Saturday, January 29, 2011

Best Friends Forever

"Tilda Jane" has one little girls heart bursting with love.  When I tell you these two are inseparable, I mean every second of the day.  Emma has finally gotten use to the fact that Tilda can not travel to MDO with her everyday, for the first couple weeks she tried every way she could to smuggle her there in her backpack.

We often see them hugging, kissing and snuggling.  Emma tells her about 10 times a  day, "Tilda, Mommy loves you and don't worry I will be right back home".

Every morning she jumps out of bed and gets Tilda out from under the covers and  gets her dressed from head to toe.  At night, she changes her back into her pajamas and takes her hair down for the day.  Emma is so responsible with all of Tilda's things and hangs every piece of clothes back on the little wooden hangers and puts her hair accessories away.  

I really never imagined that she would love this girl as much as she does or be so interested in her, especially after reading the stories of others kids who really did not have much to do with them.   There is no doubt in my mind that Tilda will be loved for years and she will be that special heirloom that Emma can share with her children one day.  

We are so glad that Tilda has become such a big part of our lifes and that Emma has been so responsible in taking perfect care of her.  Every now and then Gavin will get a hold of her hair and take off with her in a mischievous kind of way.  I think he loves to hear Emma scream at the top of her lungs so he can die laughing.   That little stinker knows exactly what he is doing when he runs around here shouting, "Tilda, Tilda, Tilda".  Little does he know his sister, that is normally so sweet and kind turns into a mother bear when he gets within 2 feet of Tilda Jane.

So, we are off to baby Kain's first birthday party today and you got it...We will be traveling as The Frazier Five because Tilda is already in her Mommy's arms with her diaper bag packed ready to head out the door.  In my heart I believe they will be BEST FRIENDS FOREVER and every little girl deserves a best friend like Tilda Jane Frazier!

***promising to get Christmas 2010 posted soon, figured if I wrote it I would do it.


Brandi said...

Aw, that's too cute!!!! Love it!!!

MiMi said... sweet! She's going to be an awesome mommy just like HER mommy one day! Too cute!

Lela said...

So cute! Love how Emma is dressed and the doll is adorable. Would you be willing to share your website for the doll?

Kim W. said...

Emma is adorable in all her MJ! Whitney and I had the best time shopping online for MJ earlier this week since we were snowed in here in Abilene. :) So excited to get it! Thanks again for all of your help, and I am really looking forward to keeping up with you and your sweet family via you blog!