Wednesday, July 8, 2009

If you're happy and you know it...

say Amen, Amen...if you're happy and you know it say Amen, Amen...if you're happy and you know it then your face will surely show it, if you're happy and you know it say Amen, Amen!

This is one happy little fella right here... day or night, dark or light, what you see is what you get...he is a LOVER of life.

Drooling up a storm, might be a tooth making its appearance soon. We go to the Dr. on Monday to find out what "our little man" weighs? I am thinking those cheeks alone are about a pound each. Oh, and check out those cute little feet and toes...they are so darn cute. We finally got some shoes and wore them for the first time last week. However, I must favorite baby feet are shoeless.

Just dawned on me that I completely forgot to post on July 3rd...that was the day 1 year ago that we found out that the 4th Frazier would be joining our family and I am so glad HE did. This is the picture we shared with our family to announce that we were pregnant...took them about a second to catch on.

Look how much the "Itty Bitty" has changed in 1 year. If I could only slow down the hands of time, I would do it in a second and I am sure many of you would join me.


Brandi said...

He is soooo cute!! LOVE the big cheeks!!! What a beautiful family!!!

Lianna Knight said...

I think he takes after you Laura...I hardly EVER see you without a smile on your face too :)


Adventures on the Farm said...

Gavin is adorable and looks like the happiest baby I have EVER seen. And WOW Miss Emma has sure grown.

Sweet, sweet family!!!

Katie said...

WHAT A HAPPY FACE!!!! Couldn't you just gobble him right up?!?!