Sunday, December 4, 2011

33 Months Old

Our BIG BOY turned 33 months old yesterday and has made us realize we no longer have a baby living in our house.  If this kid could live outside or on a farm, his bags would be packed.

We are dreaming of the day Gavin turns THREE so we can channel all of this energy  into an organized sport.  He is extremely energetic and will be a coaches dream, I promise you that. Some of his favorite things to do these days are pretend to be a dinosaur, play school with his big sister, watch Caillou, play with Littlest Pet Shops, snuggle with Daddy, wrestle, color and look at Christmas lights.

Gavin has really been into all things Christmas this year and loves the lights, the trees, Christmas music and ornaments (good thing because his Mommy does too!).  I can not wait to see him on Christmas morning, its gonna be a good time.

Happy Monthly Birthday Buddy ~ We love you!

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