Saturday, October 3, 2009

7 months & growing...

Today we celebrated as our "little man" turned 7 months old. Someone pinch me, is this for real? My baby boy is already 7 months old...I really can not believe it.

You are growing up right before our eyes sweet boy. Here are just some of the things you have accomplished in the past month:

  • Weigh 24lbs 9oz
  • Began wearing your cranial band for Plagiocephaly
  • Scooting (you look like you are doing the centiped, you get up on your knees, push forward and flop to the floor)
  • Started eating fruits, vegetables and Yo Baby Yogurt
  • Still nursing
  • Said "Dada" for the first time today
  • Rode in your blue car for the first time
  • Love to take baths
  • Began riding in your big boy car seat, but it is still turned backwards
  • Fallen in love with our dog, Beamer
  • Sitting in your high chair to eat
  • Sitting up for a few seconds by yourself
  • Turn on the musical aquarium in your crib
  • Hold your bottle on your own
  • You have started getting up in the night and we think it is a result of wearing the cranial band.
  • You laugh constantly at your sister when she says your name
  • You love to be held
  • Have outgrown your baby swing
  • You are off the charts as far as your growth stats are concerned

You are such a fun little boy and so easy going. We constantly brag about what a good baby you are and people constantly comment on what a happy little boy you are. I could just eat up those little rolls on your legs and arms. I love your chubby little hands and feet, along with that beautiful smile. You bring an unexplainable amount of JOY to us Gavin. There is not a day that goes by that we don't THANK GOD for blessing us with YOU.


cweinsc said...

Gavin is so precious!

Lianna Knight said...

SWEET!! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics :)

Melissa said...

Darling little man! He brings such a smile to my face!!! Kiss him lots for me!