Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here we go...

I have been meaning to buy this book for months or should I say a few "fits" ago? A wise soul brought it to me today, thank you Therese. I was feeling good until she said, "hey, I might need this back one day I still use it occasionally"...uh, her daughter is a 15 year old, cheerleading, AP student, are you kidding me? I think what she was trying to tell me is it never ends with these strong willed children. You would think that I would know that since I was one MYSELF and my husband might choose to still call me this some days.

I am looking forward to seeing what this book has to offer. I sure hope the first 3 chapters does not waste my time trying to help me determine if I have a SWC on my hands, we have already accepted that fact months ago. So bring it on Dr. Dobson, we are ready to hear what you have to say about this sweet little girl we have on our hands.

Oh and if you get a chance click on the Madsen link to the right to enter to win this aweome bike and to help me win. I would love to load my two sweet babies up in this and stroll the neighborhood. The HOTY thinks it looks like something you would ride around a theme park in to pick up trash, but I love it and would be thrilled to pump one of you on the handle bars if I win.


monelle said...

That is a cool bike! Good luck with the book too!

Christy said...

Just checking in to see how Reggie is doing...are there any updates on his condition? Still praying!


Lianna Knight said...

LOL about the bike!! I just saw it on Jenna's Journey blog and blogged about it too. Then mom told me you had it posted too!

Great minds!

MiMi said...

I've never seen a bike like that! How cool is that? I bet you would get a workout peddling that around with 2 babies in it!

I wish I still had my copy of the SWC that was already highlighted, underlined and cried over --I would pass it on to you. I might very possibly could write my own version!