Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh BOY...2 months

Snips, Snail & Puppy dog tails...that's what little boys are made of ~ I am thinking this little boy is made of lots of sweetness too. Just look at him, couldn't you just eat him up? Look at those little feet and toes, yummy! When I say that we could not ask for a better baby, I mean every word of it.

This was my Nanny's rocking chair that her grandfather made and gave her for her 1st Birthday. We took Emma's 2 month picture in it, so we had to take Gavin's picture in it as well.

Look at those cheeks...we grow them big around here. I was looking forward to taking this Little Man to the Dr. tomorrow for his 2 month check up, so I could see how much he weighed. I am thinking we will be in the 90th percentile with this little ham bone. Just look at him...oh those cheeks are so big, more for us to kiss on.
We will not be going to the Dr. tomorrow at the advice of our wonderful pediatrician, due to the swine flu (they have recommended we wait a while). Little do they know that we live with a little girl that would kiss a pig with the swine flu if she had the opportunity (ha ha).

Oh Gavin, you are such a good boy. You are now holding your head up better, rolling from your stomach to back, following us with your eyes, smiling, cooing at us when we talk to you, sleeping 6 hours straight at night, sucking on your hand and nursing like a grand champion. You love to watch your Big Sister, even though she can be a little very loud and rough at times.
You have been such a joy to us and I can not believe we ever lived life without you. You are a trooper and accompany us on shopping trips and out to eat and you are a perfect little gentleman. I wouldn't expect anything less of have the perfect role model in your DADDY and he is so smitten over you.
We love you so much Gavin Thomas Frazier and I know that my heart will never be the same, it now walks around with you and Emma. Sometimes I just sit and look at you while tears stream down my face, because I feel so blessed that you have joined our family.

People often tell me (other boy mommies) that there is no love like the love between a Mommy and her son. I have learned this to be true when I hold you in the wee hours of the night and you look up at me with those big blue eyes. I look forward to the days ahead, my sweet BOY!


Rebecca Jo said...

He is SOOO adorable... how did you keep him from slidding out...

He is 100% boy!!!

MiMi said...

What a precious, precious post! He is such a handsome little fella and I am so thankful that he is such a good baby. I love the pictures in your Nanny's rocking chair, too!

And, yes....I could just eat him up!

Hope you have a great week!

Love you, sweet friend,

Melissa and Sean said...

He is so adorable girl. I cannot wait to see him. I just want to kiss him up!!!