Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Little Action Figure

This boy is as cute as they come and his little personality makes him even cuter.  He is rough, tough and ALL BOY!   Some of the little things he does are so mischievous and so funny at the same time. 

Last night he was growling at the dinner table at Emma to the point he had her scared to death, she starts crying and he laughs hysterically.  We can not take our eye off of him for a second or he is jumping off of furniture, climbing up a shelf or cabinet, riding or running a toy into the walls or sending whatever he can flying across the house.  He is WILD and you just never know what your gonna get out of him.  

The boy is crazy about Buzz Lightyear and loves to run through the house screaming, "Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue".  He will sit and play with his little action figure while pushing the buttons on his arms and flying him through the sky making his little flying noise.  He loves to wear his matching pajamas and say, "Look Mommy, Buzz Lightyear" and he spreads his little arms out like he is flying.  It is one of the cutest things he does and I could sit and listen to him do it for hours.

This little boy gave us the scare of our life last Wednesday night.  Long story short we ended up calling 911 because Gavin had a Febrile Seizure which was onset by a sudden spike in temperature.  Within seconds he was shaking, went into a blank stare, fever shot to 103.9 and his hand and arm started to draw up.  I immediately thought he was having a seizure and screamed for Curtis to call 911.   Of course Emma was freaking out and crying, "please don't call 911, I don't want them to take my brother".  Needless to say we did not take her advice and the nicest 2 paramedics showed up and were wonderful.  Within an hour we had gotten his temperature to drop and the paramedics left, after they made me sign all sorts of documents stating that we refused to transport which they recommended. 

We saw our pediatrician the next morning that confirmed Gavin indeed had a febrile seizure which was caused from a high fever related to an upper respiratory infection.  Everything is wonderful now and we have learned that this is common in 1-2% of children.   Our Dr. truly feels like it will not happen to Gavin again, but we need to watch him closely if he begins to develop a high fever.  

I was so scared when it happened but I was able to maintain my composure for Emma's sake and not wanting to upset her anymore. Gavin is recovering from an upper respiratory infection and doing well. We are so grateful that the seizure was not more serious or an indication that something else was going on inside his little body ~ to God be the Glory!

We are gearing up for this little man's 2nd Birthday and it is going to be fun. Nope, it is not a Buzz Lightyear party, we will actually be celebrating with a vintage airplane theme which I have just suddenly became super excited about and can not wait to see it all come together.

With all of that being said, I am proud to say we have our own LITTLE ACTION FIGURE living in our house and we will always love him, "to infinity and beyond".


Deidra Brown said...

Laura I am so glad to see that your little fella love Buzz too. Remember I told you that we are having the Buzz Toy Sotry theme party for our 5th birthday this year. Yeah it's crazy!!!!

Deidra Brown said...

I was so caught on the Buzz PJ's:)that I forgot to mention about the scare that your family had. This same thing happened to my niece when she was about Gavin's age it scared us too.

Hudson said...

Oh no, poor Gavin! I'm glad all is well with him. Don't these kids know that they shouldn't scare their parents!

Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

oh my goodnes! Looking at these precious smiling photos, I would have never guessed the story along with them. I'm glad that he is doing ok! I cannot imgaine how frightened you were! Kiss him for us!!! Precious guy!!!

Rebekah said...

He should be a baby model! I can't wait to see the birthday party come together! I know you so I know it will be fabulous!

Brandi said...

Oh my goodness, glad your little Buzz is ok. How scary!!!! I hate when our babies are sick!! UGH!! Praying for your little man!!!!

Kim W. said...

So glad that Gavin is okay! I just hate fever!! Hope he is all better now and getting ready for his party! :) And I have to say, he is one cute little Buzz Lightyear! Our Jack is SO into him, it's crazy! Aaron and I both cried when we took the boys to see Toy Story 3 because we just know that one day we will tear up at the mere sight of the Toy Story figures, remembering our sweet boys playing with them 24/7. Oh the heartache! :) Can't wait to see pictures of his vintage airplane party though, I am sure it will be SO cute!!