Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Ramblings & More

Have not blogged in sometime, so this is going to be really random. Came across this picture today of the "Itty Bitty" and her Daddy right after Gavin was born.

The look of concern on her face in this picture cracks me up. She was outside the nursery wondering what they were doing to her baby brother.

Do you think this little girl is in love? She sits for about 30 minutes at a time holding her little brother and she does a great job.
Daddy and Emma giving Gavin his 1st bath, he looks a little frightened.

This may look like a simple weed to all of you, but for me it is the BEST bouquet of flowers I have ever received in my life. My sweet Emma picked this for me out of the yard on Friday and said, "here Mommy, I pick flower for you" ~ my heart melted and it is still sitting on our island in the kitchen.

I got a reprieve on Saturday and we ventured out of the house for the 1st time with "Little Man" (except for going to the Dr.) and we went to Sam's and to see family. I normally don't get my babies out of the house for 6 weeks, but I was having cabin fever pretty bad.

Nothing like wearing your baby and he loves it. This was Emma's sling when she was an infant, so I thought I would try it out on Gavin. He was a champ and stayed asleep in Sam's and HEB the entire time. Looks like I will be able to vacuum the floors and wear him all at the same time. Woo-hoo! This is the way Emma attended church for the first 3 this little sling and she loved it too.

Visited with Nana, Aunt Stacey & Camryn yesterday while Hunter and Uncle James were at a Golf Clinic. These two little ones are quite a mess when they are together and they love each other so much. I love this picture of them playing in the laundry basket.
Oh, I am so excited... my birth announcements and pictures should be arriving on Tuesday so I will have some great stuff to post after I get them mailed out. Don't want to give any sneak peaks before mailing them off, but I am dying to see them finished.

Nothing like a little or alot of randomness, huh?


Roxanne said...

I have been following your blod since Gavin was born. I followed some link to the nursery pics (gorgeous, by the way) and got hooked!

Your title brought me out of lurking, b/c the title of my blog is Ramblings of a Reagan!
Come visit if you'd like!

MiMi said...

I LOVE your kind of randomness! I'm not sure what is my favorite part of this post. I absolutely love the picture of Gavin in the sling. That is so precious!

And the picture of the girls in the laundry basket is adorable!

Can't wait to see Gavin's birth announcements and pictures!

Karie said...

Sweet pics, I love the one of Emma holding Gavin.