Friday, July 3, 2009

4 Months already?

You might be looking at a future linebacker right here friends. This boy is solid as can be and growing more and more everyday. I am not kidding you one bit at all when I tell you I could just stare at him all day. Have yet to put my finger on it, but there is something super special about little boys.

He is one of the sweetest little things I have ever laid my hands on in my entire life. Always smiling, always laughing, always happy and always looking for his MOMMY. Yep, I think I got me a Mama's boy and I am just fine with that...can you blame me?

Where has the time gone? It does not feel like we should be singing Happy Birthday to this little guy again. Yes, we sing Happy Birthday to our sweet babies on their monthly Birthdays too ~ big fun, big fun! So, what is Mr. Gavin doing?

  • Wearing size 4 diapers (your sister is in a size 5)
  • Weighed 19 lbs 11oz last week, but we will have an accurate weight on Thursday at your check up
  • You are still just nursing exclusively, no formula for you big boy
  • Constantly have a smile on your face
  • Daddy can make you belly laugh
  • You love to listen and watch your sister
  • Taking baths in the big tub, you have outgrown your baby tub
  • No longer wear footed pajamas, you are wearing big boy ones and you look so cute
  • Wore shoes for the first time yesterday 0-6 month Pedi Peds
  • Wear size 6-12 month clothes, but only 2 lbs from being in 12-18 month
  • Enjoy listening to Mommy sing
  • We have been in the pool all summer and you love it
  • Roll from your stomach to back
  • Sit up in your bumbo seat
  • Your little neck is getting stronger everyday
  • Love to be held and cuddled
  • Babble and coo all the time
  • Enjoy rides in the double stroller with your Big Sister
  • Try to suck your thumb daily, but we take it out
  • Eat about 5 ounces at each feeding
  • Never take your eyes off your Big Sister
  • Enjoy the swing for short lengths of time
  • You are sleeping all night and have been since you were 2 months old (at least 11 hours)
  • Have started drooling in the last 2 weeks

It is time for you to be moved from your cradle on your Daddy's side of the bed to your crib, but I continue to put it off. There is something about knowing you are our last baby that has kept me from moving you in your own bed. I would keep you in here forever, but I know in my heart it is not what is best for you. I know that you will be so much more comfortable on a mattress that is thicker than 2 inches and probably sleep so much better.

Gavin, you are such a blessing and we love you so much. Thanks for being such a sweet sweet baby that just goes with the flow. You have given us so many reasons to smile in the last 4 months and there is nothing more enjoyable than that big ole grin of yours "little man".


Jilly said...

Size 4 diapers already? I think you're right...a future football player. What a sweet boy!

monelle said...

happy birthday gavin!

Jennifer said...

Oh Gavin, you have outgrown Brody even though he is 5 months older than you! You are just the cutest thing. And your momma is right...there is something special about those boys! Happy 4 month big boy!

MiMi said...

I can tell just from that adorable picture that there is something super special about this big ole' guy! When I see his picture, I just wish I lived close enough to get my hands on him! He just LOOKS like a sweet boy!

Glad you got you a Mama's boy!

Melissa said...

He is getting so big. I cannot believe how much bigger he is then my little ones. I think you have the LB we have the pitcher and ballerina. ;0) So precious girl! Give that big boy a birthday kiss from us!