Friday, May 17, 2013

Super Kids Day Kindergarten 2013

Kindergarten is just weeks away from coming to an end, but not until Super Kids Day!  Emma was so excited about this day, but was not looking forward to wearing a T-shirt and leaving her cowboy boots behind.

This child and her fashion desire drives me plum crazy some mornings.  She truly believes that tennis shoes and T-shirts are for BOYS and it is a fight to get her to wear either one.  She finally agreed when I told her I would put bows on the shirt and make it girly (her Daddy likes to remind me that I have created the monster!).

Emma's best buddy this school year was Ellie and we loved hearing a different story everyday about what they did at school.
The day was so organized, fun and offered so much for the kids to do.  They were required to have their cards stamped at 10 booths before getting a snow cone, great idea.
Emma, Ellie and Riley are always giving each other big hugs.  I am so glad that Emma's friends are as affectionate as she is and don't mind all the hand holding and hugs.

As a working Mom I am so thankful that I get to participate in all the extra things my kids are involved in at school. I have always had understanding Principals that just say, "Go" and because of that I did not miss a thing at Gavin or Emma's school this year.  Blessed!

A good old fashion sack race for Emma and Ellie.  These girls fell down in this sack a couple times and they would just roll around laughing on the ground.  Emma's teacher came up to me as she was playing football with the boys and said, "I love that she is such a girly girl, but she will get out here and sweat too.  She always loves to play sports with the boys, but she usually does it in her cowboy boots."

This little girl has had an amazing KINDERGARTEN year filled with so much learning, growth, school pride and friendships.  The entire experience has been a blessing this year!

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