Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Woo-Hoo 8 Hours

Yep, you are looking at him this morning at "little man" that is 9 weeks 1 day old and slept all night long. I am not usually up this early taking pictures or blogging, but this was a must.

Between waking up all night wondering if something was wrong and my boobs (yes, I said boobs on my blog) about to EXPLODE, seriously I looked like Dolly Parton when my feet finally hit the floor...I feel good great. Thank you Jesus & thank you GAVIN!

I will be back with more on that silly little girl of mine later on today (hopefully).

1 comment:

Darla DiStefano said...

Way to go Mr. Gavin! Look how big he is! That's a chicken fed baby right there!