Monday, November 19, 2012

Top of the Morning

Late to bed, nonstop all day, no nap and the first to rise every single day.  The boy requires very little sleep and has more energy than the rest of the house combined.

We are normally woke up with, "I gotta go potty, top of the morning Mom, I'm not sleepy Dad or good morning Mom and Dad."  Doesn't this kid know we have not slept in five and a half years?  Sometimes he quietly sneaks in the bed with us, wiggles around, pulls his shirt up and whispers, "Please rub my back Mom."  As tired as I am in the mornings when he comes scurrying in, I love that time with him.   Long story short, I am off this week and guess who greets me bright and early this morning?  Good thing I am so madly in love with him or he would be in big trouble.

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