Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tilda & Teeth Cleaning

Big things have been happening around our house and our "Itty Bitty" is getting so big & brave.  So much to blog about starting with parties, Christmas and milestones for my kiddos and I am determined to catch up.

Let me begin by introducing you to Emma's new best friend, "Tilda Jane".  She got this sweet girl from Santa {wink} for Christmas and she is madly in love with her.   Long story behind Tilda and how she became a part of our life.  Tilda is a Waldorf doll and she has won the heart of this Mommy & little girl.  

Emma asked for 4 things for Christmas, a pink scooter, a hello kitty swatch watch, violet the dog and a red headed, freckled face doll that was wearing Matilda Jane Clothes (yes my child is addicted to MJ at the age of 3).

Tilda was not easy to come by, as a matter of fact someone actually "angeled" her to us and that person did not want to be recognized for their efforts.  Tilda was handmade by 4 sewing mamas in Canada and comes from a very small family owned business.   Each doll they make takes 15 hours to create and it was very obvious when we got our hands on her and saw the detail and love that went into bringing her to life. 

Long story short, this lil' company uploads about 40 of these dolls a week onto a website and they sell out in 5 seconds and they are nearly impossible to capture.  Trust me, I had 2 classrooms at my school and about 65+ people working to get one months before Christmas.  Once you captured a doll in your cart, if you could even get one it was a race to check out and it could jump out of your cart.   It was hilarious, anxiety inducing and a squealing good time, but we were not SUCCESSFUL. 

Out of the blue, someone from Indiana sent me a message saying, "I know how bad you wanted a red headed freckle face for your little girl and I got it for you." Yes, she had captured the doll of our dreams and "angeled" it to us.  I immediately got on Paypal and paid her and the doll was transferred to us via Indiana.  It was still not over because we had to wait for Tilda to pass through customs out of Canada and we were not sure she would make it in time.  Often times customs will detain a doll and not release it for weeks, Scrooge must have been off the day Tilda passed through.  Our doorbell rang one afternoon and there she was in the hands of the mail carrier.   We will forever be grateful for everyone that helped make Emma's Christmas wish come true.

As you can see, Emma and Tilda have been inseparable since she arrived from Santa Christmas morning.   Yesterday Emma had her 3rd dentist appointment to have her teeth cleaned and she was a little nervous, but assured me she was almost 4 and she would be okay.  I think her and Tilda had many conversations about this too.

She also went into her Ballet class the night before ALL BY HERSELF and told me I could go ride around in my car (NOT)!  Yes, I was the Mom that sat in ballet class on the floor first semester so my kid would participate and not cry.   I was so super proud when Emma went in by herself and the owner of the studio, her teacher and the parents were SHOCKED too.

You can see in this picture that Emma was apprehensive, but had Tilda in her arms waiting on the hygienist to come in.  My child is such a creature of habit that when they called us back, Emma went straight to the chair she was in 6 months ago without being escorted over there.

Emma actually crawled up on the table by herself and laid down with Tilda right by her side and everything seemed to be okay.  This is HUGE for my child and I was so proud and praying the rest would go this smoothly.

Emma did great and got a great report from the dentist on her teeth and a high five for her flossing and tongue brushing skills (she loves to tell people her Daddy taught her how to brush her tongue).

She did it, a happy almost 4 year old girl (in 6 months, but she loves to talk about it), a happy Tilda, a happy hygienist, a happy dentist and one PROUD Mommy.  

On the way out we scheduled her appointment for July and we scheduled Little Man an appointment too.  Now that should be interesting for all of us.  Emma ask the hygienist if she could help clean her brother's teeth.

When we got in the car Emma said, "Mom, I really like the dentist the 2nd time (she does not remember the 1st), I am a big girl, I am almost FOUR and I am going to clean my brother's teeth because Miss Liz told me I could".

We are so proud of you big girl, as well as the big girl steps you are taking to be more independent on your way to become a FOUR year old.


Brandi said...

Too cute!! Yeah for getting the doll. You will have to share the site, that doll is presh!!!!! Happy New Year to you!!! Oh, and what a big girl!!!

Darla DiStefano said...

love you Emma Lu! So proud of our big girl!

Kristie said...

OMG! I have so been trying to get one!!!!! Congrats on finding the perfect one! If you ever have the chance, I'm looking for a blonde hair, brown eyed girl! Ha!

Kim W. said...

Tilda Jane is an adorable little doll! And I love that Emma wanted her to have on MJ clothes! That a girl! ;) Ha! I am having so much fun catching up on your blog. Your family is precious!!