Friday, March 4, 2011

She loves them all...

Emma is a lover of all animals and insects, does not matter what it is nor its purpose.  She has been on the animal kick more than normal lately, begging us for a chicken, her Grandma for a cow and yesterday she told our Nanny it was okay if she gave her a kitten for her birthday.

She is convinced she is going to be able to sneak a baby chick out of the livestock show when we go and she is going to keep it in a tupperware container in her bedroom.  We keep explaining to her that we do not live on a farm and there are certain animals she is not allowed to have in our community.  She currently has two frogs, a fish, a snail, a dog and is begging for MORE!

A couple days ago she captured a mosquito hawk and her Daddy turned it loose after she went to bed.  She was devastated when she woke up and it was gone and cried for at least a half hour.   She was so upset she had her Daddy outside hunting for another one before he went to work.  Yes, she has him wrapped around her whole hand, to heck with a finger!

When I got home from work yesterday she had captured a mosquito and needless to say she took him to MDO with her this morning.  She calls them dragonflys and says she needs them to be a fairy.  We are just praying they do not carry the West Nile Virus.  There is no STOPPING her and she has her brother following her every move.  They are constantly on the look out for bugs of any kind.  Yesterday Gavin squatted down and had his face about 1 inch from an ant bed in hopes of catching some of those.  His sister quickly told him to "get back those bite Gavin" and he scurried on to the next thing.

Emma is so tender, I love that about her and so much more!  With my two kiddos, who needs an exterminator around, right?


Darla said...

I know where you can get a really nice turtle...and it doesn't bit either! :-)

Adventures on the Farm said...

Man- when yall come to the farm I am thinking about having baby ducks for emma to take home and relocate to the pond by your house..yall game?

Love her spunt and zest for life

Kim W. said...

What a doll! And I have to say, I have the same MJ outfit for Jolee Kate...LOVE it, just can't wait until she can fit into it! Haha!