Friday, August 24, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Big day for our little girl and the Frazier Four.  Today was the day Emma got to hand over her golden ticket, meet her teacher and visit her Kindergarten classroom at school.
We found out on Tuesday who her teacher would be and God answered our prayers.  Even though Mommy works in the district, I trusted that God would put Emma exactly where she needed to be. 
When we started the "kindergarten grand tour" the Principal assured me that Emma would be taken care of if I chose to send her to school there and sure enough she delivered on her word.  It is my understanding that we got the best there is and that makes me happy.  All along, I knew in my heart Emma would love and be just fine with whomever she got, but it is nice to know that we got a teacher that will challenge her academically, hold her to high standards and love her at the same time.

This little girl is as prissy as they come and YEP, I love it.  I can not wait to see her walk in her classroom and take a seat Monday morning.  Sort of blows my mind that the little girl I brought home from the hospital 5 years and 2 months ago is about to be in public school, time has flown by so fast. 

Here she is, the one that I will entrust with my HEART Monday morning. The one that will spend as much time with my child as I will.  The one that will build the foundation for my daughter's educational experience.  The individual that will determine what kind of day my daughter will have and how she will choose to deal with each day. 

TEACHERS are such POWERFUL people, they really are and part of that chills me to the core.  I have always been passionate about education and even more appreciative of great educators.  Not everyone was born to teach, teaching truly is a work of HEART!

Believe it or not, come Monday morning my prayer is that every child in the world gets the education they deserve and that every classroom is filled with loving, caring and compassionate individuals that want to make a difference.  I pray that the gift that is going to be shared with my child will be shared in classrooms with your children too.  God, I just pray that every person my child comes in contact with from the cafeteria workers, custodians, administrators and teachers are BUCKET FILLERS and not BUCKET DIPPERS as my sweet 5 year old refers to them.  I pray that her spirit is never broken by an educator and if it is, I pray that we have raised a confident little girl that loves God and knows he will fight her battles for her.

Monday is a HUGE day for our family, a day that will be filled with mixed emotions along with lots of prayers. 

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