Saturday, May 23, 2009

Babies Galore

We went to our cousins 30th Birthday Party today (Happy Birthday Bryan) and enjoyed a great day filled with family, food, fun & BABIES. Today was the first day Emma & Gavin got to meet their twin cousins, Chance and Brynlee. These little guys slept most of the day, but we did catch them with their eyes open for a little bit. Good Luck Melissa, I hope you get to catch some ZZZ's tonight before the big day tomorrow. We can not wait to see you guys again...2 days straight...woo-hoo!

Here is Mr. Gavin (aka Andre) with his twin cousins...uhh, anyone want to take a guess in the age difference? Uhh, let me save you some trouble 1 WEEK....yes, you read it correctly 1 WEEK! These little cuties weigh what our "little man" did when he was born. We just sat and stared at them forever, they are all so cute.

We were not the only ones amazed by their cuteness...Miss Emma thought she was the babysitter today. She could not get enough of all the little ones or Mr. Hudson either. She could not stop touching them, helping with their bottles, giving them their pacis and saying, "2 babies, 2 babies, a boy and a girl, two babies."

Oh, in case you did not notice, my blog has changed thanks to Faith at A Design of Faith. She is so creative, sweet, wonderful, reasonable and easy to work must check her out.

Happy Memorial Weekend to all of you.


Emmaandbraydensmommy said...

Hey laura!!
What a cute clan you have!!!!! I absolutley LOVE all of the clothes you put emma and gavin in!!!!!!!!!! I love all the monogramed stuff and the tutus! Where do you buy them? I have only found one place here in league city and they do not have that much of a variety!!! Your style is just awesome! I would love to see your house! I bet it is fabulous!!!!! Anyways just thought I would drop you a line, I just started this blog thing,so check me out!! hahaha

Love ya,
Crystal Hook

MiMi said...

Look at all of those precious babies and what an adorable babysitter! I bet she is such a good helper to you!

Glad you had such a fun time with family. Happy Birthday, Bryan.

I love the new blog design! I especially love the pictures that you chose for your header! Such a beautiful family!

Hope you're doing well! Love you, friend,

Lianna Knight said...

VERY cute blog make-over!!! Faith is so awesome :)

And thos BABIES!! I would have been in Heaven loving on all of them!!