Saturday, February 16, 2013

8 and Under CHAMPS Meet

We spent 9 hours sniffing chlorine today and our girl did not disappoint in the H2O!  She was a rock star in the pool today and improved her time in every event by 7-13 seconds (huge in the swim  world).  There were 370 swimmers at this meet and it was organized chaos, to say the least.  Emma held her own as a five year old and was able to keep up with the eight year olds she was swimming against. 
We are so PROUD of this girl and the improvements she has made over the past 10 months in the pool.  She truly loves swimming, her coaches and the friendships she has made along the way.  I absolutely love the look on her face as she gets ready for the 25 backstroke. Today's results:
25 Backstroke ~ Improved 7:05 seconds
25 Freestyle ~ Improved 13:21 seconds
50 Backstroke ~ 11:06 seconds

Emma Caroline, you are an amazing little girl and we are so proud of every single thing about you.  We love cheering you on and supporting you in the pool and life.  It has been an amazing journey to watch you jump in the pool as a 4 year old and never bring your heart back with you, you have fallen in love with swim and we have fallen deeper in love watching you.   Thank you for letting us be your biggest fans, keep kicking girl.

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