Friday, January 22, 2010

What will she be?

She has asked me everyday for 6 months and sometimes twice a day, "Mommy, can I be a firefighter when I grow up?"

Her Daddy found this dress up outfit for Christmas and she loves it. The girl can go from a fairy to a princess to a firefighter & a Dr. in no time flat. The floor of her clean room can be covered in dress up clothes in less time then I can put on a load of laundry and return, seriously! I would not want it any other way, she is the dress up queen!

Emma, you are such a dreamer and a pretender. There is no doubt in my mind that your critters come to life, fairies fly, you are rescuing dog~dogs around the world and chasing fireflies when I close the door of your room and tell you good night. I love the way your imagination runs wild, it makes my heart explode with JOY! Some things I never want to forget:
  • You pretending we are at the nail salon
  • Annie & Ying Yang
  • Playing spa
  • You coloring on my back with crayons and markers pretending to give me a massage
  • Playing vet and telling your puppy to lay down for a catheter
  • You and your Daddy playing Dr.
  • Dressing up and flying around the house with sound effects
  • Begging to be a firefighter
  • You often tell me you would love to be a truck driver too!
  • Playing school and you always want to be the teacher
  • Cooking meals for me in your kitchen and serving up cookies in a flash

My hope for you sweet girl is that you will continue to dream and imagine that you have the key to the world hidden in your room somewhere. As for your future, I just want you to be HAPPY!


monelle said...

That is Awesome! The ski is limit sweet Emma! You can be Whatever YOU want!

Adventures on the Farm said...

Look at that PRECIOUS girl--- there is no telling what her fiture holds but TRUST me she will move mountains and break some hearts along the way--till then I am dubbing her for Callen!!

Melissa said...

That is so precious! Such big dreams for such a little person! Emma, you can do and be whatever you want to be...always believe that! Laura, I can only imagine what your sweet girl is going to grow up to be. Sometimes I wish we could look into the future!