Friday, March 13, 2009

Date with Daddy

She may have red hair, blue eyes and look like a Frazier...but today she proved to be a Fabian (my side of the family) at heart. Oh, this made me so happy and I know that my sweet Daddy was smiling down from Heaven yesterday when he saw the "Itty Bitty" rolling around in the petting zoo at the Livestock Show.

You see, I grew up with lots of animals, a Daddy who made a living in the agriculture business, a family that supported 4H and FFA and the list goes on. The HOTY grew up in a Museum where the house was spic and span and animals were not liked, nor allowed.

These days, we reside in a community with strict deed restrictions and our only animal is a weenie dog, the occasional spiders that come in and the deer that come from the woods to eat my flowers. However, I have always known that my baby girl is a LOVER of animals and not just dog-dogs.

This picture was actually taken by a reporter and listed in our local newspaper today. He was so impressed at how little she was and how she was not afraid and loved all the animals.

This is where her Daddy won her heart forever, when he stood in line for her to ride the pony. She did not want any assistance at all, she kept telling him "No Daddy, I do it, I do it."

Good thing we don't live on some land or she would be asking us for a pony. I can guarantee you if my Daddy were still here, she would have had a pony by this morning.

I am just amazed at how she was not afraid of any of the animals.
I am certain that this was the point that totally disgusted the HOTY when she decided to start hugging and kissing all the animals.
Her Daddy said it did not matter how big, small or how many there were...she would just walk right up in the middle of all of them. That's my GIRL!

This big white sheep was her favorite, she just could not get enough of him.
Do you think the kid would live on a Farm if she could?
Of course, they had to watch some chickens hatch out.
One last hug before it was time to leave the petting zoo. Something tells me we will be making another trip there before it is all over.
Looks like our 2nd Birthday might be a Farm theme, petting zoo and some overalls adorned with some Bling!
This my friends is just one more reason why I love my husband so much. I am certain he could have lived without hanging out with a bunch of animals for the day, but he did it because he is the Best Daddy ever and he loves me and Emma so much. Thank you are a trooper.


Darla said...

Oh my goodness, a girl after my own heart! I just love the way she is hugging all of the animals. That is so stinking cute! It's funny how she hugs all those animals but doesn't really want other people touching her, lol! Maybe I will come over next time dressed as a goat, lol! heehee!

monelle said...

I see a FFA Officer in the making! I know your dad would have been proud! and what a sweet curtis for taking her to love on all the animals. Those pictures are GREAT!

Katie said...

Oh my goodness...those pictures are so cute! I'm loving the ones of her hugging the necks of all those, and those are some pretty big animals compared to her!! That is total preciousness!

Karie said...

Oh my goodness those pictures are just adorable. I can't believe she wasn't afraid at all. I live in northeastern Ohio and the baby doll nursery is actually located inside of a very well known Hartville Country Kitchen. I'll ask around if these nurseries are located in different states. Thanks for visiting my blog site. Talk to you later.

MiMi said...

These pictures are adorable! I love the way she is hugging and kissing all the animals. And what a great daddy Curtis is!

Thanks for sharing this adorable post! I think ALL of the pictures were "newsworthy"! Just precious!

KK said...

How fun! The pictures say it all, she was in 'petting zoo heaven' for sure:)
Thanks for sharing.
Blessings to your precious family of 4 always,
Matthew 21:22