Saturday, April 25, 2009

We might be entering...

the TERRIBLE twos a little early. This "itty bitty" has been very BOLD the last couple of days and pushing the limits with her Mommy & Daddy. I never thought it would be so hard to teach my child to do the right thing, but it is hard. Of course, we correct her every move and try to do it in a positive manner ~ but it is still hard.

She is just so darn cute and funny that many times we have to turn our heads and laugh so she will not see us, but quickly turn around to correct her behavior. It makes it really hard because she is so smart and is fully aware of the things she is doing wrong and will look at us to see if we are paying attention to what she is doing. I truly feel like she is just testing us and her test are pretty tough at times.

Last week I purchased a timer from Target to place in her room to set when she had to go to time out. The timer is just a little cheap kitchen timer that has a bell that rings when the timer goes off. I thought this would be a great way for her to know when she could get out of time out and leave her room. Well, since the day we brought the timer home she has been saying, "I want to go to time out to use my timer"...hmmm, perhaps that was not the best idea (especially since she has been going there a couple times a day here lately).

Need I tell you that I will be heading to Barnes & Nobles soon to purchase the book, Parenting the Strong Willed Child.

Here she is this morning after trying to rip her hair down.

Swinging away at Papa Ronnie's and Grandma Margaret's house.

She really admired all Grandma's flowers and attempted to pull up an entire plant when she got caught by her Daddy. Her Grandma told her she could pick one and assisted her in her efforts.

All of you know what a dog~dog lover she is and today she decided to crawl in Toby's kennel at her grandparent's house. I am thinking we might purchase one of these to keep her in, so we can survive the terrible twos (this is a JOKE...don't report us to the authorities).
Honestly, I think we will just pray our way through the terrible twos.


Erica Williams said...

My mother just gave me that book tonight! She said she read it when I was a baby and my son is just like I was so it'd be a good idea for me to read! lol Your little ones are so darn cute!

Hollye said...

Ummmm....if you think 2s are bad, the 3 are WORSE! Kennedy knows how to push my buttons and does so on a daily basis. I love my child, but there are days when I want to give her away. As for the kennel....Kennedy still gets in ours. She likes to take her "babies" in there and hang out. She also likes to decorate it. She hangs pictures that she draws. She said that Maxie needs something pretty to look at. She is a MESS.

Darla DiStefano Photography said...

You know I think James Dobson rocks! Get the book! :-) She is way too cute in those black and white duds! Who could discipline her???

Anonymous said...

Hi there...I found your blog, through Kelly's're children are beautiful! As the mommy of two little boys, ages 8 and 6....I can tell you three is MUCH worse then two!! My oldest was also an early talker....he is 8 now, and talk and talks and talks...sometimes I wonder if he will ever stop!! And by the way, I am pretty sure the terrible two's end when we send them off to college!!

Danielle said...

I have to agree with Hollye. My girls both were bad at three but 3 was SO MUCH WORSE. I think they say the terrible 2's to prepare you for the HORRIBLE 3's. Good Luck. If you find something that works...pass it on.

Lianna Knight said...

Are you sure you are talking about Emma???? She looks too cute to be going through the Terrible Twos :)

Rebecca Jo said...

I was reading what you were saying about the terrible twos & then glanced down & saw the "cage" picture & thought, "that's how you keep her out of trouble for awhile"... hehe!!!

How can that angel face be anything but angelic??? I guess even angels have to turn two at one point or another!