Saturday, January 15, 2011

Emma ~ 43 months

These little hands turned 43 months old today.  My sweet girl is busy as can be learning all she can learn and asking hundreds of questions every day. She is curious about so many things and has a heart like no other child I know. 

Emma is a lover of life, people, animals, family, friendships, her pets, preschool, her baby dolls, Jesus, crafts, baking, Caillou, Dance Class, the Bulldog School, Strawberry Shortcake, pink milk, candy, Matilda Jane, and her baby brother.

We are so proud of you Emma Lou and are amazed by your ability to be so kind, smart and sweet.  You have started writing your name and are improving every single day. You constantly walk around the house singing about Jesus and often make up your own songs about how much you love him. 

Everything about you is everything we ever dreamed of and so much more.   Not a day goes by that you do not tell me, "Mom, I wish I could be 4 years old." 

Your smile is contagious and your hugs are endless.  I think God knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he made you and shared you with us! We love you to the moon and back baby girl and there is nothing sweeter than your, "Two kisses & a Hug"!


Whitney said...

Yay! That means in 5 months Emma will be having the cutest 4 year old birthday party ever! I can't wait to see what you have planned! Ha ha!!

Anonymous said...

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Lianna Knight said...

LOVE the "making up her own songs" part...I wonder where in the world she gets that :)