Saturday, January 30, 2010

First Haircut x 2 = 1

Appointments made (check), appointments verified (check), camera (check), camera card cleared (check), battery charged (check), back up camera just in case (check), envelopes labeled for first clipping of hair and age (check), suckers (check), juice for Emma (check), everyone in the car (check) & finally the Frazier Four headed towards the salon (check).

You see, I had made these appointments a couple months back and cancelled because I was struggling with getting their hair cut, so this was the 2nd set of appointments. Something about it all made me a little sad, but I knew there was no backing out this go around.

We had been talking to Emma about it all week and she seemed super excited. "Seemed" is the key word. As for Gavin, he just goes with the flow and besides that only needed a few snips here and there. Daddy could have probably gotten the job done, but I wanted him to have it done professionally so we could document the big event.

I was so super excited that both of my babies were getting their 1st haircut on the same day, even though they are 20 months apart.

Upon arriving, the Big Sister declared that our Little Man could be first. Then she told me I could be first. At this point she started getting a little nervous, but we just kind of ignored it and Gavin and I got in the chair so David could get started. Daddy stood behind the lens and captured every detail. Gavin did great and just kept looking around.

He has an ear infection (again) so he was not our typical smiley boy today, but he sure was a good little client.

David was so patient and totally respectful of my wishes to just clean the stray hairs up that had made there way over Gavin's ears and sticking out of the back of his head. He also trimmed his little faux hawk up in the front. He was so sweet to catch all the little pieces and put them in the envelope labeled, Gavin's 1st Haircut ~ 1-30-10 ~ 11 months old (5 days shy of).

Hmm...the supervisor had decided by this point that she would go ahead and chow down on a DumDum and get a hair cut next time. I am not kidding within seconds of Gavin being finished she was well on her way to earning an Oscar. She was crying and begging not to get her haircut. She had already crawled up her Daddy's leg and made her mind up that there was no way she was getting her haircut. It was quite a scene to say the least.
There were about 10, very snotty individuals in there (that probably don't even like kids) getting their hair done and they were all just staring. Seriously, I did not know what to do so I took her in the bathroom and tried to talk to her. Needless to say she was so scared and she refused to get her haircut. Part of me wanted to force her to get in the chair, but I knew if I did the ladies around me might take their Jimmy Choo's off and throw them at me or I would be coming home with a ball headed child because she was screaming and would not sit still. I felt horrible for my hairdresser. We took up one of his appointments on a Saturday for my 2 1/2 year old to cry and walk out looking the same way she walked in.

David was so sweet to us and just kept saying, "She is fine, don't worry about it". Of course he was not going to charge us, I think he just wanted us out of there and so did all the other spectators. There was no way we were leaving without paying after that. Curtis just kept saying, "we need to pay, we need to pay". We took care of him simply because I want to go back one day soon. As for these kiddo's, they will be going to Snip Its from now on.
Well, so much for my big plans today, huh? Thank you David for giving Gavin his 1st haircut. As for Emma. she is still walking around with a semi mullet. Would you believe she just told me a few minutes ago that she wanted to go get her hair cut? I mean what in the world are we going to do with this one? I am here to tell you, we would be rich if we found her an agent and sent her to Hollywood.


Hollye said...

Laura...Kennedy screamed for about the first year and a half of getting her hair cut. It was crazy. Even after I found someone who could deal with her constant screaming...she still screamed. Then one day, all of a sudden, it just stopped. She is very specific about her hair. She only wants her bangs cut and will pitch a full blown fit if she even THINKS Ms. Honey is going to cut the back of her hair. She's gotten to a point now where she will tell me that she needs her bangs cut, but only by Ms. Honey.

monelle said...

I am cracking up! That was priceless...

Lesli said...

I was in the SAME situation about 6 months or so ago.. I took my then one and two year old to get their haircuts, and my daughter (two year old) cried the whole entire time my son was getting his hair cut.. so she refused and she is still traumatized anytime she even hears the word hair cut!!

Gavin did son screamed the whole to say we havce NOT been back.. daddy does trims at home!!

Adventures on the Farm said...

Girl-- Callen screamed and kicked and poor dude HATED getting his hair cut. About 2 weeks ago was the 1st time he EVER didnt cry. Trust me I thought that day would NEVER come but it does. Emma just doenst want any of her georgeous locks cute off ;)

Melissa said...

I am cracking up! That girl is hilarious! Such a drama queen...I love it! Maybe she got that from the Carnes blood she has in her. hee!hee! The twins got their first haircuts, they were so good. Brynlee held her breath with every snip. It was so funny. I need to post that too, thanks for the reminder!