Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sibling Farm Party

Happy 4th Birthday Brook and happy 1st Birthday Luke. We love you guys and are so thankful for your friendships! You guys had the BEST Birthday party ever.So glad we could celebrate such a special day with both of you.

Today we got to spend the day celebrating Emma's besties 4th birthday and her little brothers 1st!  Crazy to me that both of these kiddos are turning four and one.  Their Mommy chose to do both of their parties together since they were both born in the month of April.  It was a great party and there was so much for all the kids to do.

They had a petting zoo (the best I had ever seen), 2 moonwalks, a play system, playhouse, a pinata and riding toys.  It was big fun and my kids did not want to leave.  They ran and played for 4 hours straight and had a blast being in the country. 

This little girl was in animal heaven from the second she walked in until all these animals left.  She tried to pick up every single animal in the pen and nearly succeeded.  She really loved the baby chicks, goats and rabbits. 

Oh my heart just smiles every time I see how much she loves animals.  After the farm animals left, she spent the rest of her time holding Brook's dog Mia.

Gavin is not as gentle with the animals as his big sister and it takes him a little while to warm up to all of them.  I think the owner of the petting zoo was praying every time he would go after one of her animals.  Look at the way he is holding that poor chicken in the 1st picture (feet in the air, ha ha).  He refused to hold one of the turtles and I begged and begged him.  He spent alot of his time brushing one of the little ponies that was just a wee bit bigger than him.   I was surprised that he asked me to ride the pony, but he was such a big boy and got up on it and rode by himself.  He fell in love with that pony fast and screamed and cried when it was time to get off.  He was the last to ride, so he followed the pony all the way back to the trailer and just cried and cried saying, "my pony, my pony".

Brook and Luke got the most ADORABLE playhouse for their birthdays. At one point I looked over to it and Emma talked Gavin into going inside and then she LOCKED him in for about 20 minutes.  Poor little fella was standing at the window yelling "Emmmmmaaaaaa, Emmmmmmaaaaa, Emmmmmma".  It was funny and she finally let him out.

We had a great time at this party and the Locascio house was perfect for a farm party.  My kids love the freedom of a big huge yard, a super long driveway and land to roam freely on.  Thank you so much for a super fun party and for letting us share your special day with each of you.


Brandi said...

What a great party! The animals are sooo cute!! And that playhouse...awesome!!!!!

Mommy of a Wild Child said...

We are so happy that y'all came and so blessed for your friendship. We have many more years of parties! I am already thinking that there is no way I will be able to top this years party next year!