Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vintage Airplane Party

I have finally gotten around to posting my favorite little mans SECOND birthday party and hoping to get the rest of it posted soon. 

We have decided to let our children pick their own birthday themes and this year Gavin picked an airplane party with a little bit of help from us.  Let me just tell you there is very little out there with airplanes, so I had to get creative with this one.  

We had his 2 year old pictures taken at the flight museum and that was big fun.  He wore a real flight suit for his birthday party that we ordered from a flight store with personalized patches that attach to it. Our party invitation and sticker used on the envelope can be seen at Almost Party Time.

We focused the party around airplanes and travel, making it as vintage~like as possible with old suitcases, airplanes, globes and signs.

These little airplanes were flying or placed out for decorations and I opted to fill all my glass jars with cotton and small vintage planes.

We wanted all our guest to feel like they had truly taken a flight, so lunch was served out of plastic containers with personalized stickers that said, "Thank you for flying GTF Airways". Well at least that is what all the kiddos ate out of and the adults were served on plates. The meals in the containers were sitting inside suitcases and the tree in back was decorated with a bunch of little planes.

We had signs all over the house and on the clocks that stated departure, arrival, fasten your seatbelt, pilots only, baggage claim, baggage check in, flight counter,  GTF Airways, family restroom and so much more.

The mantle held airplanes, a happy birthday banner, balloons, jars filled with clouds and metal airplanes.  These suitcase were just some that were sitting around everywhere to help get all our world travelers in the mood for the perfect flight!

Gavin's cake table was really sweet!  We served cake, cupcakes, cake balls, sugar cookies that were decorated as clouds, the number 2 and little airplanes.   It was YUMMY stuff.

A closer picture of his cake that was oh so yummy and hard to cut. This cake was about 8 inches tall so the  pieces were huge, but there was plenty go around and some left behind.

The kiddos enjoyed playing in the backyard where we had our playhouse, swing set and toys galore.  These little clouds were hanging around our fence line for added decoration.  We also had the clouds hanging on our rainbow swing set and a cute little birthday banner hanging across the porch of our playhouse.

Each child got to paint an airplane and take it home and the kids really seemed to enjoy all the paint, glue and glitter.  I promised their parents the paint was washable, so hopefully all their little clothes came clean.

After our first time flyers earned their wings they got to stop by baggage claim and load up on all kinds of goodies from candy, to a vintage airplane, blue cotton candy, handmade red & blue bath soap shaped like an airplane, cookies, granola bars, side walk chalk, stickers, rice krispie treats and lots of junk.

I always see the kids little faces light up when they walk in and see that the candy bar is back, party after party.  You think it would get old, but I truly think they would be disappointed if it was not there one day.

Another glimpse of our family room.   I need to post a picture of the Happy Birthday sign up close.  It was amazing and the lady made it out of recycled cardboard, cutting every letter out with a utility knife.  I am certain it was a ton of work for her but it was perfect for us.

We really enjoyed getting ready for this party even though searching for decorations was quite the challenge, but we made it work. For now, we have stopped for a layover and tomorrows post will be filled with pictures of decorations, Gavin eating his cake, opening gifts and all our party guest.


TheHarughtys said...

I am truly inspired by your parties. I did my son's birthday in vintage firetrucks after seeing Emma's party for inspiration. The airplane party is precious too!

Rebekah said...

I knew you would throw the cutest party! PRECIOUS! Every. Last. Detail! Glad you guys had a perfect day! Happy Late birthday Handsome BOY!

Deidra Brown said...

Laura You have done it again! Love everything about this party. Gavin is onw lucky little boy.

Kristie said...

Wow! It was amazing! You did a great job (as always) and I'm sure G had a wonderful day!

Kim W. said...

I am AMAZED at his party! LOVE IT!!! It all looks GREAT! Is there anything you left out, because if so, I can't tell. Every little detail is wonderful! Way to go! Your kiddos are lucky to have such a great momma! ;)

mackyton said...

Your party is awesome. It reminded me of my son’s first airplane birthday party at Chicago venues. It was really a great day and event for our family. Made it grand and enjoyable with putting all my efforts and head into it.