Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brighter days ahead

My baby girl has not felt good lately between allergies, asthma and add a little bronchitis to the list.  Sweet girl had a pretty bad asthma attack Sunday night that lasted for about 4 hours. 

She does not really need us to help her with her breathing treatments anymore, she seems to have it down pat.  Emma loves to pop the top off the medicine, squeeze it into machine, screw the cap back on, put the mask on her face and turn on the machine.   

She seems to be content for about 45 seconds then she starts asking, "how much longer?"  As soon as the smoke stops coming out she decides it is time to turn the machine off and be on her merry little way.  I don't blame you baby girl, I would not want to waste my time on breathing treatments either.

We hope you get to feeling better soon and get back to your spunky, sassy and sweet little self Emma Lou!


Anonymous said...

Tori and I are praying for you baby girl! We love you BIG!-Ms Jenni

Kim W. said...

Poor Emma...she looks like she enjoys her breathing treatments as well as my boys do. So far it looks like Jolee Kate is going to escape the asthma...at least I sure hope so! Anyhow, what a doll!