Monday, February 8, 2010

My girl is RAD

We spent some time at the pediatrician's office today and our itty bitty is a sick little girl. Emma was diagnosed with Reactive Airway Disease, which is similar to asthma. They do not diagnose children this young with asthma, so they refer to it as RAD. Needless to say, we left with several prescriptions and came home with a inhaler and some breathing apparatus that she is refusing to use. I will be making a call to the Dr. first thing in the morning to see if we can get something that is a little more user friendly for a 2 year old. For now, I am off to:
  • cradle my baby girl
  • rub her down with VICKS
  • set up her humidifier
  • try to bribe her into taking a puff while inhaling 6 times
  • make her comfy
  • pray for her

Hoping tomorrow is cough free and my sweet girl feels better.


Rebekah said...

AWWWW...bless her heart. Saying a praying for sweet angel tonight. I hope you get it figured out soon, sick babies are so pitiful and hurt their mommy's heart.

Lesli said...

I am so sorry your little one is sick, I will keep her in my prayers. We have a Nebulizer at home for Brennan.His Neb is a Panda Bear and he will sit and let me give him a breathing treatment while he plays with my phone.. they think its a toy. Maybe something like that would work. I hope you she is feeling better SOON!

Lianna Knight said...

Poor little Emma :( Praying she gets better and SOON!

Adventures on the Farm said...

Hate to hear Miss Emma is sick---praying for a quick recovery and knowing she has the #1 mommy taking care of her and that sweet brother needs his #1 playmate back.Hang in there mom!!!