Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kuddos to Daddy

Curtis had big plans this morning to get up and take both kids with him to shop for Mother's Day, so he would be prepared for next weekend. They all got dressed and took off to shop for Mommy.  Emma could not wait until next weekend and was chomping at the bit as soon as they returned to give me my gifts.   We tried to talk her out of it but she just could not help herself.

Emma let me take a picture of the one that she picked out for me and she was so excited that it was all pink.  Gavin would not let me take his picture or hold one for me.  He does not like them at Christmas time when I display them, nor did he like them today.

I am sure you are asking why I got Santa Claus for Mother's Day. I have been collecting Mark Roberts Fairies for years and love them bunches. Each of my babies gave me a Mother's Day fairy. Emma's says, "You're the very best" and Gavin's says, "I love you Mom".

Since we are on the Fairy subject, I had to share this guy with you. This is the Bahamas Fairy that has been retired for many years.  I just found out about him 6 months ago and knew I had to have him in honor of our favorite place in the world, the Atlantis.  Curtis and I both started looking for him non stop, but had no luck unless we wanted to pay big $$$ for him.  I ended up getting in touch with Mark Robert's and they had one left that they were willing to part with and I jumped at the opportunity to snatch him up.   When he arrived, he ended up being a signed piece (look at his hand) and he is PERFECT and so detailed.  He is sunburned, wearing Bermuda shorts, his sunglasses and holding a parrot.  He is a perfect way for me to remember all the amazing times we have shared together in the Bahamas.  This guy will be atop my Mark Robert's Fairy Christmas tree this year for sure.  I have a bunch of these little guys that are hidden in garland, trees and wreaths during the most wonderful time of year.

Here is to the beginning of a great Mother's Day week and a Daddy that took his kiddos to help find the perfect gift today.  Looking forward to celebrating my two sweet babies who have taught me how to be a Mommy.

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Rebekah said...

Love it! How cute that you are already celebrating Mother's Day! Cheers to a great week! And how super duper fun that you found the Bahamas fairy! Little finds like that make life so sweet!