Friday, October 16, 2009

28 months, oh so Sassy!

Our sweet baby girl turned 28 months old yesterday and she continues to make us smile day after day. We are amazed everyday at the conversations she has with us and the witty little comments she makes. She is super silly, to say the least and always up to something. She has the sweetest little spirit and her heart is so tender. Telling us daily, usually 3 or 4 times how much she loves us and that she is happy. Every time I hear her say it my heart just overflows with joy.

Emma, you are our life and we could never imagine it without you. Your spunk and zest for life are contagious and you leave everyone you come in contact with smiling. You are the most independent little thing I have ever laid eyes on and it makes us proud that you are such a little go getter.

You have changed so much over the past month and we have loved watching you along the way. Here are just a few of the things you have started doing:
  • Praying all by yourself before meals and during the day (Heavenly Father, once again, Thank you for your blessings, Amen).
  • You woke up 2 weeks ago and said you were a big girl and you wanted to wear panties and have been using the potty ever since. Oh and you pooped in the potty for the first time too.
  • Dressing yourself and picking out your own clothes (some days you do great and some days you look like a rag muffin)
  • Sleeping in your big girl bed & you never get up (you just call for us to come and get you)
  • Learned the days of the weeks and recite them
  • Know your Months and recite them
  • Can identify letters of the alphabet and associate a word that starts with the letter
  • You love for Mommy to paint your nails and talk like the ladies at the nail shop, you just giggle and mock me (Daddy does not think it is funny)
  • You had to give up Caillou because he is a smarty pants and you were learning some bad habits from him
  • You constantly talk about your friends at MDO
  • Your eager to help with chores around the house
  • You love your little brother and are always watching out for him

There are so many things that you are doing these days that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Every day with you is a new day and a fun one too.

Thank you Emma Lou for teaching us to be parents. You have given us the best 28 months of our lives and we look forward to all the years ahead. We love you so much and are so proud to be your Mommy & Daddy.

You, my sweet child are ONE OF A KIND!

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Harris Family said...

Could she be any more precious and sassy?!?! I love it!