Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Three and a Half

So hard for me to believe that the little girl who made me a Mommy celebrated 42 months of life today.  Some days I can not even wrap my mind around how big and bright Emma is and what a HUGE heart she has at such a young age.

She is sassy, she is sweet, she is smart, she is kind, she has an amazing love for animals, babies and her family.  She makes me laugh and I mean belly laugh all the time and she has the sweetest SPIRIT and kindest soul of any child I have ever encountered in my life.  When I say I am proud of who she is and what she stands for, I mean every SINGLE word of it and can not wait to see her change the world.

Emma, you are an amazing little girl that loves life to the fullest and lives with no concerns.  Oh how perfect life must be for you sweet girl. Like I told you earlier today...I am so happy and proud to be your Mommy. I would not change one thing about you.  I love your smile and the way you light up a room when you walk in and start to chatter.  You talk nonstop and have a million questions that always seem to be pretty important.  Your memory and ability to recall information from early on in childhood often leaves us surprised and wondering how you can remember so many little details.

You were so super proud to turn "three and a half" that you walked around talking about it for the entire day.  You reminded me, "don't be sad Mommy, I have to get big but I will always love you to my heart and back even when I am in kindergarten and I go to college."  Melt my heart sweet girl, you always have just the right words to put a smile on my face.

We love you very much and appreciate all the laughter you bring to our household.  You are the daughter we always dreamed of and so much more; the big sister I knew you would be and the lover of life I hope last forever.

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