Sunday, June 21, 2009

3 Cheers for Mimi...

Hip Hip Hooray...Hip Hip Hooray...Hip Hip Hooray. Below is the little program that I used to choose the winner of my giveaway and #12 just so happens to be Mimi. I could not think of a sweeter person to win. So, what does she win? Well, that is just simply up to her. I would love to go shopping for her, but I also know she is raising money to go on her first Mission trip to Brazil.
You tell me Mimi, what will it be...a donation towards your mission or a sweet little surprise (you would be so fun to shop for)? If you don't know Mimi, you are missing out. She is one of the sweetest people I know and have adopted through blogging & she is definitely one of my favorites. Even my husband was so excited she won, after all she has provided him with lots of good meals through her recipe blog. I am here to tell you, if we lived closer we would be spending lots of time at Mimi's house. We just love her!

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:12
Timestamp: 2009-06-22 00:36:22 UTC

I think we would all agree that post are just more enjoyable with pictures, so I could not help but share this one with you. Afterall, food, Mimi, little girls & fun...they all have something in common.
We had Emma's 2 Best Friends and their parents over Saturday night for dinner and a play date and we had a blast. The girls played kitchen, dolls, paint, ate snow cones and just had a great time...we also enjoyed the company of their parents. These little girls are so sweet and are welcome at our house anytime (oh & their parents too).
Look how cute they are...I could just eat em up! We have an empty chair for one more to join in on lots of girly fun.


Darla DiStefano said...

hmmmm...wonder if I would fit in that chair, lol! Yeah Mimi!!!!

MiMi said... just made my day to read your sweet post and to find out that I WON! Thank you so much for all of your kind words!

You know how special your family has become to me since I began reading your blog and, trust me, sweet friend, if you lived closer to me, we would DEFINITELY be getting together! I would love nothing more than to be able to cook a big ole' dinner for you, Curtis, Miss Emma and Gavin! I am still optimistic that somewhere, somehow, that we will have the opportunity to meet each other this side of Heaven!

As much as I would love to have a special gift chosen BY you - FOR me, the desire of my heart right now is to be on this mission trip to Brazil in September, so I would certainly be grateful for any contribution to my support.

Thank you again! I am sooo excited! Give those babies a hug for me!

Love you, my sweet friend!

Holly said...

That photo is so cute! :)