Friday, April 26, 2013

Swim Team Rookie Camp

Both of kids started rookie camp for summer swim team at the start of the week.  We had been prepping Gavin for a couple weeks in hopes that swim team would be a great experience for him.

Emma was not required to participate in rookie camp, but we let her so she could provide comfort to her brother and get some extra practice in since we were going to be at the pool.  She was a little Momma to Gavin all week, making sure he had his kickboard, goggles and got to the appropriate swim group. 

She was so encouraging to him and there were a few times I had to tell her he was fine and to just leave him alone (ha).  Gavin was so eager to get in the water and get started.  Day 1 did not go so well, but we just encouraged him to keep going back.

Rookie camp is designed for first time swim team kids, but it does not spend a large amount of time teaching kids to swim.  Here are all the non swimmers listening to the coaches telling them how the week would go.  Um, Gavin took his goggles off and was like, "uh not me!"

Day 2 was much better and he began kicking, going under water and moving his arms in a swimming motion.  I thought this was going to be the summer that we would be cheering both of our kiddos on poolside.

Gavin continued to work with Coach John and do what he was expected to do at rookie camp.  By day 4 something scared him and he had made up his mind that he was not going to participate any longer.  When this kid makes up his mind he is done, he is done and there is NOTHING that can convince him otherwise (not even ice cream).

By Day 5 all the kids were required to swim 25 yards (length of the pool) unassisted to be able to move onto swim team.  Gavin was not able to do it and honestly he wasn't even interested.  I am not one to force my kids to do anything, only to finish what they started so we were PROUD that he completed rookie camp.  Gavin loves the water, but he likes to play it safe. 

Our goal is to get him some private swim lessons with a swim coach before next season, so he can join his sister next summer on swim team.  Way to go Gavin, we are so proud of your for trying big boy. 

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