Monday, December 6, 2010

Last of our Getaway

A few more things left to document from our 2010 Holiday getaway for the sake of remembering what these little guys were up to on this trip.

Emma is hilarious and is somewhat of an "Old Soul" when we travel and it cracks me up.  First thing in the morning she can be heard asking, "So Dad, what's the plan for the day?  What are we going to do?  I think we should walk around the property and look at things."  Cracks me up that she is so into looking at all the property has to offer, she is so our child!  The kids enjoyed checking out these little elves on one of our morning strolls.

My two favorite guys in the world taking time to smile for Mommy and the camera.  

We were so excited that the resort added the SNOW exhibit this year.  Our plan was to buy a pass for Emma to ride down in a tube as many times as she wanted.  She had other plans, but someone else decided there was no need to waste money and had big fun for the day.   Emma was scared to death going down the snow slide and ended up crying at the end after her feet hit the wall.

Did not take long for "little man" to jump up and decide that he would take a wild ride in the tube.  I think people thought we were crazy for putting our 20 month old in this tube.  I could hear people saying, he is going to jump out, flip out or get hurt.   Let me just tell you this boy is ready for Colorado, he could not get enough of tubing on the snow.  He loved it so much that he kept going over and over and over!  Got our monies worth that's for sure and his BIG sister was not about to go back down it after the first episode ~ NO way!

Gavin getting out of his tube and taking off to climb the stairs to go again.  You are looking at one happy little thrill seeking boy, do you think he liked it?

All good things must end and our getaway was included.  We had a great time and look forward to traveling back next year to kick off  the 2011 Holiday Season.

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the boyd girls.... said...

how fuuny! We could have knocked into eachother! :) We didn't do any other activites other than making gingerbread overwhelming! Maybe next year...:)