are so PROUD to be your family Gavin and look forward to being on this journey with you as you celebrate each one of  your birthdays.
We loved you before we met you, we loved you yesterday, we love you today and we will ALWAYS love you unconditionally son.  Thank you for being you and for being a part of this family.  We are honored and blessed to be your parents and sister.  Our love for you is beyond explanation.
Happy 4th Birthday
 Gavin Thomas Frazier 
"You don't raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons they'll turn out to be heroes, even if its just in your eyes." Walter m. Schirra, Sr.