Saturday, September 12, 2009

What a week...

it has been in the Frazier household. Honestly, it has been the roughest week we have had as parents. It all began last Friday when Emma came down with fever of 101.7. This poor baby was sick for 7 days straight. We visited the Dr. twice and the Emergency Room once in the past week to be diagnosed with Croup and Pneumonia. On day number 4 of her sickness, our Little Man started running a fever and also had to be taken to the Dr. He was diagnosed with an ear infection, they also gave us a prescription for the Croup if he just happened to get it too. Needless to say, the prescription has been filled and we are currently treating him for Croup also. Ugg...I just want the germs and infection to leave my house and my sweet little family. I need my babies to be back to their jolly little selves and I need it QUICK.

As if all of this was not enough, Gavin received his cranial band and had his initial fitting yesterday afternoon. They actually put it on his little head, marked it with a sharpie and cut it down to the perfect size right there while we waited (the mold was made 2 weeks ago).

This is our sweet friend Aaron who has worked with us at the facility to get Gavin scanned and fitted for his cranial band. He has gone out of his way to make us feel comfortable with our decision to move forward in this process.

Well, it did not take me long to get some stickers put on this new accessory my son is sporting. These stickers are actually just very temporary and not really wanting to stay on. We have ordered permanent vinyl stickers that should arrive in the next couple days.

So far, so good. Today we had to wear the band for 1 hour and then remove it for one hour all day long. The time will increase over the next 4 days until we are wearing it 23 hours a day. We should be to that stage by Wednesday if all goes as planned. Believe it or not, Gavin does not seem to mind it at all. We will see how it goes tomorrow when we increase the length of time he is required to wear it each day. The only problem seems to be the sweat, poor little fella. We have been told by several people that his body will adjust to the heat within about 2 weeks and he will stop sweating. I sure hope this is true for his sake. My goal is to get some better shots of him tomorrow and of that sassy little girl of mine.

Speaking of Emma, she is just the sweetest little girl ever. This morning she woke up and Gavin had his band on and she said, "Brother, I like your new helmet. I like your stickers Gavin." I am telling you she loves her little brother and is so protective.

Between Doctor visits, paying for our cranial band, buying medicine and an additional humidifier we could have gone on a really nice tropical vacation. I feel like we have spent so much money this week, maybe because we have. Oh and did I mention, we need to buy 3 new toddler car seats tomorrow? This little guy needs more room for his thighs and his helmet. OUCH...we will really be broke.

I just keep reminding myself...we are blessed, oh so blessed.


Deidra Brown said...

Man! sorry to hear about your rough week. I hope and pray that everyone starts to feel better. By the have I love the design work on Gavin's head piece.

Darla DiStefano said...

Laura, that is the cutest thing ever! and still so happy!

monelle said...

Sorry to hear about your babies being so sick. You have been on my mind this week. Gavin is such a trooper! hugs!

Courtney said...

I mean that helmet is about the cutest thing ever! Can't wait to see it after you get your permanent stickers on it! Hope that your sickly babies are getting better! Let Deb Traina take care of them for a night...she wouldnt mind!

Melissa said...

He is still a sweet little smiley face even with his band on. What a cutie pie. I am so glad that he is adjusting well and that it is not bothering him too much. He will be out of that thing before you know it. I hope that everyone is feeling better. Cannot imagine 2 sickies at the same time! yikes!!

Lisa said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog but wanted to pipe in to say my littliest one had to wear a helment too starting around 9 months old. She adapted so well and really didn't even notice. It was the BEST thing ever and she improved so well she got to take it off after 3 months. I always thought she looked so cute in it! Gavin is cute in his as well! Love how you decorated it!

Looking forward to following along in your blog. :)